18 thoughts on “Disturbing video shows bodega worker shot in face in Brooklyn

  1. The criminals are taking NYC. Better, Gotham City! Bail reform, more 2 thousands criminals on street, end of Rikers. Let’s see what’s is next from Mayor and his staff

  2. Store owners need guns….💥💥
    Lots of them…💥💥
    All of them….💥💥
    Shoot back…💥💥
    We need more guns for self-defense…💥💥💥

  3. Ahhh! New York!,a state straight from a movie,Robocop movie,full of crimes,drugs,prostitution,bums,over crowded,Run by Mafia goons politician's!…so manny people i know that have left this shithole of a city,to other state,im thinking on doi g the same hopefully!

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