Exploring Secret Hidden Room In Attic! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ (FOUND STUFF!)

– There’s like lights and stuff here. I don’t know if you can. Do you guys see that? There’s like definitely like
another room over there. ♪ This is our life, let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ Good morning, guys. And welcome to the Daily
Bumps vlog, here on YouTube. If you guys would like to join our family, be sure to click that Subscribe button. We’re gonna have an interesting day today. But honestly, when do we
not have an interesting day? We always have crazy
things happen, you guys. I’ve been loving cold brew lately. So, I’ve been drinking a lot of that. It’s really great because it
perks me up in the morning, and then, I get like really productive. I’m kind of taking refuge
in my office right now because I’m eating a hard boiled egg, as well as, some like cheese
and nuts for my breakfast. And Missy is not into hard boiled eggs. If she finds out that
I’m actually eating one, I doubt she would kiss me for
the rest of the day (laughs). But before we move onto
the rest of the day, you guys, my office is almost complete. My sectional comes tomorrow. But I wanted to show you a couple of cool new items that
we have going on in here. So, I got this really
cool plant stand for IKEA. I’m not sure if I’m gonna
have these three plants on it, but I was just checking
to see how it looks there, which is really cool. And I also even got one of
these really cool floor lamps. And I was thinking for
when the sectional comes, maybe I could put it like behind it. So, I have like a light
over the sectional. Right now, my office is like
really open and incomplete. But hopefully, in the next couple days, we should be able to have
something cool in here. All right, guys, it’s time to
see what the boys are doing. Let’s go check them out. – [Ollie] I found a giant fossil! – [Bryan] Whoa, Ollie, you did find a giant fossil in our courtyard, didn’t you?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah (laughs). No, it’s not a giant
fossil, it’s a giant table. What are you doing out here, kiddo? – I’ve got some animals, lizards. – [Bryan] And some
parrots, and some snakes. – Actually, they’re not lizards. They’re alligator lizards. – [Bryan] Alligator lizards, yep. And we’ve got Amelia
over playing some music. (Finn screams)
(laughs) Finn. All right, guys, we are balancing on the edge of the
fountain, walking around. Look at the boys, they’re
so good at balancing. – Sometimes I climb on the pool, and I can very balance when I climb. – [Bryan] Really? – Yeah.
– It is a hot, and bright summer day today
in California, you guys. Okay, you guys, I am headed
up to the attic right now because I need to get to
the bottom of something. Turn that light on for sure. And you’re not gonna scare
me, scary monster head. (laughs) Everyone say hi to
the scary monster in our attic. Okay, so as you guys know, we’ve been having a
couple of weird incidences of things happening in our attic. We found a secret hole over here that leads to the rest of the house. It had some really strange things in it. I’ll have that video linked in the iCard, so you guys can go watch it. And then, we actually
explored more on this end too. I’ll also have that video. We heard some spooky sounds. And we had to basically like, figure out what was in this attic. We still haven’t really
gotten to the bottom of it. But wait, now that I’m up
here, this is kind of weird. It looks like things are
just kind of turned over. Like this box had a bunch of stuff in it, and now, it just was all dumped here. There’s like cans and stuff too. I wonder if anyone’s been through here since we boarded it up. We put some nails in it. It doesn’t look like it though. But I’m really curious, you guys, because there’s a wall right
here at the end of our attic, and I don’t know if it really stops here, ’cause when I look through the cracks, I feel like I can see something, like a secret room or something. There’s like lights and stuff here. I don’t know if you can. Do you guys see that? There’s like definitely like
another room over there. Okay, I’m actually kind
of getting creeped out just being up here in the attic too. But yeah, I definitely feel like there’s another room over here. But instead of like, trying
to knock down this wall, and figuring out like what’s behind it, I think I found another way that actually could be like an entrance
for that secret room. So, I’m gonna show you guys right now. And think we’re gonna see if
we can see what’s up there. This house that we bought, you guys, is a lot bigger than we thought. And we keep finding a bunch of like secret rooms, and spaces, and stuff. Which is crazy (laughs). Smash that thumbs up button
to wish me luck, you guys. Because I’m gonna see if there’s
anything behind that wall. But first, I gotta get
out of this creepy attic. Hey, babe?
