Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pixel 3 XL Epic Camera Comparison

yo what’s good friends Jonathan in this
video I got some extra spicy too hot for TV hotness for you we’re gonna be
comparing the pixel three XL up against the galaxy s ten plus an epic camera
shootout the loser is gonna get tossed into a pit of Egyptian beetles that are
rabid they’re starving they’ve been put up for adoption but they’re just way too
ugly for anybody to take so they’re mean so grab your grandma grab your grandpa
grab your best friend grab that ice cream truck driver that keeps offering
you a blow pop even though you’re 30 years old now let’s do this alright I
kicked this video off we’re gonna be doing some front-facing camera video
test we got the pixel three XL and the galaxy s 10 plus Galaxy S ten plus
looking a little wider plus it’s in 4k pixel three XL is looking a little
punched in a little muddy how’s the stabilization how’s the audio on both
when comparing the Galaxy has 10 plus 2 the pixel 3xl I figured this was going
to be a blowout and a definite win for the pixel but after looking at a ton of
images its way closer than I imagined the one thing to sit out to me almost
immediately with the daytime shots is just how much more dynamic range the
galaxy s tim plus has 99% of the time this isn’t always the case as there is
still that 1% and you can see it here in the lily pads it’s very apparent in the
shadows as the pixel 3 is a little too aggressive with the contrast whereas the
galaxy s 10 Plus tends to brighten the image quite a bit while retaining plenty
of highlight detail and shadow detail the amount of dynamic range Samsung is
able to squeeze out of the sensor is pretty insane you can really see what I
mean here with the Galaxy S 10 pushed with more detail on a sidewalk to the
left on the car to the right while also showing more detail in the shadows of
the fine and showcasing clouds in the sky
it doesn’t always play out this way as when we’re dealing with live focus
versus portrait mode on the pixel 3 the galaxy s 10 plus tends to overexpose
skin tones resulting in clipping at times or the lack of detail whereas the
pixel delivers more detail by increasing the contrast and darkening the image
whether or not one is better than the other comes down to personal preference
however what I will say is that Samsung gives you a little bit more flexibility
to manipulate the image whereas Google crushes the darker parts of the image to
the point where you can’t really bring back some of the areas while I’m not a
fan of the skin smoothing on the s10 or any phone
for that matter the pixel goes too far at times with the detail it ends up
accentuated some of the most unflattering features of your face like
your hair follicles pores or if you have acne
I love the pixel threes front-facing wide-angle portrait mode and when
compared to the wider angled live focus mode the pixel 3 looks much better in my
personal opinion in terms of reliability and which has the more accurate portrait
mode I think it comes down to preference again the S 10 has greater flexibility
and allows you to be farther away from your subject such as the fountain shot
here with a pixel failed to capture after multiple attempts it also tends to
have more natural roll-off and resembles more of a DSLR or mirrorless camera that
said the pixel 3 just looks absolutely stunning when it hits and the subject
detection is amazing for a single camera system the pixel also tends to land a
bit warmer in most scenarios while the s 10 plus is slightly cooler I would say
that the s 10 plus does have the more accurate look while the pixel 3 has more
vibrancy with colors that just pop the pixel 3 has super resume which is
supposed to give you a lossless zoom it works decently but when you compare it
to the telephoto lens on the S 10 plus the telephoto lens is definitely better
one way the galaxy s 10 plus for sure’ beats out the pixel 3 is with the
wide-angle camera you can fit your entire family plus your crazy neighbors
and the stray llama that keeps pulling on your yard all in one shot easily and
low-light things get a little strange after doing a bunch of tests I decided
to use the scene optimizer on the s10 plus for this comparison since Google is
using its own AI based algorithms to process the image the results are quite
interesting Google tends to produce a sharper and more detailed image but
tends always mess up the white balance the galaxy s 10 plus produces more
true-to-life accurate colors with less detail this
comes down to the aggressive noise reduction that the s 10 plus is using
when not using nitesite on the pixel 3 you can see the images are actually a
little bit noisier than they are on the s 10 plus nitesite fixes this issue most
of the time but there are times where even with nice sight on that images are
very close dynamic range at night is so back-and-forth with each of these phones
it’s hard to judge which is actually better at times the
pixel three has better shadow detail but at the cost of highlight clipping and
other times the role is just reversed however there are times where the estin
plus produces better highlight in shadow detail which to pixel three also does
when night sight is enabled using portrait mode at night completely
changes everything the galaxy s 10 plus is very inconsistent and sometimes looks
fine but other times looks like a muddy mess with no detail in fact it’s so bad
that the image almost looks like it’s out of focus the pixel 3 images are not
amazing by any means but given the circumstances and what it’s being
compared to its like Leonardo da Vinci being compared to an elementary finger
paint artist when looking at video things pretty much stay the same both
phones can capture 4k video however the s 10 plus edge is out ahead by also
being able to shoot 4k 60 frames per second and also being able to record HDR
10 Plus video for extreme dynamic range in full auto the s 10 plus produces a
brighter and sharper image with colors that are more vivid the pixel 3 at times
does seem to have better dynamic range for a split second or two like you see
here however the image is not as sharp and the colors are a bit muted when
compared to the s 10 this particular shot is tough for me because I love the
cinematic vibe of the pixel but the s 2 looks ready to go straight out of the
camera both phones tend to control flares pretty good during video however
I would give the slight edge to the s 10 both phones can do some type of
slow-motion the pixel 3 can do 120 frames per second and 240 frames per
second which looks a little bit better than the 240 frames per second on the s
10 plus and definitely better than the 960 frames per second that’s it it’s
just passable stabilization is actually really good on both phones the pixel 3
uses software stabilization whereas the s 10 plus uses oh I yes and a form of
digital stabilization both phones have tricks up their sleeves when it comes to
this the pixel 3 is an additional layer of stabilization that can be applied
after you record your video while the Galaxy S teen has super steady shot
which uses the same tech as the GoPro Hero 7 low-light video isn’t the
greatest on either phone however the Galaxy S 10 takes the cake here not only
for having a sharper image but also since the pixel 3 uses software
stabilization you can see the micro jitters in movements which is a
limitation the software front-facing video is the
same story both look like a blended turd with a dash of porcupine urine however
the s10 does look ever so slightly better hi friends so here’s the deal
both phones have their strengths and their weaknesses but the galaxy s 10
plus has a dual aperture it’s got a wide angle and a telephoto camera it’s got oh
I yes it’s got HDR 10 plus for video and it’s got super steady shots the pixel 3
XL has some of the best portrait mode processing I have ever seen on any
smartphone and it does it with a single camera which is just awesome it’s got
some of these sharpest images I have ever seen coming from a smartphone it’s
kind of crazy if you want to see in the dark it’s got a nice sight which
basically sees further than what the human eye can see and it works extremely
well it’s got great dynamic range and you get two stages of video
stabilization as well as auto focus tracking in 4k so it does a lot of
things right even in video however the question is if I had to pick one which
one would it be I would pick the galaxy s 10 plus it’s not to say 2 pixel 3 XL
or the pixel 3 in general is bad I just feel the galaxy s 10 does a better job
in most situations the pixel 3 definitely dominates the galaxy has 10
when it comes to portrait mode especially in low light but that’s
pretty much the only area where the pixel kills the galaxy s 10 other than
that I think that the galaxy s 10 offers more and it’s a more rounded camera
giving you the best video and the best photo features of these two phones but
what are you beautiful gorgeous intelligent sexy people think sound off
down below in the comments section let me know which phone you think won I
definitely want to hear what you guys have to say so while you’re down there
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you want to see and of course I’ll talk to you guys in the next video

