Excellent travel camera || Learn how to use your smartphone camera smartly

Hi friends! If you are planning to buy go pro 7 black and you are unable to decide whether to buy or not in this video all your doubts will be cleared. when this product was launched it was for Rs 32,000/- now the price has been reudced to Rs 25,000/- at this price its real value for money apart from gropro black other colours like white and silver is also available,which are lower in price but those are useless pieces. if you want to buy serious camera specially if you are a youtuber or if you travel a lot this gadget is perfect for you. very convenient more features I will explain. you must be thinking what is a need to buy cameras where the smart phone cameras are equally good infact my smart phone camera was very good and also I had gimbal. still i bought this camera what is so special about this camera….which is missing in smart phones. There are 3 mics in this camera where as in smart phones you have to use external mic which is very cumbersome the long cord keep dangling. first mic second mic third mic second important feature is the RECHARGEABLE batteries of go pro is replaceable. if the battery is down you can change keep changing the battery when needed. whereas if the battery of smart phone is down you have to recharge the phone to use again. you cant replace the battery. open the lid,remove the battery and replace with the new one. very convenient when you are taking any long videos. third advantage is wide angle you can take wide angle video. high end smart phones also have wide angle camera but the video is not clear very shaky videos you will not enjoy seeing the video on a big screen. in a lower range phone you can only take wide angle photo but no videos. what is the importance of wide angle camera. it is very useful when you take a selfie video,the face is not very close to the camera. the face is little at the back and background is also visible it is very impactful. even when you use rare view camera for the video you can get a larger view of the place the effect of the wide angle is wonderful try it yourself you will see the difference. I am using this camera from last 4 months. I have tried and tested each and every setting and features. lets talk abt the pros and cons of this gadget. I checked so many videos no where it was mentioned how long does the battery last 1hr or2 hr or 5hr… after using it I can say battery generally lasts for max 1to 1and half hour not more than that only if u are taking continues videos. if using in bits and pieces the battery may last a little longer. but overall battery is not over the top definitely you have to carry an extra battery dont just go with one battery your problem will not be solved talking about the storage you can easily use sd card 64gb or 128gb to be on a safer side use 64 gb because its not necessary 128 gb will be compatible not all cards are compatible you can use any brand scandisk or samsung any I am using scandisk its compatible difinitely again 64gb is not enough you have to carry extra sd card because the vidoes of go pro takes a lot of space biggest advantage convenience of use I was using smart phone but now this smart phones are little bulky and when you take video while in the car or walking the quality of the video was not good it was very problematic this is very convenient and prompt it starts immediately it automatically starts taking video it starts on one click and shuts on one click photography is very good quality of the photo and video is too good there is a lot of shakyness when video is taken from the smart phone for this you dont need any gimbal or smart phone the video quality is very good tt his is the biggest advantsge in go pro 7 which was not there in go pro 6 or 5 the stabalisation in go pro 7 is fantastic dont take cheap go pro cameras the night mode of the go pro is not so good smart phone night mode cameras are much better if you want to take video in the night go pro is useless its k in the artificial light but in pitch darkness it is useless there is no flash in this.if you add an extra flsh then may be you can use there is a case with go pro which make is water proof in what ever condition rain or waterfall or underwater you can take videos without any fear 33ft below the sea also you can take the video go pro is very hardy because of the case even if it falls on the ground nothing will happen this gadget can be easily attached with the tripod stand or selfie stick keep in mind to check the system of screw it shoild match with the go pro you can change the settings of the camera according to your needs keep the resolution to 1080 60 frames per sec you change the resolution to 720 1080 is standard so better keep in that if you keep 720 it will occupy less space where as 2.7 k will occupy more space as the file size will be big frames per sec you have lot of choice if you want to take still photo keep in 24 frames per sec in small movement video you can keep 30 frames per sec I prefer 60 fps because you can take videos while walking and also in fast movement if you want faster movement you can keep 120fps 240 fps is the highest on an average you can use 30-60 fps suppose you want to show slow motion use 120 fps for real slow motion keep 240 fps the more the resolution the better the output if the resolution is low the video will not be crisp and sharp video is best in 4k but 4k takes a lot of space you can set the timer linear means normal and wide means wide image keep evcom 0 iso min 100 max 3200 basically for better night mode in 3200 iso photos are very grainy keep 400 iso colour go pro go pro 8 for rs 34000/- it has some extra features like in go pro 7 to attach anything u need adaptor where as in go pro 8 its inbuilt only for a slight differnce its not worth buying go pro 8 it has everything whih go pro 8 has its a real good value for money

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