Defeating Predator-Vision (FLIR Cameras)

>>Jason Murphy, how
did I go 20 plus years without finding out that Shane Black was in the original Predator. He was an actor. He was the dude who made the cheesy jokes and got killed.>>You’re an idiot and
I’m taking your nerd card. That’s how that how happened,>>Okay, okay.
>>You’re done. But the lore I heard is
that they only cast him so that he could not
be writing there on set and helping up with the scripting.>>Nice little loophole.>>Also, I’m glad you’re
on the show as an actor. [Jason laughs]>>You just keep me around to–>>I didn’t say that. It’s just that, man, you’re a good actor. Man, you’re a good actor.>>Well, stop.>>Oh you’re supposed to say,
“Why did you say it twice?”>>Why’d you say twice?>>Because echo. [laughs] I can’t believe you didn’t pick up that’s where I was going.
>>I walked right into it. [Brian laughs] [gentle music]>>Robot Voice: Evading
the ultimate alien hunter.>>All right back at the
Modern Rogue World Headquarters and we are going to test out how to evade Predator vision, I guess?>>That’s what it’s called,
it’s called Predator vision.>>It’s not a FLIR camera?>>It’s not a FLIR
camera, it’s not infrared, it’s Predator vision,
everybody knows that.>>That’s fine, so in the movies they represent certain things. It is really raining. I want to see what the best
way to evade the Predator. I guess we have to assume that basically Predator vision is a FLIR camera and what is the best way to hide. I guess you want to be better than visual and also good at hiding infrared, right?>>Yeah, you want to be able to hide in between the infrared wavelengths.>>If you just dodge fast enough I mean, the light waves can’t come at you.>>Science adjacent! [Brian laughs]>>BRANDT: Well, we’re going to assume the Predator’s heat vision is equivalent to our thermal camera. It’s worth considering how the two compare in the interest of context. So we’re primarily citing our canon from the 1987 film. As seen towards the end of the movie, the Predator does not observe the standard human
visual spectrum of light. It’s hard to say exactly what frequencies the Predator does perceive, but it can be inferred that it relies on his bio mask to either
utilize thermal imaging to observe the infrared
spectrum calibrated to frequencies that humans radiate, or to enhance and colorize
the infrared spectrum the Predator already sees, into a more distinctly
useful color palette. During production, both thermal imaging and traditional optics were combined for the Predators vision to read more clearly to the audience. If we’re justifying this narratively, let’s say the Bio Mask filters out some of the ambient infrared light and is specifically dialed into a very narrow band of human emitted light at around 10 micro meters. We’re also operating at
a resolution deficiency as our thermal sensor only
reads 80 by 60 pixels, whereas the original
Predator thermal sensor was half of standard resolution. [Brian laughs]>>All right, let’s set a baseline. We’ll do a short version of hide and seek. I’ll go hide out here
and we’ll see how fast you’re able to find me just with your eyes and then we’ll try it
again with Predator vision.>>Okay, let me get my helmet on. [Jason laughs]>>All right, how long do I got?>>You have 15 seconds, Mr. Brushwood>>All right and go.
>>Go. All right, that’s 15. Here we go, the timer has started. I don’t see anything right now with the naked eye, but I’m going to try
to track him by scent. I’m actually pretty good at that. There’s seven acres so he
could have just ran right off. He could have got in
his car and driven away. This is challenging.>>Look over here. [Jason laughs]>>I was way off. Kind of digging the rain. It feels all moody, mysterious. There he is!
