Electronic Article Surveillance (SYNQ EAS SYSTEMS)

SYNQ offers two different security gates
the Media Portal and the MW1 Gate. Both gates are built for high-traffic
environments with advertisements by means of either vinyl covers or
integrated video displays. Combining advertisements with an optional silent
alarm will turn your customers negative security experience into a positive one
both gates are paired with a nearby camera for direct notification to a
security officers or your managers phone when a theft is attempted you can view
the footage immediately from your internet-connected device and apprehend
the culprit with ease. SYNQ’s meat labels were designed to combine security with
pricing. Many thieves use the pricing on the label as a street value and won’t
remove them. Integrating the two deters label removal reducing your shrink.
We also offer labels of various sizes and can be custom printed in full color with your distinct logo. The SYNQ deactivator is made of hardened
lexan for high-traffic use with a larger deactivation area for bigger items. We
place our deactivators in sets of two one integrated in the scanning bed and
one in the bag well to assure deactivation. This saves your employees
time and saves your customers from embarrassing situations with false gate
alarms. Take the lead in security solutions with SNYQ you’ll be ready to
sell and prepare to protect!

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