Elf on the Shelf Caught Moving on Camera!

What’re you screaming about? What, what?
Elfie’s here! Open it, open it.
Elfie’s here, let’s go outside.
Don’t move him. Are you gonna–
Yes, yes, okay. We can move him, we can move him. We’re gonna put him–
No, don’t move him yet. [Christmas music] Ooh, it’s Elfie.
It’s Elfie. Can you say “Elfie?” Say, “Elfie.”
Say, “Hi Elfie.” Good job. Kyler you better be nice.
He’s gonna watch you. On the couch! On the couch, on the couch, on the couch! Okay, ready? [Excited chatter] All right so tell me what happened. This video is sponsored by KANO. Really quick, we want
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the description below. Elfie just came outside and I
was in the car and I was like I’m so excited, I’m so
excited, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! And then, I ran right here,
and like, ELFIE’S HERE! And then I started screaming to you! I saw him right there, at that
crack of the fence, I saw, his hat. We are doing jobs, because
he always comes on Sundays, after church, and he’s hiding
in the bushes right there. Cause every time he comes,
we have to have our whole, we have to have the front
room clean, and the kitchen. I’m like, [gasp] “ELFIE’S
HERE,” and then I started screaming to you, and then I
came back and I showed Kaden and then like, and then
he said, “Open the door,” and then I opened the door
and then I grabbed him. So all of us were there
and I was so excited. And I left out four starbursts. He ate my candy! and I looked up on Google,
and it said that elves like to eat lots of things with sugar, and I left out four
starbursts, and he ate them. Elfie is our little Elf’s name and- His last name is Elferton. Yeah, Elfie Elferton. Elfie Elferton! Hi, hi, hi, better watch it and be good. Good, good, good. [Laughing] I’m excited that you’re here! Here, here, here. Guys do you want me to read
the note, what he said to us? Um, so Elfie, every
time when you’re asleep he flies to a different spot. Yeah he eventually comes,
hides, and then when we wake up, we have to go find him. So we’re about to read this note. “Dear Jack, Jasmine,
Kaden, Kalia, and Kyler:” “I was waiting so patiently
for the first snowstorm” “to catch my first ride to your house.” “You have done lots of
really nice and good things.” “Do you remember that
Santa has a nice list?” “Right now, you are all on his nice list.” “You can move me just
this once, but after that “please do not move me,
or I will lose my magic.” “I hope you have a Merry
Christmas, I’ll be” “watching you, Elfie Elfteron.” I told you his name is Elfie and his last name is Elfterton! [Christmas music] You ready? Ready? We’re gonna flip a coin. The boys are heads, the girls are tails. Girls won! So Kalia, do you want to
put him where you want? Yeah! Okay, ready? Do what you want. There? Ta-daaa! Jack, good night Elfie! He has a phone! He has a cellphone! Here give it to me! Why? Watch the movie! Why does he have the house phone? Because we recorded him. He has the phone! We recorded him. Recorded him, what do you mean? Overnight. Guy’s let’s look at the video. Oh my goodness. Here watch the video guys! Here, let’s watch it on the couch. So, um, I asked if she had
my camera, and if she knew where this was, and we couldn’t
find it and everything, so-
We used this phone instead. Yeah, and then we put
it up there, and then we covered it up- Up where? We put it up, up there. So, we’re gonna see what’s on the footage. [Nutcracker-esque music] [Gasping] He fell off the tree! Oh my goodness! Now he’s falling off. He’s walking up the stairs. Or maybe he’s- Oh oh, oooooh! Oh, oh! His face! Why is the camera there? He’s taking the candy. Ohh, he’s taking the camera! Oh now you’re gonna see
how it feels to fly! Oh no, he went in Jasmine’s room! Now it’s the toy room. Oh, now he’s downstairs. That was so crazy! Is it still going? Is it over? So you turned it off after that? Comment below and tell us
what your elf’s name is! Make sure to like and subscribe!

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