DIY Smart Home Security Alarm System With DIGOO DG-HAMA – Best Value 2019

Hello friends. Nice to meet you again. Today I share with you a very good security system. I just bought on Banggood. The kit costs about $ 60. Now I will open the box for you to see. User manuals Work with Alexa 2G+GSM+WIFI Connection Very nice product. There are 2 colors: white and black Micro sim Micro USB Siren port: Sounds when the alarm goes off Power button and mic All touch screen Kits 433MHz PIR Detector When there is motion, the signal will notify the central device. 2X Remote controller 2 x Door window alarm sensor When the two parts are separated from each other, the signal will be sent to the central equipment. They are usually mounted at windows Accessories Paste on the wall to drill for accuracy Holder Very convenient How to set up Phone We can preset 5 phone numbers. The device will call the phone number automatically when there is an alarm. I have added a phone number Test You can turn off the alarm by remote control There are 3 modes on the remote control Away arm: The alarm sound when a door or window opens, or when there’s motion in a room Home arm: The alarm sounds when a door or windows opens Disarm: The alarm won’t sound SOS You can wear it for young children or the elderly. When there is a problem, just press SOS button, the device will call to the pre-reserved phone numbers. Very useful feature Door Window Alarm Sensor You can turn off the alarm by remote control or touch screen. When there is an alarm. The alarm will always ring when you turn it off. Even if the sensor is reconnected, the device will still sound. Alarms can only be turned off by remote control or touch screen operation. Installation is very simple How to add sensor Menu —->Part For example I added the remote control Press “+” You can press any button on the remote control Very simple and that’s it. Add window alarm sensor Tap to select the desired zone name Tap to use the numeric keypad to enter zone number (0-89) Separating 2 parts of the sensor is done. A lot of accessories you can add. Siren is big speaker Accessories very much and very cheap. 433MHz Doorbell Button: $4 Door Sensor: $4 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor: $8 This is a great device to keep your home safe when you’re out and about. You can make phone calls through DIGOO DG-HAMA The device will also alarm when removed from the installation location. Time setup You can set a period of time that the device will not alarm. ifi will be connected via the app on the phone QR code to download the application Very detailed user manual. For less than $ 60, this is a great option. Equipment to make your home safer. Security cameras will have locations that cannot be monitored. Because the camera system if there are 4 cameras, the cost will be much lower if you install 8 eyes to cover the whole house. Hope through this clip you will choose a suitable product. Help your home more comfortable and safe Thank you for watching. The link and the discount code are below the clip. Wish you find good and cheap products. Consistent with the needs of use. Thank you for watching. Have a nice day. See you in the next clip.

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