– Yeah? – [Bryan] So, I was in our attic earlier. – Okay. – [Bryan] And I seriously think that there is another secret room up there.
– Seriously? – [Bryan] Yes, I think
the attic is extended. And they closed it off to
make it smaller than it is. – I’m a little freaked out
about the whole attic thing. – [Bryan] I know, but I
wanna go in and check, babe. What’s up there? What if there’s a whole other room? – [Ollie] Me too. – [Bryan] You wanna check it out too? – [Finn] Yeah, me too. – [Bryan] You too? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Bryan] See, babe,
they wanna check it out. – Okay, as long as you think it’s safe. – I think it’s safe. I mean, last time we didn’t know that there was like gonna
be a man sleeping up there. But it’s not my fault, right? – I mean, yeah.
– It’s not my fault either. – [Bryan] Not your fault either, uh-huh. – All right, I guess
we can go check it out. – [Bryan] Okay, Luna, can you
not destroy our pug though? Ollie go grab your pug from her. – [Missy] It’s a porg. – [Bryan] Porg, let go of our porg. – [Missy] Look, there’s your porg. – [Bryan] There you go. You just picking some flowers? – Cute flowers, I’m gonna go
put them in a little vase. – [Bryan] All right, well, I need your help to go explore this part. – Trust me, I’m gonna be there this time. – [Bryan] Okay. – Look at this flower. – [Missy] Oh, should I make a wish? Okay.
– No, no, mommy. – You wanna make a wish too? How about we all three make a wish? Three, two, one. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Yeah, babe, why
are you wearing pants? – It’s so hot out there. – [Bryan] It’s so hot, look it. Finn’s not even wearing pants. He’s like, it’s way too
hot to even wear pants. – I don’t have pants with
like, holes in them even. It’s so hot. – All right, babe, so attic, as you know, is right above the garage,
right up here, okay? So, this portion of our garage, up there, is the attic. And I think there is a secret room up here.
– Really? – [Bryan] That also connects to the attic. – I mean, I just kind of
imagine that it was just like– – [Ollie] Let’s go see the hole. – The hole? – [Bryan] Yeah, so there is a little hole up in the other attic. – I wanna see a hole. – [Bryan] I can see a light or something in there.
– Really? – [Bryan] Yes. – ‘Cause I always imagine that’s like, a little tiny crawl space. But I’m interesting to see
if it’s something bigger. – [Bryan] Look what I found, babe. So, there’s actually a
trap door right here. – [Missy] Oh, my gosh. – [Bryan] Like, seriously,
where did that come from? Have we always had that trap door there? – Oh, geez, was that there? – [Bryan] I don’t know. I honestly don’t know if that’s been there since we moved in. I never ever have looked up there. – Never.
– Never. So, I think I’m gonna climb up there. We’re gonna se what’s in this weird random secret trap door
thing that just appeared. – You should go up the stairs, and then walk over here, and then see what’s inside over there. – But Ollie, you can’t because there’s a wall up in the attic. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this, okay, Ollie?
– Okay. – [Missy] (laughs) Giant ladder. – Ladder. – [Ollie] You’re very
slow with that ladder. – I know I am.
