100 thoughts on “Doorbell camera catches home invasion in East Dallas

  1. A handgun is a last resort when you don’t have access to a long gun. Your family deserves better. 5.56 40gr.HP is a devastating goblin rd. that won’t over penetrate walls.

  2. What's the use of an alarm if you don't have it activated at night also each window should be in the system to .also put dead bolts with only keys from inside and out without the key you can't get in or out.

  3. "This couple did everything right!" … Besides leave a window open " nothing seemed to stop him" yea cause he got easy entrance with that open window…🙄🙄🙄

  4. But if they had the service VIVANT…. the alarm would have sounded off windows and all. I LOVE VIVANT….

  5. In the constitution it said you have the right to “bear arms” it doesn’t mean own a weapon it means to hang two bear arms on your wall and it’s head too

  6. LMFAO What the fuck is a gun going to do if you never wake the fuck up? You had all this security the first time the man casually strolled into your house in the middle of the night and robbed you… You didn't even wake up until he shut the door to leave… So for all you career criminals out there moral of the story is wear a mask and get your tip toe game on point. =P

  7. but yet BLm fuck outta here. coming from a a black female they are a bunch of crooks and misfits…anyone who looks like this…. blacks who behave properly and integrate like myself are few and far in between… they want to rule us with gang culture and hoeism…. piece of scumbag lock him up and throw away the key.. these dirty lil shits have the latest phones the best cars etc as well these thieves… then they claim whites are privelidged.. look at this privileged thief! have everything he wants but still want to steal more… disgusting black americans

  8. lmfao and look at the cops " diversity"! 90 minutes say no more! probably getting some fried chicken on the way

  9. A friend of mine lives in east dallas too
    Some nigga tried to break in recently and my friend waited for him to get in just so he could shit that nigga lmao
    It be like that sometimes

  10. Got my 9mm about a month ago best thing I've ever purchased have had to cock it on several occasions but haven't had to point it or show it yet hope I never have to.but that's why I keep it on me 24/7

  11. A hammer?….and your a Military Policeman?..your lucky you and your pregnant wife weren't harmed or killed.

  12. 90 minutes later? Fuckin fat ass cop probably got stuck between the front seat and the steering wheel. Ill call the cops after they stop breathing.

  13. The media telling me , I shouldn't be alarmed if I see a black guy creeping around , If I think
    anything negative, ( like he is gonna rob me) Im a racist .

  14. Lesson learned. Make sure all doors and windows are lock and your firearm is cocked and loaded before going to bed 👍🏻

  15. The thug stole their personal belonging. Not a good idea for the news to broadcast their first and last names. Anyone can google them . Even the thug homies.

  16. GODDAMNED police!!!! They will mess with you rolling down the street minding your own business, but answer a call over an hour later ??? Freaking Joke…

  17. two obese black women arriving 90 mins later. That'll help….on that note, why are like ALL 9/11 operators sassy black women who talk in ebonics? its crazy

  18. Ok a few things

    1). 90 min for the police file a complaint asap

    2).Get a (Ring) doorbell

    3). Buy more than one gun can never be too safe especially with your kid on the way

    4).why the fuck we're your windows open make sure your shit is locked!

  19. Why was that dog in a CAGE? Was it out at the time of the brake in or was it just caged for this interview? Got a dog, huh? It won't do your house any good in a cage. I would have gone for a Schnauzer since they're really protective.

  20. That's not a home invasion, that's b&e. He was even quiet as not to disturb your sleep. It's a violation, glad you weren't harmed. Lock up.

  21. Security sign…really? Dallas cops 90 minutes wait..yeah that burg would be carried out if he came to my home.

  22. NINETY MINUTES LATER???????? In Dallas??? How much higher do taxes need to be to get that down to 89 minutes? FFS!

  23. Window unlock with all the other security they had?? And what the hell were the purses and wallets sitting right next to the open window?. Strange

  24. What is it with these black males today that they somehow think its ok to go around stealing what doesn't belong to them?
    Guess maybe they never got to hear the word of God that says, we are not to steal? No doubt, raised by a grandma or single mom.
    Dad, he darn well long gone.
    Really sad thing for a black male these days getting brought up within a chaotic family, no moral teaching as to whats right, whats wrong. Education never stressed as important, living off of the damn welfare system.
    I blame the damn fathers of these boys….and the mother too for opening her leg and having unprotected sex.
    Now all these black bastard boys are running wild, and worse thinking everyone owes them something.
    Education is the key to success…Not shitty ass rap music and bouncing a damn badketball.
    How many will ever get to the big time doing that crap? Maybe 1 in 10,000 if your lucky.
    Be realistic, get and education, get a job and work for the things you get in life. "Quit your damn stealing".

  25. I had to replay it fucking 5 times because I didn't believe what I heard. Fucking 90 minutes? What a fucking joke. And you have fucking people (and cops) telling you not to do anything and call the police? This video is proof police is a bunch of lazy pieces of shit. Waste of our tax dollars. Good thing he bought a gun.

  26. Bought a camera..what does that do..you already caught him in camera want more pictures of him? Bought a dog what does that do..bark? Nope deomestic pets are friendly even to strangers. Bought a gun what does that do? Get you to jail by killing a black man with racist card. Call an officer? What does that do..? We will investigate and a few months from now..didn't caught a guy.

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