DynAMo Alarm Management – Lundin Norway Edvard Grieg | Honeywell Case Study

The way we use DynAMo is very extensive. We have some very detailed requirements from the government, the authorities in Norway, regarding alarm systems. And DynAMo is our main tool for reviewing the alarm system,
watching them and see that they perform as they should. We have been using DynAMo so far for the bad actors
– we are using it as an investigation tool for after incidents and generally that we are watching the performance
for the operators so that they don’t get too many alarms. The DynAMo implementation has not changed any work processes
but they have been making them much easier with less resources because we are using the computerized system
instead of going through lists manually. Regarding DynAMo now we are using
the main module for alarm management. And we will have an extensive alarm management
project this year, after one year in operation. We have been using it continuously through
the entire lifetime of the platform, but in 2017 we will have a specific project trying to reduce
the amount of alarms and DynAMo will be our main tool.

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