100 thoughts on “(Earthquake starts at 1:16) Kathmandu Nepal Earthquake Traffic CCTV caught on camera April 25 2015

  1. Nevermind the earthquake. Do Nepalese people ever heard of pedestrian lanes? Your traffic is insane and you people are completely crazy not respecting pedestrians. What a mess! 😮 It took an earthquake to respect traffic!

  2. The people rallying others to get in the middle of the street, away from possible building collapse, are the real heroes of this world.

  3. Allah O Akbar …………This is what we are just small exams of God. We should be very thankful to Him all the time and pray him to protect all of us from any such big diasteroeus

  4. I smiled when I saw the two dogs running together and they were about to turn but stayed together 🙂

  5. i went through the christchurch 2011 earthquake if you dont know what i am speaking about search it up

  6. Their reaction was very professional. I mean, they did know what to do, they did not create chaos and thank god, they are safe

  7. Finally at 1:26 the drivers stopped and let the pedestrians cross safely. How ironic that they wait for an earthquake to obey the law!

  8. And Do U Know…??
    Earthquake Will be To Hard And Dangerou on the judgement day… 😢😢😢
    Al Quran
    Allah Forgive Us 😢😢😢😢😢

  9. I was in school in computer lab then my computer started shaking too much I thought my friend was shaking but when the one computer fell down all of them started running then I came to know that was Earthquake

  10. Am I the only one who felt like I'm having an earthquake just because I'm watching this right now

  11. i have a tip for earthquakes! TIP=stay laying down on floor caz it helps you stay still and protect you and your childern!

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