ExpressVPN for Android – App setup tutorial

Let’s go through the steps for setting up
the ExpressVPN app on your Android device. You’ll need an ExpressVPN subscription,
and a device running Android 5.0 or above. Begin by visiting the ExpressVPN website on
your Android device. Tap the drop-down menu and go to “My Account”. Enter your username and password, then tap
“Sign In”. Next, tap “Set up ExpressVPN”. Tap “Get it on Google Play” to show the
app on the Google Play store. Select “Install”, then open the app. To sign in, enter the same login details you
used for the ExpressVPN website. Once signed in, a message will appear asking
you to allow ExpressVPN to obtain anonymized analytics about your connection. This data is used to help improve our service
– it never contains personally identifiable information. Tap “OK” if you would like to share this
data, or select “No Thanks” if you’d prefer not to. You can change this setting at any time within
the app. Another message will appear, requesting permission
to set up a VPN connection. This appears before installing any VPN on
an Android device. ExpressVPN will never filter or monitor your
network activity. Tap “Ok”. Now you’re free to use the app! By default, the app lets you connect to an
optimal server location. To use this feature, tap the On button. To disconnect, tap the same button again. If you would like to switch to another location,
tap “More Options”. The Recommended list of server locations offers
the best connection rates and speeds based on your current location. You can also choose from the “All Locations”
tab, which has drop-down lists of all server locations available. Congrats! You’ve mastered how to set up ExpressVPN
for Android! Still have questions? ExpressVPN Support is available 24/7 over
live chat and email. Don’t forget that you can install ExpressVPN
on your other devices, including your computer, tablet, router, and media streaming console. Also, check out the ExpressVPN Android playlist
to learn about other cool app features. Thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “ExpressVPN for Android – App setup tutorial

  1. I'm always stuck on the sign in page. It never passes this phase.
    That's all I get. It works okay on the PC though. My phone is Huawei Mate 20 pro. Help, bitte !

  2. For those who can not use the app.:
    My Account> Set up on all your devices: See all devices> Set up ExpressVPN on all your devices: Manual Config> PPTP & L2TP-IPsec
    You'll see your username, password and server addresses. Open your phone settings> Network&Internet> VPN> Click on the settings/gears icon: Edit VPN profile

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