Frankenfish Coming!

turns out that scientists have found a way
to genetically modified fish stabbing to be specific so they grow ten times faster effective uh… itself bigger faster seven bigger bastrop batter meter greener senate well on the f_d_a_ a earlier this week lessons that scientists had determined whether
or not they should approve this genetically modified sent right the f_d_a_ has not reached
a decision yet but i think that this is a disaster in a million to police penny way we have a
video that explains it’s a little better than i just did so let’s go to the video and then
we’ll discuss whether not were interested needing genetically modified sent it looks like any other salmon pune is calling for a confession i had to
keep it off your dinner plates here’s the difference both these fish are
eighteen months old but the larger genetically-engineered aqua invented salmon grossed twice is fast
as the regular salmon for hurts medically engineer and all baby cases supplies but the big deal atlantic salmon grows in
fits and starts but scientists found that adding genetic material
from the pacific salmon anand you’ll like fish helps them grow around the clock this fish
is indistinguishable from drifters wednesday’s indistinguishable though and clearly has a
different genetic makeup badlands examine but it has to say and it looks the same in
the biology is exactly the same catalyst dot is very likely password and send
them is a blank salmon and food from propaganda salmon is to seek as food from other atlantic salmon
still critics claim more studies are needed on how the fish might affect humans and the
environment for instance what happens if he’s altered
fish somehow make it out into the wild when they plead with native salmon with a crowd out the wild fish the company
insists there are safeguards darryl and arrested physically containing facilities but opponents
say there is no guarantee of all the fish will be sterile and there’s already one case
study and have the best laid plans could go awry canola plants used to make a normal oil
we’re genetically engineered to be resistant to weed killer the problem they aides have now migrated from the company farms carried by the winds and perhaps by tracks
taking them to market there now growing on the road signs of north dakota scientists worry they may create on hard to kill super we’d as for the genetically-altered salmon one
question still on the table more folks the evite and only the military because the f_d_a_
has to decided to fish for even carry a special label lisa stark a_b_c_ news well that’s very interesting now and it eileen
genetically modified fish i wanna know it doesn’t the fact that the f_d_a_ does not regulated some people will know what they’re eating is unacceptable acting genetically modified efficient terrible
idea were eating enough crap already ok but europe must run rather than i am any this
could be outside stu i don’t want he’ll jeans in my sanity let let’s invite one friend and i want that simple easy wild dot dance and she wass
of god being sent to prepare assembly race there on the record of this look though but sometimes i just come up with
breakthroughs in that allows that the us to feed more people right we help solve poverty
in a lot of course the world by genetically modifying applies to grow uh… with it whether it’s weaker whatever
might be right there could be a downside to this packet but signifi that checks on straight so that’s my point
of view on it so to my ad on hand to guess that no i’m not
right and it could be interesting but do i believe the company when it says
the they’re biologically no different that doesn’t make any satellite there obviously
by oppositely different you put that yields thing you do it it grossed twice as large
e obviously is not pathologically diverts don’t trust the company that’s crazy talk
to trust the company right these auto what we got safeguards uh… downloads of most of us are uh… suspected and by the way how are they
now biologically diverted pierce their add-on elevate other text or no i’m not i think that
nonsense nonsense so let’s see what the f_d_a_ says about let’s hope that it is not blocked you know and that the but actually do their
job and and and if they come up and say look no it really is save but i’m having a difficult issue not open
mic to right ok fine if they determine that it’s safe i demand that they label fish that is genetically that’s where i i i i think that people should
at least know what their heating i will strike a deal with okay high and but and now here’s our the ultimate
but you look at where you creating these monster salmon personally speak some people right now i agree but that’s not affiliate defense of course that was a great
traffic i want to nothing is if this is safe for humans to consider how do we know that what has there been testing
done on this for number of years where people have been consuming this and we know that
it’s not going to do any damage to our health of course not will do the american will introduce into the
market and then see what i was fifteen years later
and then people are gonna go obliterate that they’re growing now in with anonymity like what what what if in fact effect but i came out of the contributes
to abuse of wyoming frogs have seven life highway that instead that’s probably how it’ll go or keep
it real interstate by the way etc i can’t wait for
them to do this now they already do it with a lot of ways to other food products right but they will eventually do it uh… indeed genetically modified calgary
believe me i know right but they probably agree monster like the like watch ic all without or could you know an appellate despite the book factory casino deficient in the just common do that’ll
took it over lady fifty cal over there were just cos feasible dr but it’s good that direction alike we took
a county only a short of some we’ll she’s those populist
lipstick at and a week of transformers and put it in and so it’s a and p x the cal gifts loomed
large explodes but what it does hamburgers reindeer but what is probably sick and infy logically the same as any other categories

