FrSky Taranis – Low Battery Alarm

Hi everyone, I am Mirko, and today we see how
set the low battery warning on Taranis With this alarm we can know when
the battery is starting to discharge and land safely before
that it drains completely. Before you start make sure you have set
Telemetry on your Receiver and Flight Controller, for any doubt consult my playlist
by clicking the link at the top right In order to better manage the flight phase
we set up two low battery alarms, a low level and a critical level. That low level will be a pre-alarm
indicating that we are preparing for the return, when critical battery level is activated we will have to land. To start, set the low battery level we click menu and go ahead
until you find LOGICAL SWITCHES. we click L01 and give Edit In function, we set a

12 thoughts on “FrSky Taranis – Low Battery Alarm

  1. Ciao Mirko. Complimenti per il video. Non capisco perché devi dare il comando in logical Switch alla voce AND SWICHES !L02.

  2. ciao Mirko. Perchè tra i sensori mi compaiono 4 volte VFAS? Non ho lua script, la telemetria viene dagli esc. Grazie

  3. Scusa ma ho un altra domanda….visto che la mia radio é in francese….per portarla in italiano devo usare tx companion con dei file ke devo scaricare….?grazie in anticipo….

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