Feather Camera Crane Basic Jib Moves | Lite Pro Gear

Hello, I’m Canyon Florey from Lite Pro Gear coming at ya’ from the Alabama Hills, at the base of Mt. Whitney. We’re going to go over some basic crane moves that will add production value to your films.
The Feather Camera Crane, a portable travel jib, was designed for the adventure cinematographer and mobile videographer who shoots outdoors. At 3.8 pounds, it’s lightweight, mobile, and strong to withstand the elements. One of our first moves is the swoop move coming low off the ground – swooping high, revealing your subject.
The carbon fiber Feather Camera Crane utilizes your existing fluid head. Unlock the pan for dynamic right to left movement For shot angle versatility, you can make micro adjustments to the self-leveling head utilizing the BOA closure system by equipping the crane with a small fluid
head or ball head you can increase your creative control right
here we have it configured shooting straight down It also maintains self-leveling as it
goes up and down. Additionally, you can do short slider style moves with the crane. You can also do short push and pull moves. Additionally, you can use the Feather Camera Crane to do parallax moves that adds depth to your shots. You can also tilt the camera using your fluid head.

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