100 thoughts on “Frankenfish Coming!

  1. @knave2 LOL yes you are a conspiracy theorist. even if the conspiracy between the makers of aspartame and the health organizations of more than 50 countries is true, you are still theorizing it and hence a conspiracy theorist you fucking idiot. BTW Rumsfeld was never a CEO of Monsanto, hence you lied and are scared of the actual facts.

  2. @knave2 LOL i guess you just love the blissful ignorance. better hurry and put on that tinfoil hat before the shape shifting reptilian alien leaders of the NWO finds out that you have been snooping around.

  3. @knave2 "Conspiracy- a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act" – stating that two groups of people, Monsanto and the FDA, are making agreements behind closed doors to use falsified documents to get a dangerous product approved is, by definition, a conspiracy you fucking idiot.

  4. @DaFawky buddy, i wrote a comment that had nothing to do with you!
    and all of this shit is a result of YOU!
    you are the true definition of a troll!
    now go away. go troll someone else!

    ps, if you think about it for a min. you'll get the "brittany sock" reference

  5. @knave2 again, you are a fucking moron. so you are stating that Rumsfeld, who had not connection or possible benefits from the producer of aspartame acted solely alone? not according to the bullshit you and robot have been talking about, and what about the other 50+ countries who have approved of aspartame, did they have single persons who simply wanted to approve aspartame even with its alleged health risks?

  6. @knave2 when you state the word "facts" i simply remember your whole ex-CEO of monsanto bullshit and i just fucking laugh.

  7. @knave2 proven? LMFAO no it wasn't proven. not one bit, but hey, people still believe that the NWO has been proven, same with ghosts, fake moon landing, space aliens, flat earth, etc, etc.

  8. @knave2 and why didn't they bother with the studies? how do they benefit by poisoning their citizens? maybe some secret agreement behind closed doors maybe that you would like to point out?

  9. @knave2 so they hired enough people in over 50+ countries just to approve a sugar substitute? you know you're batshit crazy, right?

  10. Knowing what i know about agriculture, There are a lot of stuff in large farmers fields that are genetically altered. As well as livestock grown in bulk.

  11. @Xteenrebel no, in jurassic park, all the dinosaurs were females. but thanks to the frog DNA that the scientists used to fill in missing parts of the dino DNA strands the dinosaurs were able to switch gender.

    so please, if you don't even understand the Hollywood science used in Jurassic Park please dont use it as an argument for science in real life.

  12. People are allergic to certain plants and animals. Some people are so allergic they can die. Genetically modified food can open up a new set of problems. What about long term problems? It's proven if you eat sugar for too many years in massive quantities you'll get diabetes. Short term is bad, but long term potential is a nightmare. Didn't these people watch Jurassic Park?! I'm not saying it's going to be that bad, but don't mess with what already works.

  13. @knave2 its not simply a human being, its a certain TYPE of human being you fucking moron.its like saying a cougar is a woman, when in fact its an old women who dates young men.

  14. @DaFawky i gave you a total example of why they're not interchangable in this context. and it's inarguable. it is what it is dude

  15. @DaFawky so you would say: "my pool has a hole and it won't bear water"?? bull shit!
    not to mention that this is a common expression and is as silly as saying:

    -"she's pretty, but she doesn't hold a flashlight to you baby"

  16. @TheGiantRobot

    The only thing I can think of is normal nutrient production in the altered animal would be different, perhaps enough so as to become toxic to certain consumers.

    I think animals going out of their way not to consume altered corn has more to do with it smelling or tasting different than what they are used to. All plants evolve, humans have just directed that evolution.

