Dramatic CCTV footage of knifepoint robbery in Devon

Police have released this dramatic footage
of an 18-year-old girl being held at knife point and robbed at a cash machine in Devon.
The teen was using a Lloyds cash-point in East Street, South Molton at 8.52 pm on
Friday, the 17th of January, when a masked man burst in. He was armed with a large kitchen
knife and demanded she withdraw £100. The terrified teenage victim complied with
his demand and was then told to wait in the foyer for two minutes before leaving, as the
armed robber ran off. The man is described as white, in his early 20s, 6ft tall, with
scrawny build, and dark brown hair. He was carrying black plastic-handled kitchen knife
with a six inch blade, which was serrated all the way down with a straight flat back. The victim was unharmed but was clearly left
shaken by the attack. Police are now appealing for witnesses.

42 thoughts on “Dramatic CCTV footage of knifepoint robbery in Devon

  1. … Good knife description. No, really, that is some good detail there. I will be sure to tip you off if I see anyone cutting food with a black plastic handled, six inch knife serrated all the way down with a flat back… 

  2. At 1st I wondered why the bank's door didn't automatically close & lock behind her,if she was using the ATM after hours…but then I thought would it have mattered,that piece of scum likely would've just waited till she exited the bank.And yet again,let's remember,our wonderful justice system will fail this young lass presuming this guy is caught,charged & convicted as no doubt he'll get a derisory punishment.We're told that carrying a blade means an automatic minimum 2 year prison sentence yet how many criminals actually go down for even half that? Very few.

  3. am just glad she didnt get hurt she would her money back anyway of the bank but when he get caught he is getting a leat 20 25 year s behind jail

  4. It's fucin disgusting whatever skin color this person had, don't even know if it was male or female. However if it was clearly a black guy, ITV far left twats would never have mentioned any skin color.

  5. It's pretty uncommon attacks like this in Devon, not like the other major city shitholes like London Manchester and Birmingham for example

  6. Было бы это в России… Этот дядя в капюшоне уже бы в больничке лежал.

  7. Mmmhh!!! 😕 I was thinking that all ATMs have the system of one person per transaction, and the door locks automatic. 😦
    Poor girl, must be really scary be in that situation. 😯

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