Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus Is The Camera Better?

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yeah what’s going on you beautiful and handsome handsome people in this video I
got an awesome camera comparison well we’re gonna be looking at the galaxy s 9
plus vs. the galaxy s 10 plus now if you’re interested in the exact camera
specifications of each of these phones make sure you check down below as I’ve
listed them in the description I don’t waste any more of your time so let’s go
ahead and dive straight into this the galaxy s 9 plus and the galaxy s 10 plus
both have excellent cameras but from my testing the galaxy s 10 plus tends to be
a decent step up even if the difference isn’t huge the s 10 plus tends to
produce richer colors with better contrast and better dynamic range right
out of the camera 99% of the time the galaxy s 9 plus tends to land on the
warmer side during Brett day shots while the S 10 plus retains a warmer tone but
accentuate Stu blue skies a little bit better at times both phones are very
sharp and in many occasions tend to be overly processed the galaxy s 10 plus
actually seems to be a little harsher with the processing at times especially
when the HDR kicks in some people may like this lift while others are going to
be completely turned off and have a problem with it one thing I found rather
cool about the galaxy s 10 plus when it comes to the new HDR algorithm is when
the camera detects the subject correctly it will brighten the skin tone slightly
while not making them disgusting and apply most of the HDR processing to the
background you can see in this photo of my wife or the S time plus failed at
exposing correctly while the S 10 plus did a great job
on the subject but was a little too aggressive with the HDR processing in
the background I think the idea behind it was awesome but I think that the
implementation was just a little bit too much the telephoto shots appear brighter
with increased dynamic range on the S 10 plus however at times I prefer the
colors on the s9 plus such as this shot here this goes back to what I stated
regarding warmer tones on the s9 versus the cooler colors and bluer skies on the
s10 one thing the s10 plus has over the s9 plus is the wide angle which is
absolutely ridiculous and looks amazing just don’t use it in portrait mode
otherwise you will get awful Distortion and most circumstance
the s10 controls flares a bit better but there are occasions where this isn’t so
the good news is the s10 does produce better skin tones but they still need
quite a bit of work if you’re looking for detail unfortunately there is a
layer of beauty mode that gets applied regardless if it’s turned off or not
live focus on the rear cameras has improved and is a bit more accurate it’s
also much wider which is great for capturing images without being all up in
your subjects business since the front side now has an additional camera
strictly for depth sensing live focus has more accurate subject background
separation as seen here where the s time plus decided to give me a crown of trees
you also get some cool but gimmicky blur and lighting effects like the zoom one
that you see here low-light has improved in some areas while almost taking a step
backwards and others skin tones appear over sharpened and waxy due to the
extremely aggressive noise reduction and over processing colors are almost
identical on both phones but the s10 plus does have better dynamic range in
the highlights and brighter parts at the cost of more noise in the mid-tones
which honestly surprised me switching things over to video slow motion has
been improved and looks a little better on the s10 plus the time limit has also
been linked in to eight seconds versus four seconds on the s9 plus 4k video
looks really close on both phones the s10 plus slightly edges out the s9 plus
with better dynamic range in richer colors the s10 plus also has the ability
to switch to a wide-angle lens which is just awesome
also the s10 plus has a trick up its sleeve if you want extreme dynamic range
by being able to record video in HDR 10 plus when playing back the footage on
your s10 it’s gonna look just fine but if you put the footage on your computer
and on YouTube chances are it’s going to look like this as you can see the
footage is extremely flat but packs a ton of dynamic range by applying a
simple color correction and grade you could really squeeze a ton of dr out of
the image here’s another example as you can see the shadows are crushed on the
s9 plus due to the brighter areas in the image since the metering is exposing for
the highlights the s10 plus when HDR 10 plus is enabled packs a ton of detail
and the shadows and highlights when the image is in this log or flat state with
correction you can retain more information versus
that of the s9 + video stabilization on both of these phones is great
considering they both are packing oh is and the s10 Plus features super steady
video which takes it even further as you can see however what’s weird is when I
disabled super steady video the OIS onboard the s10 is actually worse than
that on the s9 Plus as you can see by the jitters and wobble it’s not terrible
but still very interesting nonetheless finally let’s wrap things up with a
quick front-facing video test is a quick front-facing video test on each of these
cameras one thing that’s unique about the galaxy s 10 plus is that it does 4k
front-facing video so let me know down in the comments do you like the 4k from
the galaxy s 10 plus or do you like the quad HD from the galaxy s 9 Plus also
how does the audio sound I got some some wind some background noise how’s the
noise cancellation how’s the stabilization how’s the image from the
looks of it they look pretty good I do gotta say though the Galaxy S tempest
seems to be much more cropped in the camera on the galaxy s 10 plus is
definitely an improvement over the s9 + but that’s not to say that it’s perfect
and that it doesn’t have its quirks in fact in many cases I would say the S 10
plus isn’t as consistent as the s9 plus this is for better or for worse the good
thing is all of this can be fixed with a major software update and if the note 9
is anything to go by Samsung will probably be pushing out several updates
in the coming months to really elevate the camera performance of this phone
which is already great but hey this is what I have to say what are you
beautiful sexy stunning gorgeously haired people have to say what do you
think is the galaxy s 10 plus a big upgrade over the s 9 plus or is it like
going from a snowcone to a popsicle let me know down below in the comments
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100 thoughts on “Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus Is The Camera Better?

