[Eng Sub] 170127 CCTV Spring Festival Gala BTS Yixing Q & A

CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Want to Ask Then Ask” Wah one big star after another The next individual, I promise that you will scream. Definitely a king of popularity Zhang Yixing, say hello to everyone Hello x2 I really don’t deserve that (intro) x2 First Q: you counted to what number before choosing? Yixing: 7 Why 7? Because my birthday is Oct 7th When I came in I saw that you were drawing. You just drew this right? What did you draw? This is called…untitled that is there is no theme It looks like a Napa cabbage and also a person’s hair and also looks like a regular cabbage If you are the Gala’s director, what would be the first performance? Zhang Yixing opening dance show After you perform, who will be the first person you call? I should be calling my mom? What’s your best lifestyle habit? My lifestyle habits are not very good Alright, then what’s the habit you’d like to change the most? I hope to change my habit of being a forgetful scatterbrain Do you usually take selfies? Yes What’s the best way to look good in selfies? Um, selfies taken by using beautifying cell phones are the best How to take the worst looking selfie? Angle of the phone…if you put it up…if you put it down it looks bad Are you reading any books right now? I’m reading the 36 Military Rules of Entrepreneurship (lit trans) What’s your favorite performance of previous Galas? Don’t Lack Money (a famous comedic skit from 2009) If you aren’t watching the gala, what would you be doing? Get together with good friends What do you want to say to your brain dead fans (a Chinese slang for fans who follow idols blindly)? I don’t think we should say it like that. I feel that people that really likes you and feel… They really give you their love so we can’t call them brain dead. Everyone understand it differently Too great. Someone who really loves his fans What’s your favorite praise others give you? Yixing: talented What did you dream last time? I dreamt all sorts of strange things If you can time travel: would you go 10 years back in time? Or 10 years forward? I’ll return to my mom’s belly If you can only say one thing to the you then, what would you say? Don’t come out What’s the best present you’ve ever received? The best gift is the love fans give me The best gift you gave others? My work What is the best thing you can learn from kids? Innocence. Simpleness. Purity Pop up cap: Satisfied with answer Simple or complicated? Yixing: simple If you can be a teacher at a school what would you teach? Music class What super power do you want to have the most? Teleportation To where? Doesn’t matter. I’ll go wherever I want to go. I’ll ‘whoosh’ and get there Wind shadow What is the life experience you want to tell everyone? Work hard, work hard and work harder Have you searched yourself on weibo? Yes I search everyday How do you feel after you search? Sometimes good, sometimes not good In what situation is it not good? When someone is abusing you of course it’s not good What would you like to say to those who abuse you? It can’t be helped. Keep on abusing Then what can you do to instantly make yourself feel good if you were feeling down? Creating music Use one word to describe your feeling when you received the invitation to (perform on) the Spring Festival Gala Inconceivable Use one word to describe your feelings when your (performance) got approved Did it get approved x3? Use one word to how feel now? More relaxed than earlier What expression of yours is best suited for making an emoticon/meme? Where in China do you want to travel to? Guilin. Guilin’s scenery is the first in the world (a Chinese phrase) Do you believe in horoscope? Yes What horoscope are you? I’m a Libra What’s Libra’s main characteristic? Irresolute and hesitant. Scared of decision making Favorite movie? Kung Fu Yoga because I participated in it (Performance types seen at the Gala) comedic dialogue, comedic skit, singing, dancing, opera, play, acrobatics, magic – pick one to perform? I pick comedic dialogue Why comedic dialogue? I like folk art Single person or group? I like it when it’s a duo Penggen (supporting) or dougen (main role in comedic dialogue) Dougen Who’s your favorite Gala MC? Zhu Jun teacher Your favorite song? Of your own songs “what U need” what do you need Mix together Unforgettable Night (a song traditionally sang at every gala) and your song. Sing one line Unforgettable~ Tonight~ Unforgettable~ Tonight~ (Official lyrics) leave my love marks on your eyes, your lips and your shoulders If you say yes to me, I will get closer to you, don’t deny it yeah

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  1. "DID IT GET APPROVED" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "It can't be helped, Keep on abusing" omg XD

  2. Thanks for the subs! I love watching Lay's interviews, his answers are always so genuine and sometimes unexpected. His reactions are so cute too :3

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