FrontRow – The Wearable Camera of the Future?

– [Jonathan] You guys, Jonathan
here and this is FrontRow. The goal is to be the
wearable camera of the future, and really it’s unlike
anything you’ve seen before. A huge shout-out to FrontRow
for sponsoring an early Look, I am stoked to be one of the
first people on the planet to check this out, and also
for sending me a second one to give away to you guys. So if you’re interested,
details on that are down below. Thumbs up are not required,
but they are always of course, appreciated. So what is it about that stands out to me is one, is a super sleek
compact piece of tech. It’s lightweight and two,
it is a wearable camera that doesn’t make you
feel silly wearing it if that makes sense. Now because of the design, the idea behind FrontRow is to capture
those every day moments while remaining completely hands-free. I like the fact that there’s
some modularity here, you may have not noticed it at first but if you look closely,
this connector here gives you that flexibility. You can use it with a
lanyard, a magnetic clip that works fantastic as a stand, or even with different
third party accessories like you see here. Now as far as what makes this unique, I think for me again what stands out most is the fact that this really is the first wearable camera that you
don’t need a head strap or a chest mount or some crazy accessory that makes you look or feel
like a crazy person in public. It has this beautiful circular high resolution
touchscreen that looks like it is straight out of the future. I also really like the fact
that while it does work great with iOS and Android, you are
not reliant on your smartphone to get that content off your device. You can share it directly from FrontRow. Beyond that no features
in the world would matter if it was a bad user experience, but you can see as I swipe
and navigate through things everything is crazy
responsive and super snappy. I’ll also be honest straight up capturing either a photo or a
video, there is Story Mode which I will cover in more detail shortly but the idea here is
that it’s gonna give you this really unique cool first
person time lapse perspective of your day which is awesome. As far as the specs go, your main shooter has an 8 megapixel sensor paired with a 5 megapixel front-facing camera but more importantly,
that 8 megapixel sensor is a crazy wide 140 degrees wide lens that’s gonna light and capture all kinds of things in the frame. Internally, you have
32 gigabytes of storage but you also have the ability to expand that via cloud storage. Video-wise this shoots in 1080p or in 4K at a 4 by 3 aspect ratio. Now the idea there is, it’s
gonna give that extra punch, that extra sharpness so
you can punch in and post. Two things that really stand out to me as far as capture goes one, the OASness is crazy good. It is almost scary how well it works. If you’re out there on the go, or if you’re out there on the road, you don’t have to worry
about that shaky video. It just works really well. Also, the microphone
capture works really well. So if you are at a concert or if you’re just in a
general noisy environment you’re not gonna have to
sacrifice audio quality. So right now I’m testing
the microphone quality while capturing front-facing video. Excuse the squinting, it’s
a little bright right now, but I would love to hear what you think with a comment down below. Beyond that you know I
love me some USB scene. FrontRow does not disappoint there. In addition to having that USB-C port you’re also getting a crazy fast 20 minute quick charge time. You do of course get really
solid battery life with FrontRow but it’s nice to know just in
case you do run out of juice, you’re gonna be able to
charge up super quick. Now software-wise, with FrontRow there are three core features. Starting with the ability to livestream directly from the device. It works with Twitter, Facebook and more importantly for me YouTube. From there we have of course Story Mode, which again is this crazy
first person time lapse and the way it works, it actually will use its built-in motion sensor to know when to capture those moments. With this you can record up to 16 hours and the beauty of it, is
you’re not gonna have to do much work at the end of the day. The idea is you kind of set it, forget about it and then look back on moments you may have
not normally captured. Conversely for someone
who likes to tweet things you’re not just stuck with that story, you do have the ability
to enter a story editor and with that you can save a frame, pull out a frame or even just the playback speed on the story. From there again the FrontRow
works incredibly by itself but you do also have really solid support from the FrontRow app on your smartphone. Really you guys can see here on video how responsive everything
is to the preview mode. It is lightning fast and what’s cool is it’s gonna work both
through WiFi and Bluetooth. What’s really cool is
automatically right off the bat, you’re getting a low
resolution preview version of that picture or that video you just took on your smartphone but what happens when
you connect a FrontRow and your phone on same WiFi network it’s automatically gonna
sync at high resolution full quality version of video or picture. From there you also have the
ability to control everything remotely from your phone. This is especially important
if you just want to use the FrontRow device as your
main livestreaming device. You’re not gonna have to mess with it or touch things on the FrontRow. You can do everything
from your smartphone. So far I think this is an
awesome wearable camera. More importantly, it’s
intuitive, it’s snappy and incredibly easy to use. It looks great, it
captures fantastic content and I think more importantly,
it’s gonna be great for those who aren’t super techy who don’t want this crazy
obtrusive rig or camera, who just want to capture life moments. Aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did and you feel like being awesome make sure you smash that like button. If you want to check out FrontRow I will drop a link down below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.

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