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pixel 3 XL Epic Camera Comparison

  1. The thing about the S10 is that it is almost the best in every category, not just the camera! Exceptional stereo speakers, long battery life, great performance, headphone jack, expandable storage, ip68, samsung pay,display,build etc etc etc. 2019's phone to beat! S10 Plus!

  2. Done watching it. First I want to say 🤣🤣🤣, the jokes you made in this vid when you used objects to compare the photos. HILARIOUS. Second, I'm…………. surprised. The S10 beat the pixel in a LOT of the photos. Great camera comparisons from you as usual. Question, on your Instagram and Twitter acct, do you tend to post images from the smartphones you have? Like MKHBD and the other crew does?

  3. I dont care about selfies and portraits… Galaxy is surprisingly winner for me:) Great video. You are getting better and better

  4. the quality of the picture depend on main lense and the other lense one for zoom and one for wide angle and if want a good quality use the main lense
    so the one lense in pixel or three didn't make any deference except for I mentioned👆
    And the best camera experience is not the pixel even in 2018 there is a lot of phones give you better experience than pixel
    like iPhone xs max and s9 is both are the best camera experience

  5. I've gotta do it J.

    Oh dear , did you hear that loud bang !
    Yeah , what was it ?
    Just the ass falling out of Pixel users arguments that the Pixel is the best phone for everything. The S10 software can always improve , you can't improve hardware you don't have. The Gcam mod might improve it but i wasn't feeling it on my S9+

  6. very fair review, but i am looking forward to my S10plus 1Tb, but i am hoping the release updates the software (camera) as i believe the one all the reviewers were given are pre-produciton!!

  7. I see the comments all say S10 but I don't see it. As a iPhone user I like the pixel better it looks better especially the front camera the S10 front camera is trash

  8. I will pick the galaxy s10 too. And if i really want pixels camera i can download it when it's available. 😂😉😉

  9. I think the s10+ does beat the pixel but not by alot. I think the range of lenses of the galaxy do help close the gap. Hope Samsung release there dedicated night shooting programme soon. That may close the gap even further. But we have to remember the pixel is now around 4 months old. Let's see how the pixel 4 compares. 2019 showdown!! Good for us!!

