False Alarms That Almost Led to the End of the World

– How you doing? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at
some famous false alarms that ended in chaos or could
have ended the world entirely. But, before we get into
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content just like this. (mysterious music) – Ever since humans started
looking towards the stars, we’ve speculated about
what other life forms may be living in other galaxies. With the advent of more modern technology, scientist are able to monitor signals coming from other planets, hoping to some day make contact with citizens of other worlds. However, on May 15, 2015,
these signal observations led to one of the more bizarre
false alarms in recent history. A Russian radio observatory
picked up a 2-second signal coming from a planet orbiting
a star known as HD 164595. This particular star has a lot
in common with Earth’s sun, so the signal recording
led many to speculate that the planet contained
intelligent life. Believers in alien life were understandably excited
about the discovery. Many media outlets picked up the story and word quickly spread
that the Russian scientists may have at long last
discovered an alien species. However, the Russian
Academy of the Sciences later issued a statement declaring that alien
discovery a false alarm. (soft tense music) The War of the Worlds
may not have been a part of a legitimate emergency alert system, but the stir that it caused quickly led to a real-life emergency that made it one of history’s
most notorious false alarms. On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles performed a
fictional radio broadcast that appeared to warn
viewers of an alien invasion. The news reporter cut into
a program of dance music to provide updates on the aliens trying to
take over New York City. Although this was intended to
be an entertaining broadcast, many viewers didn’t realize that they were listening
to a work of fiction. With the Second World War looming, American citizens were on high alert and the broadcast hit too close to home. Many people panicked and radio stations were ordered
to interrupt the broadcast to remind listeners that the content of
the show was fictional. However, it was too late
to avoid a genuine panic. In the cases of HD 164595
and War of the Worlds, the false alarms can be explained by the general public’s false assumptions. However, in the case of
Florida’s mistaken zombie alert, it’s much more understandable
that members of the public thought they were under attack. On May 20, 2018, Lake Worth, Florida, experienced a widespread power outage. The city’s emergency alert
system sent out a text message informing citizens of the problem. However, the public was surprised
by the text of the alert. Power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus. There are now far less than
7,380 customers involved due to extreme zombie activity. It’s interesting to know
that while Lake Worth was actually experiencing a power outage, Terminus is not really a city in Florida, it’s actually a fictional town from the popular zombie
television show The Walking Dead. Officials quickly sent out a correction to assure citizens that the
messages were false alarms. At least the part about zombies was false. However, this didn’t stop
many members of the public from believing that the government was actually covering up
knowledge of real life zombies. The officials responsible for the message were unable to explain this bizarre broadcast signal intrusion. While some false alarms revolve around more fantastical scenarios, others warn of emergencies
that are much close to reality. One example of such a
terrifying false alarm occurred in Hawaii in 2018. Citizens and visitors to the
island state were shocked when they received an
emergency alert informing them that a ballistic missile was
on route to their location. Disturbed by the warning
and its startling parallel to the World War II
attacks on Pearl Harbor, residents and tourists
quickly began to panic. Businesses rapidly locked their doors and people ran for shelter in any place they believed was safe, including manholes. Numerous car accidents were reported as drivers took to the
streets at high speeds in frantic attempts to
reach safe locations. It was reported that one
man suffered a heart attack after calling his children to say goodbye. People panicked for a
staggering 38 minutes before the false alarm was corrected. According to employees at the
Emergency Management Agency, the alert was supposed to
be a test of the system but someone chose the wrong
option in a drop-down menu when issuing the alert. On February 20th, 1971, most people were well aware of the dangers being posed by the Cold War. In fact, it was the Cold War’s threat of nuclear annihilation that led the United States to develop its Emergency Broadcast System. However, the system was
only actually used once during the Cold War and it turned out to be one of history’s scariest false alarms. News stations received a
message of a telex reading, this is an emergency action notification directed by the President. Normal broadcasting
will cease immediately. The messages included the
code word hatefulness. The entire system operated
on a system of code words that news stations were to
use to verify the messages. Hatefulness meant it was the real deal. Newscasters took to the air to inform the public of the alert. The country waited for the
president to come on the air with additional details. Meanwhile, news stations were
receiving confusing messages declaring the alert false alarms. However, none included the
correct code word, impish. Finally, after 30
minutes of tense waiting, the system put through official messages including the cancellation code word, officially making the alert a false alarm. The fire that occurred at Boland Hall at Seton Hall University University in South Orange, New Jersey, is a disturbing example of the
real danger of false alarms. In this case, the fire alarms
that went off at 4:30 a.m. on January 19, 2000, were all too real. Two students had set the fire
in the dormitory as a prank when most of the students
