DIY Trekking Pole Camera Mount – Quick & Easy!

Hello there my friends, John here, and when
I’m out and about, whether for a quick day hike or even a multi-day backpacking excursion,
one item that I always have with me is my trusty old smartphone. And no, it’s not for
sitting around playing on Facebook or making calls from the top of a mountain when I’m
supposed to be enjoying the wilderness. It’s actually for the use of the camera. I love
taking those uh shots that we get to see when we’re out in these beautiful locations…those
once-in-a-lifetime shots, just to preserve the memories. Now, one of the problems that
I’ve run into is that I’ll take said shot, get it home only to find that it’s all blurry
or out of focus and it’s just really disappointing because there’s not getting that moment back.
So, how do we remedy this without bringing a lot of bulky camera equipment along such
as a dedicated camera, a tripod, accessories…Those things can all get rather heavy. Now we can
actually use items that we already have with us to do this. Of course we’ll need our cell
phone along with our trekking pole. Now the problem comes in, how do we mount the phone
which has absolutely no mounting capabilities to a trekking pole which also has no mounting
capabilities. Well, the answer is really simple and it’s on my wrist right here. That is a
rubber band. Now, this weighs practically nothing. I’m sure it weighs something, but
for all intents and purposes, it weighs nothing. Now we’ll just take this rubber band and we’ll
put it on one side of our cell phone like so. We’ll take our trekking pole and on the
back side center that phone, wrap the rubber band around and attach that in place, just
like so. We’ll go ahead and center that up. We’ll want to make sure that our lens is completely
unobstructed and that the rubber bands do not interfere with the touch screen and thus
the controls on the phone itself when you want to take that picture. Next we’ll go ahead
and firmly slide in place our trekking pole into the ground. As you can see we have a
nice level surface. The only thing we have left to do is to set the timer on the camera
itself, press the go button, sit back and wait to get that killer crisp shot. Well,
I hope you found this video useful, and if so please feel free to give us a big thumbs
up. It lets us know you enjoyed it, and we really appreciate it besides. And for more
related videos, we’ve included some links right here for you to enjoy. Until next time,
take the best of care and we’ll be seeing you soon.

35 thoughts on “DIY Trekking Pole Camera Mount – Quick & Easy!

  1. Very cool John!  I have a chunk of elastic shock cord that I have been using.  Rubber band wouldn't slip as much I would think.   Going to give your trick a try.  Be safe and have fun!

  2. Now that's a great trick on how to get better shots in the backcountry using a smartphone.
    You know you can also play Tetris on those 😄

  3. Funny, I was doing the same thing do take selfies when I was up in Alaska.  I needed something but did not want to carry anything bulky.  The rubber band works and if you carry 2-3 of them, you can daisy chain them together to make a long enough chinch to go around a larger item, like a tree trunk…

  4. Tried to add to my post but couldn't figure out how.  Any chance you guys could do a review or give some ideas on trekking poles?  Haven't seen much info on them and need to purchase a set.  Thanks again.

  5. John, very clever and a very workable solution to taking photos with smart phones.  The rubber band mount can be used on just about anything that's about the size of your trek pole (stick, sapling, etc).  I'm not smart enough to figure out how to set the timer on my smart phone so am anxious to see how a Bluetooth selfie stick works…just ordered one.  – Don

  6. Great idea for a "smart" phone. LOL. I have no smart phone. I don't carry any type of phone with me in the woods. Last thing I want is someone calling me when I'm enjoying the wilderness. My camera is too heavy for a rubber band but there are other ways of dealing with that. Good tip for a "smart" phone though.

  7. LOVE this one!  I bet you just saved me at least 2lbs of gear from my hiking/camping/hunting kit. Can't believe I've never thought of this.

  8. This is a fantastic idea!  I was searching for a clever way to take pictures while out hiking and this is it!  Thanks so much!!!

  9. This is great! I just found out that I own the ONLY kind of trekking poles that a StikPick will not work with. Thanks so much for this tip!

  10. here is also a very smart solution for "bigger" cameras…

  11. Thank you John. I've been trying to find a way to take better hiking videos for my channel this summer. I completely forgot about my elastic cordage! This really helps.

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