  10. Samsung almost always too bright, too soft and too streched … Still a great camera but they need to do some software updates IMO

  11. Did you go inside the s10 camera settings> scene optimizer and turn on night shot toggle or is it on by default on your s10

  12. Given that the Pixel 3/3 XL was released back in October and the S10 was just released, wouldn't you expect the S10 to have better hardware? Having said that, I think it's AMAZING that 5 months later people are still comparing their brand new cameras to Google's Pixel 3 beast. Even with newer processor, newer lenses, updated software and more RAM, it's still hard to call a definite winner in this comparison. If you think this comparison is hard to call, wait until October when Google releases Pixel 4/4 XL. Rumor has it the single lens on the Pixel 4 will have retractable telephoto capabilities and will come with 6 GBs RAM and improved AI photo/video processing software, including 4K @ 60fps and keep OIS/EIS. If this is true, the Pixel 4 camera will be unbeatable. #TEAMPIXEL

  13. Anything not in bright sunlight in my personal opinion goes to pixel no question. There's zero comparison as the Samsung muddies details in indoor shots 10/10 of the time. I say this as a owner of both.

  14. Finally some phone with as good video stabilisation as pixel's video camera. Gr8 vid mate🙌 Subscribed 🙂

  15. Just a heads up to everyone who has an S10 or S10e the color saturation of the screen even when Vivid is enabled doesn't display the saturation correctly… To fix this "enable blue light filter" and set it at the lowest possible then go back and look at a picture, you will see how it is no longer washed out. 

    You can see the correct color saturation with "blue light filter" off while in the recent apps screen but once you return to the image it washes out. I figured out applying "blue light filter" corrects it for now!

    I hope this helps!! 

    I assume they are going to fix this in a future update. Cheers! 🍻


  16. Great breakdown. The camera on a phone is one of if not the most important feature for me outside of obvious design and comfort. I love the way you break down the details, down to the shadows. Exactly what I look for when deciding what to get. earned a sub!

  17. You can get the Google camera APK for the S10 now so that makes it a double win.

  18. S10 will have the besst camera until Pixel3, Huawei P30 and/or new Iphone come out. Hopefully, Samsung will give their best for Note10. Difference between these cameras in great light enviroment is minimal. When it comes to low light photos/videos, Samsung still isn't perfect.

  19. Pixel looks too dark and too much post-processing required. I'd rather have my images slightly overexposed and controlled via the camera than underexposed and using lightroom on a PC to fix the problems.

  20. Every comparison video I'm watching, the Pixel still outpaces the Galaxy. Great job Google! And I love my P3XL. <3

  21. With the Pixel you can turn on the beauty mode. Having more details is never a bad thing.
    Also Night Sight makes a bigger difference on lower light than the scenes you shot here.
    And both of them use OIS combined with EIS for video.

  22. This video is so predictable it's sad. The pixel camera and Superior the software Superior, good luck getting regular updates for the S10 not to mention the S10 will suffer from lag and will slow down like they usually do.
    This guy is getting some kind of kickbacks from Samsung.

  23. The pixel is good for people who are totally uncomfortable editing photos (like even in Instagram).
    The s10+ is better if you do have that comfort level.
    Neither looks horrible though.

  24. Man, that's a lot of superlatives. At the end of the day, the Galaxy s10 is a generation ahead of the Pixel 3 so it's not particularly surprising. We'll have to wait for the Pixel 4 for a fair comparison in terms of pure hardware capabilities.

  25. I like Pixel more and his front camera and night mode are definitely better but the wide-angle on Samsung it's great!

  26. One year old pixel phone still dominant new Samsung flagship, and beats in several cases too…
    Morever pixel does has OIS…
    Its uses combo of EIS + OIS to stabilize the footage… You can cross check further..

  27. The best thing which matters is the low light photography. Over the years smartphones are trying to master that. I remember Samsung being on top with iPhones before but man pixel kills them all at night and make every phone look like a cheap Chinese phone

  28. Oh shit man… What's wrong with u guys …
    Samsung also capture bokeh shots using single wide camera like pixel ..😩
    I think u didn't know that…😓

  29. Lol, pixel 3 still beats S10 for photos but S10 has a better video though. I really don't care about the video. I always take pictures and pixel 3 is bootloader unlocked means I can access the devices anything without being stuck with closed sourced os. So pixel 3 won again. 🙂

  30. Dumb things to say that you expect the pixel to blow out the s10. The S10 camera is my favorite camera. You tuber need to stop putting that pixel on a pedestal. The pixel is an very overrated phone with overrated camera. It is a great camera but it is not going to beat the s10 on every shot.

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