    I'm really not sure? If somebody knows chime in please 🙂


  17. @DaFawky you're like some sociopathic freak that's so full of anger you're gonna do some kinda murder suicide when you finally snap!
    lose all the anger buddy. if you have such a beef with people making fun of americans there are a lot of vids here you can go to and just go fucking nuts!

    search "fat" or "stupid" american. get your fill.

  18. @DaFawky also, how is it that I stalk peoples comments when i never even wanted to speak to you. yet here you are, as a direct result of stalking MY comment.
    im starting to think you have some severe phycological issues dude.
    you need to relax and take a joke. what are you, between 14 and 18? and already this much of a rage freak? cmon man!

  19. @TheGiantRobot

    I agree that gene spicing is not gradual evolution. It is in essence, but the ecosystem has not "evolved" with it. After consideration I agree that animals who avoid Altered crops are behaving oddly.

    Perhaps it has to do with the "out of sink" plants. Maybe we all know when something doesn't belong. 🙂


  20. @DaFawky my 17 year old cousin spent the weekend and made most of the comments. he isn't allowed on the internet for much but research and i can see why.
    you need to turn off the computer and go outside for a bit dude.
    i made a very common joke about americans relative to smthg anna said and this is the result?? what is your deal in life?

  21. @DaFawky you are the one who said i'm stalking comments! dude you dont even make any sense anymore! if it's not stalking now, why was it then?

  22. @DaFawky here buddy search "Fat America" by a channel called "vent5"
    get your fill.
    cmon now, off you go. go freak out on the world for making fun of americans

  23. @DaFawky buddy, i made a comment. YOU replied to. and here we are.
    remember??? YOU are the one that replied to me. do you remember? huh?

  24. @DaFawky lol i don't care if you believe it or not. i was sitting beside him the whole time any way.

    whats the deal even if it were not true? that it was ME looking at your channel? so what? what would that prove? you've been harassing me for days now cause you get sad when people make fun of americans!

  25. @DaFawky ok so why were you being a whining bitch before that then??
    all your trolling before anything was said about you liking little asian girls. what was that about then. if now you whole contention is about going on your page and looking for shit to say what was your contention before that? buddy i've never come across anyone as argumentative as you. did your parents recently divorce or something?(serious) you need to relax and let it go. it was a fucking joke buddy

  26. @DaFawky
    you do know that you're a walking definition of a troll right?
    "you bring that upon yourself through responding back." is that what is meant by "dont feed the troll"?

  27. @DaFawky don't lie creep. i read some shit my cousin pulled up that you wrote about little asian girl shit. but who the fuck cares they weren't my jokes.
    theres nothing wrong with it true or not. your young! why should you be into old chicks. get over it bud.

  28. @DaFawky so now can someone attack you for making fun of canadians?
    who the hell are you to say how fat canadians are? asian countries have fatties too
    thats like being 300 pounds and laughing at someone for being 330 pounds.
    i find it ironic for an asian to go on about FAT CANADIANS lol
    i hope you grasp the sarcasm here

  29. @knave2 except it doesn't. just like how cougar doesn't mean a woman. you were being far too vague that you were simply wrong.

  30. @DaFawky sure bud for arguments sake lets say it was. so what. there were more than a few comments you made about perfect little asian girs creep. now you blank out your what else you got on your computer buddy?

  31. @DaFawky yeah i put the my bad comment. i dont care if you like little girls and at the time i didn't think it was a nice thing for him to have said. kind of "too far" for me at the time. but now i realize you're just a mental case troll and hey, fuck ya. you're a creep and you erasing everything off your page to hide it kinda makes me wonder if he was right! even though it was a joke

  32. Nate & DaFawky need to calm down and stop fighting like children on the comments. I'm trying to read some opinions and I shouldn't have to shuffle through 5 pages of comments just to find a decent comment.

  33. @DaFawky you certainly did contradict yourself.

    so i'm not even into canadian culture so that doesnt even reflect on me at all.

    so now that you're not into irish culture you can make fun and its ok. well thats cool, i'm not into canadian culture so its ok for me too.
    so what you apologize now???
    i cant roll my eyes quite far enough

  34. What is the point of the FDA? They end up approving everything and then backtracks as soon as it causes cancer. I can't believe people are pushing for more genetically-altered crap.