  1. really, it is a good video, but there are channels out there that give even more in depth comparisons, that are much less known, like Pixel Peepers

  2. I know it´s been said before, but now I think smartphone cameras, in their current form (tiny sensors), have finally reached their max potential, without diminishing returns
    compared to r&d put into it.
    I´m finally, after 7 years of buying the latest and greatest flagship every year, almost just for the camera, over it.
    I´m getting into full-frame Sony and keeping my s9+ for another year.
    S 10 is crazy though, the wrong year to be over smartphones 😀

  3. Where the hell you at? Those are some cool ass pictures oh and about the quality they look almost identical… when you have to look back and forth 5X it's not that big of a change lol

  4. I have a S9+ upgraded from a S7 after it fell into the ground from my motorcycle… If you compare the specs S10+ is basically the same as S9+, not worth an upgrade. The cameras are the same except that you have a third ultra-wide one. The processor is pretty much the same 2800 MHz to 2840 MHz, RAM is a rise tho, from 6 to 8GB. S10+ is lighter tho which is a little bit surprising. I'll jump over this generation.

  5. Hey dude, just thought I'd mention that the S9 (and S8 I think) were updated to allow for longer super slow motion bits. The only problem is that it's not really recording 960 FPS though, it's doing 480 and then using software magic to make it seem like it's 960; the waterfall clip was actually pretty bad on the S10, you could see loads of stuttering and smearing in the water.

    Honestly I really want an S10 (not plus) just for the super-wide angle camera and the fact that it's got a battery nearly as large as the S9+ but is more power efficient with a less unwieldy body. Can't really justify upgrading so quickly though, so maybe I'll see what the S12 has in store, haha. Thanks for the vid! Kinda agree the S10 doesn't handle HDR very well, but that's fixable.

  6. Can you use the ultra wide angle lens in video and if so, does the quality look great while filming? I've seen some videos where things look like the image is ghosting as I put it. I'm assuming a stabilization feature is on while that is happening

  7. The only thing that I like from s10 plus is the modern look of the display , the ultra wide angle and the bigger battery. S9 plus still being a excellent phone as well beautiful. But if you have the s9 plus doesn't worth the upgrade unless you got enough money to spend.

  8. That's because, S10+ has no OIS on its wide angle lens where S9+ has OIS. So it's basically OIS vs Non-OIS if Steady Mode is off.

  9. Let's be honest and objective, regardless of all this S10 hype – cameras on S9/Note9 vs S10 are pretty much the same. Sometimes I even like pictures from Note9 more. I really do not care about Instagram/Snapchat mode, AR emoji and some camera gimmicks I'm sure I will never use. When compared to Pixel, results are very dissapointing. Even last year Iphone sometimes makes better and more natural pictures. I guess Samsung is saving some major camera improvements for Note10 and it's a shame. Like last two years, once Note10 hits the market, S10 will be forgotten. Better hardware, bigger battery, all features from S series but upgraded and polished, plus S pen. Samsung needs to stop this 2-flagships-a-year tempo, they should concetrate and save all flagship features for ONE phone a year, which is more than enough. With no features exclusive for S series, buying it just doesn't make sense. And with phones coming out every 6 months, their value goes down very fast and resell prices become ridiculous compared, for example, with Iphones. I skipped S9/Note9 waiting for this "game changing" device, but seeing all this reviews (and 95 percent of them aren't objective because Samsung gave away free phones to each and every youtuber), I really think about waiting for Note10 or even buying Note9 since prices dropped…

  10. S9+ for me. only a few things were better on the 10, but barely. Actually I liked the9 better in a couple of instances

  11. definitivamente me quedo con el s10, li amooo, valemia, de que lo tengo, lo tengo esta superespectacular

  12. I think the S10 plus usually produces bright images, making it to wash out the colors of the pictures.

  13. The only thing missing is a low light video comparison. Since I used my phone for making my youtube videos I like to see all the video stuff. Other then that great video! it is the best one I have come a crossed so far!

  14. Did they re-add Pro mode for Video recording on the S10? It was removed a couple weeks ago from the S9 without warning and it's a HUGE deal for my Wife and I (we use the S9+ for vlogs).

    I haven't heard anything official about why it was removed or if it's coming back!

