Do You Need Video Security or is Video Surveillance Enough?

Video Security or Surveillance – Which do
you need? Video security is all about using video to
detect intruders and prevent incidents – where video surveillance is mostly about recording
for future use. In the past, video surveillance was considered security because it was expected
guards would watch monitors to prevent incidents. However, since most cameras go unwatched,
what you end up with is video surveillance, not security.
Imagine if you depended on surveillance cameras for your office alarm? People could break
in and do what they want, and upon your return all you would have is recordings of people
stealing or vandalizing your office. As surprising as it sounds, this is the typical level of
security provided by most outdoor camera systems today.
The good news is that it is now possible for computers to watch the video and provide the
necessary detection for true outdoor security. Although this idea is not new, there are now
proven solutions delivering dependable outdoor video security for the first time.
So if you’re business has a real outdoor security problem such as theft or vandalism,
video surveillance is simply not enough, what you need is video security.

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