Do This Every Day Until Our Border is Secure

” . . . They build a wall I’m behind the
President 100%. I think that the left are going to be very surprised. They
really do believe that they have a high ground in this but they don’t. What Chuck
Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing is that they are swimming in the blood of
American citizens. Every American that has lost their life to a criminal
illegal immigrant they are disrespecting and disregard by
saying this is a manufactured crisis. See this is what someone should organize and what should be done every day starting tomorrow: the offices of Senator Schumer
and Speaker of the House Pelosi should be flooded with the picture of someone that
has been killed by a criminal illegal immigrant — every day — because obviously they don’t think this is happening, hence why they say it’s a “manufactured crisis.”
They think it is “unnoble” for a president to stand up for the safety and
security of the citizens of the country that he was sworn to protect and defend.
What is “unnoble” is what Senator Schumer Nancy Pelosi are standing for
and that is that they’re not standing for the American people. So think about
it, if you can, every day from here until the time that that wall is built along
our southern border in the right spaces so that the Border Patrol can have more
control over our southern border. We’re not talking about a 1700
mile contiguous barrier, but we’re talking about something that
enables them to be able to control certain sectors. But until that happens
every single day, folks, send a picture, email it, or call their office, and just
say the name of an American that has been killed by a criminal illegal
immigrant . . . and I’m going to say one name right now: it’s Kate Steinle. Nancy Pelosi, Kate Steinle is from your area, the San Francisco Bay Area and to this moment I
have not heard Nancy Pelosi say a word about Officer
Ronil Singh. who has been laid to rest in the — California, in the state that she
represents. Think about that. Gavin Newsom did not say a word about Officer Singh,
but he was quick to talk about how free health care will be going to people
there illegally.

4 thoughts on “Do This Every Day Until Our Border is Secure

  1. And Mockingbird media isn't going to hold the Pelosi's and the Schumer's and the Schiff's to task by asking for comments on any American's death at the hand of illegal aliens. What's also kept secret is that we American's everywhere don't care what race Steinle was, SHE WAS AN AMERICAN KILLED BY AN ILLEGAL. The wrote an article about how 93% of Americans believe illegal immigration is a serious problem for our country. One death is too many, one vote by an American cancelled with an illegal alien vote is too many and one job kept from an American given to an illegal alien is too many. I'm with you… clearly it's up to Americans to hold them to task and demand responses because the spineless Reps and power hungry Dems (the vast majority) are silent.

  2. Thank you Col Allen West , we love you 😘 I’m a military mom / spouse 😁 I stand with you and President Trump πŸ’πŸ»

  3. You are such an inspiration to me! I love your books and seeing you speak the truth about immigration. America needs more people like you. Keep the good fight!

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