  35. @CannibalShinobi Hey buddy, if you get mad when someone messes up the pseudo science of your favorite movie or take a glib comment on youtube seriously, than maybe you should stay away from the internet.

    Besides, I was thinking more about Ian Malcolm's quote "life finds a way."

  36. @Xteenrebel mad? who's mad? the fact is that you are not the first to have talked about that movie on this video, and it was getting old. you just happened to be the last one i saw and replied to.

    fish that are genetically made to be sterile are not magically going to become unsterilized.

  37. @BOZ11 Lol, I don't think it's the GM aspect that makes the syrup unhealthy… Should we ban potatoes too? I'm not defending GM foods, personally I'd rather not eat them. Obesity is down to education and personal choice (excluding those disorders that can cause it in some people).

  38. @PassionateMistress Potatoes are not yet GM, at least where i am. E.U hadn't even approved them until just this year. You're confusing plant breeding with GM.
    "I don't think it's the GM aspect that makes the syrup unhealthy"
    obviously the technology per se isn't responsible but it's implementation is.
    research then reply. here's a scientific study conducted by Princeton University linking obesity to HFCS:
    w w w(dot)foodpolitics(dot)com/wp-content/uploads/HFCS_Rats_10(dot)pdf

  39. @Neuromancer1970 The increase in crop yields attributed to GM is a fallacy or a lie.
    "An April 2006 report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that “currently available GM crops do not increase the yield potential of a hybrid variety. […] In fact, yield may even decrease if the varieties used to carry the herbicide tolerant or insect-resistant genes are not the highest yielding cultivars”. (Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and Caswell, 2006)"

  40. @BOZ11 Sorry, my reply did indeed seem like I was insinuating potatoes were GM. I meant to compare your argument saying that because obese people eat this syrup (is it American? Never heard of it) that it can be seen as playing 'a part' in obesity, well then potatoes must surely play a bigger part (chips, crisps etc).

  41. @BOZ11 When I said about the GM aspect not being the part that is unhealthy, I meant in terms of it causing a weight problem, wouldn't the sugar part be the issue here? I haven't looked at the study you have posted yet.

  42. @PassionateMistress "your argument [..] that obese people eat this syrup […] that it can be seen as playing 'a part' in obesity"
    That's rather unscientific, nor is it the argument. HFCS suppresses Leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite. HFCS suppresses insulin which means blood sugar levels stay high and increases the potential for organ & nerve damage. The suppression of these hormones also leads the body to store more energy from food as fat. Fructose in fruit is much less than in HFCS

  43. @PassionateMistress
    you're assuming that sugar is sugar. the metabolisation of fructose is much more complicated than for glucose. Mainly it's the liver that metabolises fructose and is much more likely to convert fructose to fat rather than glucose
    "I haven't looked at the study you have posted"
    Here's another study u probably won't read, with links to other corroborating studies
    w w w(dot)sciencedaily(dot)com/releases/2009/03/090325091811(dot)htm

  44. The FDA will approve it, there will be no labeling. This has already happened with corn and fruits and vegetables in the U.S. We've been consuming GMO foods for at least two decades with no labeling. Its outrageous, but no one seems to give a flying fuck which is why we've been stuffing our faces with GMO foods for years.

  45. @knave2 i don't have to go back in time, only looks up the actual origin of the english word "monster" and find out that it is actually derived from a latin term "monstrum" which mean "unnatural" or "warning".

  46. @BOZ11 "high fructose corn syrup is a GM food. GM foods play at least some part in obesity" that is your initial reply to mine which explained nothing else. My first comment was in surprise to Anna even mentioning obesity in this video as this video didn't contain any reference to GM and weight gain, let alone any studies, so she seemed to draw it out of her ass. You're right I won't read the other study you posted either.

  47. @BOZ11 Been thinking about this and I realise I mistook which direction you were coming from in your first reply, you could have phrased it better (hey guilty of that myself). I assumed that by mentioning the consumption of this syrup by overweight people you were linking GM foods to obesity, which seemed pretty ridiculous to me. You mentioned one product, a syrup no less, with no clarification. My interpretation was an obvious one to make, given the vagueness of your reply.