  15. Gutted with the S10, the only S I will not be getting.
    The S line has jumped at times in tech, others its been a case of trying to justify buying the new one with such small changes…but I always did lol
    For the 10th one I was expecting WOW!!! but its just meh, nice, but not 10th good.
    Samsung have always been 12 months ahead tech wise, they got lazy and now they are at least 6 months behind with bringing new tech out, worse still is their pricing, I was fine with it (as fine as you can be) when they were ahead tech wise, but now I see others with same tech and lower prices.
    I can see me trying a different company as the year goes on, really feel they missed a big opportunity to really show what they can do with an anniversary phone.

  16. S10+ has better dynamic rang and a little highlight and staplizition is so incredible. I prerfer s10+ because the photos and videos are ready to share in socialmedia.

  17. How do you record in 4k on the S10 plus front facing camera, What settings do I need to turn on to achieve this?

  18. If you mute the sound and cover the middle part of the screen, You realize that your current phone also does just fine.

  19. if there were no info which is from i think nobody would say it right 🙂
    for me no need to ugprade

  20. I feel like the s10 makes you look white washed. I have dark skin so that worries me….I need this melanin to shine through.

  21. Have one of you noticed that quality of selfie camera has decreased in Android 9, it became very bad with Android Pie update?

  22. While I love having the option for the wide angle, I prefer the colouring on the s9+ I've tried this with a few various shots, main night time, but I prefer the tones and colours on my s9+ compared the s10+ which I'm abit disappointed about

  23. I got my s10+ on 10th and I am loving it. Although this phone is for my wife as she loves gaming and taking pics, still I am enjoying the phone in 2 days of usage. However, must admit I am still very happy and satisfied with my S9+ and Google Pixel 2 XL

  24. In most cases the 9+ looked better to me, but the dynamic range is impressive in the 10+, it shows detail in the darker areas better.

  25. DOESNT WORTH THE UPDAGRADE. All photos can be easily edited to get s10 dynamic range. Looks like s10 by default uses light hdr.

  26. My S9+ already ruins some images with the overly aggressive sharpening and HDR, and now it's even worse on the S10. If Samsung carry on down this road then i'll be switching to something that isn't a Samsung for my next phone. I'm not holding my breath that Samsung will address any of these obvious issues either, because people have complained about the sharpening issue since the days of the Galaxy S1/S2, but nothing has been done. They literally just need adjustable slider settings for the sharpness and HDR amount, but nope, they wont do it. It's a waste. Perfectly good hardware ruined by poor software.

  27. Informative. You hit on some points i never considered before, making me more informed and maybe even do a better job with my own pics. Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge.

  28. After seeing this video, I think I'm going to stick with my s9 plus. The camera and hardware upgrades aren't worth the money in my honest opinion. Think I'm going to wait a bit longer to upgrade.

  29. Great comparison. I think it would be great to compare s10 plus to s8 plus to see how much the Galaxy S has improved in 2 years.

  30. too bad they are probably making it with software tweaks on purpose….I bought first and last samsung s9+, only iphone next….samsung, most hyped up, but least loyal company…and that's where iphone leads

  31. let's also not forget, his device has Snapdragon with SOny sensors, where opposed to European samsungs S9+ have inferior exynos processor and worse samsung camera sensor……so that makes another difference….again, My last samsung s9+. since now on, only Iphone for me.

  32. i feel like my s9 plus had way better camera than my s10 plus. i could take really great shots at night with my s9 plus. but with the s10 plus, night photos look so noisy and cheap. i kinda regret switching phones. anyone know if im doing anything wrong?

  33. My question is, S9+ or S10e (maybe S10)? I want a phone that's decent but S10+ is way more expensive than an S9+ or S10e.

  34. REally good review, how come you speak normally and chilled on the selfie cam, then like a salesman in the video? lol

  35. I switched to s9 plus from iPhone and I have to say, I love the camera but the softening of skin drives me insane!! Has anyone found a fix for this?

  36. Damnit the S9Plus has no frontfacing 4k? That is a deal killer for me what I wanted to do. It's always in the details!
    In your video with that orientation you can't see any difference of course.
    Thanks for the video!

  37. 3:18 slow motion definitely does NOT look better on the S10+
    The water is all blurred out compared to the S9+

    Hmmm, thanks for this comparison

  38. Upgraded from S9+ to S10+. Regretted. Photos aren't as sharp. Took it back to the shop. They tested against their S9+ and agreed my S10+ is inferior.

  39. Overall S10 camera is better because they have integrated NPU in their phone which is similar to pixel's VisualCore. Obviously software updates will make camera more and more better

  40. Where are you and your wife in those pics?! W the lion king background and the crystals growing out of the tree thing, where did you guys take those?

  41. I bought a S9 (the regular one) and I'm a bit unsatisfied because of the camera and screen size. I feel I should have bought a S9+. I'm considering to upgrade to a s10+ because of battery life, camera, and screen size.

  42. The s10 plus photos is identical to pixel 4 photos. Compare it side by side and you will notice its the same. The camera on the s10 in my opinion is better than the s9. Like pixel 4, the s10 has a better dynamic range and richer colours than the s9. Plus, you can shoot ultrawide. Its a better camera overall

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