(Missy chuckles) – [Missy] Yeah, how did we
even get a ladder this big? This is crazy. – Whoa, it’s like all the way up. And we might bump our head up there. – [Missy] Yeah, you
gotta be really careful. ‘Cause yeah, if you climb to the top, you’d definitely bonk your head. Don’t bonk your head, Bryan. – Okay, Ollie, can you hold the ladder steady while I climb it? – But I’m not strong enough. – [Missy] You are, just keep
it steady, so it doesn’t move. Just like that, perfect. – [Bryan] Okay, you guys. – [Missy] All right. – Ollie, look at this,
dude, see that spider web? – [Ollie] Oh, geez, don’t climb on that. – I won’t touch it, that’s so creepy. – [Missy] I know. – [Bryan] I cannot believe I’m climbing. – For the like, trap door.
– Yeah, I don’t know. – [Missy] Okay, be really, really careful. I just don’t know what’s up there. We already don’t know what’s
up in the other attic. – I know, approaching the trap door now. – [Missy] Okay. – Ollie, are you holding the ladder? – [Ollie] Yep, yeah! – Hold it still. So, just confirm that
this is a crawl space. Yeah, so that actually opens. – [Missy] Okay, be careful. – What do you think is in there? – [Missy] I don’t know what or who, or anything that’s in there. – Oh, my gosh. – [Missy] Be careful. – [Ollie] Oh, geez. – (yells) Okay, okay.
(Missy chuckles) It’s just really dark. – [Missy] You guys okay? You okay? – What is up here, okay? Oh, dusty. – [Missy] Dusty, careful. – Oh, my gosh, are you serious? – [Ollie] Oh! – [Missy] What is– – What, okay, hang on. – [Missy] What? – Hang on, hang on. – [Missy] Okay, be careful, oh, my gosh. Be really careful, I’m so creeped out. Are you sure you should be up there? – Okay, this is crazy. Yeah, it’s very, very
creepy, let me see that. I’m gonna climb down to you guys. We’re gonna be really careful. I just got the cover off of this trap door in our garage, you guys. There’s definitely something
you guys need to see. I’m gonna film it with the camera, babe. And I’m gonna see if you can see. (sighs) This is crazy. How did we have no idea
this was here, babe? – [Missy] I am so interested, what is it? – Okay, this is creepy. – [Missy] What’s going on? – Okay, so popping my head up here. I’m gonna try and grab my phone right now, so you guys can see. Look how far this goes back. Look at all of that space, that is crazy. We seriously have a whole
other spooky attic up here that we had no idea even existed. This is so freaky, look it. There’s the space for
the air to go through. – Are you sure it’s safe to be up there? – [Bryan] I don’t know. It actually is really, really creepy. But, babe, you have to see this. It’s like a whole other room, it’s huge. It’s huge, you can stand up, and jump up and down in here. – [Missy] You mean,
people have been up there? – [Bryan] People have been up there? – Yeah, up here. – [Bryan] Probably, yeah. – Oh, my God. – [Ollie] Be careful, mama. Watch out for the spider web too. – Okay, I’ve literally never. I really just don’t even know
where this thing came from. It feels like it was just magic. – [Ollie] I wanna go up there. – [Bryan] I don’t know
if you can go up there. Buddy, it’s really, really spooky. – [Ollie] But I’m not afraid. – [Missy] Oh, my gosh. – [Bryan] Do you see that? Don’t fall please, babe. – Okay, I’m just gonna try and look at it. I have to get some
video to send to my dad. This is like a huge room,
like a whole other room. Look what’s over there? How did we not know that this was up here? We couldn’t literally turn this into, like the kids playroom, I don’t even know. – [Bryan] We could totally do something cool with it, right? – Yeah, this is very, very cool. – [Bryan] I mean, at the very least, we’ll have more storage space, you know? – It’s a little creepy though. We would definitely need to
like make sure it’s safe. Dad, what do you think
we should do with this? – We definitely need
to make sure it’s safe. But we have to clean it too. There’s insulation everywhere. We have to make sure there’s
no one living up there, or nothing living up there, you guys. You never know, we have those pond monsters down there on our property. They could totally find a space to crawl into if we’re not careful. – Honestly, we’ve got more square footage in this house now. – I know, right, babe? We are always finding
secret rooms in this house. It’s crazy. – We need to, you know, just build a little apartment up here. – I know, that’d be so cool, right? That’s crazy, okay. You guys, smash that thumbs up button if you guys think we
should put on some gear, and walk through this part of the attic. I think that would be so fun to explore. And we’d actually get to see if there’s anything up
there in this secret room. And if there is, we can get rid of it. And maybe we can turn it
into, like a bigger attic, or even like a really fun like play area, or like, something cool. I’m sure we could do
something cool with it. – Yeah, we could build
like stairs here too. All right, I am gonna get down. – [Bryan] Whoa, wait, did you hear that? – Did you guys hear that? – [Bryan] Did you hear that? – What was that?