  48. @BOZ11 To be quite honest this topic doesn't interest me as it does you. I have not said there is no link between GM foods and obesity, there are several factors that play a part in obesity, and if we are going to suggest all 'parts' we could be here a very long time! I do believe the major factors are over consumption of (mostly high fat) food and lack of exercise.

  49. @BOZ11 I don't want to accuse you of being deliberately vague so you can come back with your studies flying and look superior… not eveyone who comments on a YT video wants to spend time reading studies, especially ones that do not particularly interest them. I have not made any claims that are unfounded, why does it seem like this is something you have to 'win'? You have now bordered on being rude "Here's another study u probably won't read…" I bid you good day.

  50. @Solareffects You are preaching the gospel on a rainy Sunday afternoon. You're exactly right. It's depressing. Only about 5% of "food" produced and consumed in the US is checked first. And then people wonder why we keep getting sick and all this food is getting recalled.

  51. Actually they've already been trying to do that with cows… I remember reading a story years ago where they were trying to genetically modifiy cows to bring back some prehistoric traits to make them HUGE….

    It's a scary world we live in. The more scientify advances we create to make our lives better the more scientify advances we create to kill ourselves…

  52. @DaManCallahan: As I understand it, that's not possible with plants. Cross-pollination is impossible to completely prevent, and then Monsanto sues the small farmer who's crop they've "accidentally" contaminated with "their" GM product.

    There's nothing inherently harmful in GM food, but there is the potential danger of creating "super weeds" that would crowd out natural species, particularly if agri-corps breed plants that form a monoculture for more efficient mass-production.

  53. @dakoneko: Possibly because more and more food is irradiated or treated with chemicals as a matter of course? ]

    GM could actually alleviate those problems slightly, by making food decay more slowly and resist insects without pesticide… but a lot of the irradiation and chemical treatment is done for cosmetic reasons, to stop apples going brown once cut, for example, or to stop bread going off (ever).

    That's the bad stuff, man; I don't trust bread that lasts longer than polystyrene.

  54. First time i ever really disagree with Ana, i usually agree, or agree partly. But im totally on the opposition of her now. This can save millions and billions of lifes. The scientists need to make a study on how it affects the enviorment. And then put it on the market.

  55. @abxxxh

    How exactly do regular cows kill us? The science of "fast food", factory farming, feeding cows chicken feces, garbage and corn actually changes the fat profile of these animals making them unhealthy for us to eat.

    Same with GM foods, we're playing with fire by introducing a hybrid species that's NEVER been in our food chain. GM food have killed lab animals, and insects, even their pollen has been deadly to insects.

    Or did you think I meant they would turn into monsters 😉

  56. @MrShadeBlade also bad science can destroy millions of lives,so we need to make sure the proper research takes place.

  57. @MrShadeBlade It all sounds great on paper. The only thing is that none of this has been tested. It may save the hunger problem in the world. It may also cause horrible problems to people in the future. The genetically modified food may end up fucking people up in the end. We will have to wait and see.

  58. Shame on Ana. Cenk was somewhat reasonable but he didn't go far enough. This is silly anti-science bullshit I would expect from conservatives. The right may be ignorant on evolution, climate change and stem cell research but the left is ignorant on gmo foods, nuclear power and "alternative medicine."

  59. Genetic modifing is overrated we just change the dna a little and people go berserk. Stop watching fox get the facts straight. Its no big deal. Now if the fish hasd the ability to walk on land and had rasor teeth then it's a problem. IT JUST BIG FISH. And it will help starving people in 3rd world countries.

  60. overfishing is causing massive problems here in Canada, farming GE salmon in an indoor factory would help prevent serious problems.

  61. This is why you guys need a non-bias scientific corespondent, because lets face it, you two don't have a damn clue what you're talking about.

  62. you think they will give it to the hungry people (they are cooperation! they love money!)? we have enough food to feed EVERYONE NOW put we are just too wasteful. you think this will help? COME ON!

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