DJI Action Camera Rumor – To Compete With GoPro 7 Black – Geeksvana Rumor Mill

Hey everyone welcome to Geeksvana
today we have a rumor to deal with now please keep your mind this is just a
rumor although it does come from a source
which is accurately predicted tech releases and leaks in the past steven
dovish has recently released theaters on youtube and instagram outrunning the
leak and providing a few expected spec details of a DGI action era these
include the flame but the camera will be announced at the end of April it will be
competing directly with the GoPro 7 black and specs includes dual LCD
screens 4k to 60 frames a second and 1080p to 120 frames a second it is also
predicted to have stabilization and no fisheye lens
this could be a dream release for action camera fans although no one should
underestimate the loyalty to the GoPro brand ok that’s it for this rumor video
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9 thoughts on “DJI Action Camera Rumor – To Compete With GoPro 7 Black – Geeksvana Rumor Mill

  1. If they can do external 3.5 mic with no adapter and power the camera from a USB power bank, I would drop gopro in a heart beat.

  2. Competition is, of course, great for consumer. But with the specs leaked, I doubt it will be enough to switch from gopro. Remember, it's not only about the camera itself, but the mounts and accessories as well.

  3. Thumbs up ere' Sean, fellow Drone Seekers – DJI have let slip that this year 3 new items will be coming out and have already cancelled there first launch date – watch this space! Many thanks for sharing the news 🙂

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