– I heard like a knock. – [Bryan] That was so weird. We didn’t put the cover on.
– Oh, my. – [Bryan] I have to go back up there. – You have to go back up there. – I have to go back up
there, and put the cover on. I don’t know. – [Missy] I don’t know
what that sound was. That was so weird. – [Bryan] Okay, guys,
this is really weird. – [Missy] Be really careful. – [Bryan] Put the cover on this. – [Missy] Just stay kind of low, so you can just get it on
as quickly as possible. – Whoo, close that up. – [Missy] Okay, boys, you
guys cannot go up there, okay? Unless mommy and daddy are with you. Got it?
– Got it. – [Missy] You don’t know what’s up there. – Yeah, we don’t know what’s up there. We gotta figure it out though. – [Missy] Yeah. Whoo, we need papa.
– Yeah. – [Missy] Sounds like a job for papa. – By the way, you guys, I don’t know if we showed
you this huge ball. We have this ball that
we can go inside of. But we don’t know what to do with it. So, leave us a comment
down below right now. What do you guys wanna see
us do in this giant ball? – [Missy] This thing is huge. – Yeah, you can strap two people in there. And you strap them in, and
you can basically do whatever. So, please let us know your suggestions. And then, maybe you guys will
see that in a future video. – [Missy] It looks so fun. – [Bryan] Do you wanna do
something in the ball, Ollie? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] Look, he’s already trying to figure out how to get in there. – Yeah, like, “How do I get in here?” I seriously cannot believe we
just found that secret attic. That this just like the craziest thing. If you guys haven’t watched
our other attic video, you might be able to go check it out if you click the iCard. And watch, and see if there’s any clues, as to what we could do with that attic, or what’s in that part of the attic. It’s just so crazy that we didn’t even know that that was there. – Scary there. – It was a scary attic?
– Yeah. – Oh, you’re so silly. Make sure you click the iCard. Go watch, and let us know
if you see any clues, as to what it is and
what’s in it (laughs). Anyways, we are so warm today. It is like 100 degrees, so
we’re going swimming, huh? – Yeah.
(Missy laughs) – [Missy] Should we go swim, Finn? That sounds nice, huh?
– Yeah, yeah. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Finn] Let’s go. – [Missy] Let’s go. – Hey, guys, what about
if I had my own channel? Welcome to Ollie swims. (energetic music) It’s a million degrees here, it’s so hot. Come watch me swim.
(energetic music) Let’s go get the treasure box. (energetic music) Let’s open this treasure box. (energetic music)
Whoa, cars. I’m gonna go save the cars. (heroic music) I always have trouble from the bottom. So, I’m gonna jump from the top. (heroic music) Thumbs up this video. Click the little bell like me. (energetic music) Hey, guys. – It is getting so late. And this little boy is so ready for bed. But I still cannot believe that we found that attic in our garage. Like, I cannot believe. And I can’t wait to like,
really, really get to explore it. I’m gonna go ahead and
end this video though. Make sure you give it a big
thumbs up, if you didn’t do it. This little boy is so past his bedtime. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. We had so much fun. And I’ll see you guys in our next video. Bye, boop.
(lighthearted theme music)

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