8 thoughts on “FedEx driver meltdown caught on camera

  1. FED-EX, alone with all the other delivery companies, don’t pay enough to do what is asked of their drivers.

  2. They're supposed to be able to lift 150 pounds? The man was supposed to do his job so he had no right to throw the sofa down. But the language is everyday stuff. You ought to hear some stuff I hear at work. F"=÷<_g . M[(*/÷#@*"%÷r. G%÷*,<=t. S%+t. Just an average day where I work.

  3. I worked as a FedEx courier back in 2010-2011. FedEx does ship items up to 150lbs. Company policy also states packages over 75lbs require team lifting… like 2 people lifting the box.

    The reason FedEx is stuck with these drivers is because they pay poorly and constantly look for any excuse to pull you into the office to right you up. Raises at FedEx are adjusted based on right ups. The more you get; the less they pay you.

    Also, this guy is working in winter "my experience with the company" in a truck with heat that likley doesn't work. FedEx is required to make the trucks mechanically suitable for traveling on the road per DOT. They don't care about the person driving it being comfortable. I regularly drive my route and had to drive a shuttle truck with late freight to the Airport almost an hour away with no heat in winter temperatures in the 10-20 degree range.

    This video accomplished nothing more than this guy probably loosing his job.

  4. He should have had someone helping him. Its peak season. And until the "customer" has lifted a 100lb package I don't wanna hear "they're getting paid for it". I work in UPS and I am NOT getting paid extra for ridiculously heavy packages.

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