in the building were asleep. While the fire alarms went off
exactly as they should have, the majority of the
students in the building remained in their rooms,
ignoring the false alarms. Why? Over the previous few years the dormitory had experienced
frequent false alarms, so the students in the building assumed this was just another mistake. Because the students assumed
it was a false alarm, three residents of the building
ended up dying in the fire. The Cold War was a time when
false alarms were rampant. However, some caused enough of a stir to be remembered by the history books as truly dangerous situations. On October 22nd, 1962, not long after missile
silos were discovered being built in Cuba, US interceptors carrying nuclear weapons were sent to small airfields
around the country. On October 25, an airmen
in one of these airfields saw a shadowy figure outside of a fence. Thinking it was an enemy sabotage, he sounded the intruder alarm. This caused the nearby
based to be alarmed, suggesting they were under attack. Pilots ran to their planes
to start scouring the skies for enemy crafts. They later learned that
it was a false alarm. It wasn’t until years later that the pilots learned the truth about one of the most bizarre
false alarms in history. It turned out that mysterious intruder spotted outside the base
was actually a bear. Over the years, there have
been numerous theories about the end of the world. These days, most people
take these prophecies with a grain of salt, but that wasn’t always the case. Harold Camping, a popular
Christian radio personality, predicted that the world
would end on May 21, 2011. He supported his hypothesis with calculations he
said came from the Bible. He claimed that certain faithful followers would be raptured to heaven while everyone else would have to live through horrible end times. Camping’s followers were
told to gather together at a meeting point where
they could ascend to heaven. Many of the faithfuls
sold their possessions to afford the journey. The date came and went without incident. Camping’s prediction was a false alarm. His followers were devastated. Many were left destitute
after spending so much money in the hopes of a rapture. Even more shocking is that, before the supposed end of the world, there was at least one reported suicide, committed by a devastated woman who believed she wouldn’t
make it to heaven. On October 1st, 1962, during
the height of the Cold War, a Soviet submarine left its base to sail into the Caribbean. Several weeks later, on October 27, United States naval ships
detected the Soviet craft. They began sending out small
charges to the submarine, intending to force the
craft to the surface so they could identify it. However, what the US ships didn’t know is that that Soviet submarine had been out of contact with its base and was too deep to
listen to radio signals. The captain believed that
the charges from the US ship were an indication that
the US and Soviet Union had begun a war in the time
that he had been out of contact. He wanted to launch
torpedoes at the US ship, an act that would’ve likely
been considered an act of war. Thankfully, the other
commanding officers on the ship refused to launch any torpedoes. They convinced the captain
to go to the surface and await further orders. When the submarine surfaced
and saw the nearby US ships, the captain decided to return
to Moscow instead of engaging, an act that may have
prevented an all-out war between the nations. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a story
about how one Russian man may have saved the entire world, remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications, that way you’ll get notified
about all our latest content. (mouse clicks) Not all of the Cold War false alarms that nearly led to nuclear war occurred as far back in history
as we’d like to believe. In 1983, the actions of a single
man prevented catastrophe. Stanislav Petrov worked at a
nuclear early warning station in Russia. On September 26, 1983,
he received a report that as many as six nuclear missiles had been launched from the United States. Soviet military protocol at
the time required such reports to be forwarded to commanding officers. However, Petrov believed
these reports to be false, as so many missiles at
once seemed unlikely. He feared that if he reported them to his commanding officers, they would retaliate anyway, launching a true nuclear war. He made the quick decision
not to report the warning. As it turned out, he was correct. The warning came as a result
of a computer malfunction. Petrov’s quick thinking and
willingness to disobey protocol may have saved the world from disaster. If you want more Slapped Ham content, then check out those
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    The next time it happened, the firefights from all over town all went to the school. They did this to give them a lesson. They fined the students the amount of money they would have been making during their work in an emergency. Their parents weren't very happy and after that they never pulled the fire alarm again.

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    (What I found interesting was how calm my parents were, but theyโ€™ve survived two wars (WW2 Indonesia and the Independence War immediately following), so perhaps thatโ€™s why. Theyโ€™re pretty swell๐Ÿ’)

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    This wasn't just the height of the Cold War, it was in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The commanders had been told that not hearing from Moscow by a certain time and date meant that nuclear war had broken out and he was to fire the sun's missiles.
    The time had passed and they had no way to tell if explosions they felt and heard were bombs meant to destroy or just warning depth charges to get them to surface.
    They disobeyed orders due to the chance of miscommunication for reasons other than Soviet communications having been annihilated. Nearly everyone alive owes their lives to those captains' trusting their gut feelings as opposed to following orders.

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