[Brian laughs] That’s a solid two minutes.>>Yeah dude. You walked right past and what’s great is as you walked past, I knew that
this was going to blind you so you wouldn’t even see me here until your eyes adjusted.>>Had you not given
me the ridiculous hint and made the bird call, I could have walked around all night.>>Okay, so let’s try it
again with the FLIR camera and see how much faster it is. So this time I’ll hide
somewhere different, you get to use Predator vision. Give me 15 seconds.>>Go I bring technology from another planet to hunt you Mr. Brushwood. I’ll mount your skull upon my mantle. 15 seconds. I’m coming for you now with technology from the future. There you are. No, I’m just kidding. That tree is definitely
giving off more heat than I anticipated, leading
me in the wrong direction. There’s definitely a heat signature here. I don’t know what this
is, but it’s not Brian. I see a distinct heat signature. I just like calling it heat signature because that sounds important and like I know what I’m talking about. Is that him right there? Or is that something else? That looks like just a rock. That’s not Brian. [Jason laughs] That looks like that
might be him right there.>>Can you see that? Wait, you couldn’t see me with your eyes?>>Well, I wasn’t looking. [both laugh]>>Dude, you saw me from way over there. I was like, “Oh, he’s got me. “He definitely sees me.” Because I was looking right at your eyes, and I couldn’t believe that
you weren’t able to see me.>>What I wasn’t expecting was the heat signature given off by trees and random things you
wouldn’t think would be warm.>>Well keep in mind that
the way the FLIR goes is it takes whatever the hottest thing is, and the coolest thing is and then the hottest
thing becomes white hot and the coolest thing becomes dark purple. And so you’re seeing a gradient, right? So yes, that tree is the hottest thing–>>But that’s just a representation.>>So it seems like what you want to do is make sure to scan and get the big picture in there. But I was amazed because I was
looking like I saw your eyes. I’m like, “Surely he sees me.” Like he’s playing coy.>>What was interesting is that there’s a big pile of
brush right over there. The heart of that was just kind of glowing and it was about the same size as you.>>And I would imagine all
day it’s been under the sun, everything’s warm and
it’s only now in the rain, everything’s cooling off on the surface. So to be honest, it’s freaking
rad that it’s raining. I’m going to just increasingly
pop as we try this. What do you want to try next?>>The ghillie suit.>>So conventional hiding.>>Yes.
>>Okay. All right, ghillie suit. [ominous sound] If we’re going to be scientific, I would say that you should
try to find me visually, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say you will never
find me in the rain, at night, wearing this thing.>>No, you look like green Chewbacca. There’s no way I will ever find you in the dark wearing that.>>I’m green with jealousy of Chewbacca. So but the question is, “How much does this mask
my heat on the FLIR?” I’m going to do my Sasquatch impression.>>Okay, you got 15 seconds. Okay, you had your 15. Here we go. It’s raining, it’s dark,
Brian’s in a ghillie suit, and I’m trying to find him with the FLIR. At first glance just from right here, I don’t see any heat signatures
that weren’t there before. [bang from the shed] Well, that was suspicious. In some countries, Brian’s
pelt, his luscious pelt will actually get you a handsome sum as they would say. So I’m going to cash in on that. I’m just hearing all sorts
of creepy noises over here and it’s starting to occur to me, I might find something that
is very much not Brian. Okay, he should be standing out. I should be using my eyes as well. This is challenging. And you could see how
these stones are still one of the hottest things out here. So they’re giving off
all sorts of infrared. There you are. [both laugh]>>I cannot believe how close you got. Like how do I pop out on
there inside the suit? Does the suit help at all?>>It does actually it
looks a little more modeled and textured. Once you take that off, your head just starts
glowing like the sun.>>So in this case, it’s not
just the visual camouflage. It’s also the fact that
it insulates my body heat and then like my actual body
was exposed, I’d be in trouble.>>Yeah, this masks
you really pretty well.>>So like take a look
at this ghillie suit and then I’ll bet they sell infrared thermal insulating ghillie suits.>>Yeah, when you hold
your hand out like that–>>Yeah, watch this.>>It glows. Oh man, it’s like you’re
shedding your skin to become some sort of ethereal being.>>Luminous beings are we,
not this crude flesh [laughs]>>Surprisingly enough, I’m going to say, especially in the rain, that
is incredibly effective.>>Right on. I think we already hit
the perfect solution. Something that fools both
Predators and humans. But we’ll see how the space blanket does.>>I was still able to find you.>>Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. All right. Let’s give it a try.>>So at this point, I think we’re leaving the realm of trying to fool any humans. [both laugh] Because my guess is, if
you want to fool a human, this is not going to help.>>Yeah, wrapping yourself in
this in the middle of the day.>>Anyone with a flashlight is going to definitely get
[shouts] light of nature, sorry. I guess from here on out. It’s less about playing hide and seek and more just try to stick
to only Predator vision and get a sense of how good it is because you’ve seen what
the ghillie suit looks like. You’ve seen what it looks like without it. Just let me know how this works.>>Now these space
blankets are often included in like bug out bags and stuff like that. They are meant to retain heat. So you’re probably going
to have this little pocket of heat in there. But I’m imagining we’re going
to see like breath escaping or something like that.>>My guess is you’re going
to have to try really hard to not use your eyes to find me, but if you can stick to the FLIR stuff, just let me know how good
this would fool the Predator.>>Go for it.
>>All right here, Hold on, all right. I’m off.
>>15 seconds. I’m going to be able to hear, the blanket. I can hear it still. All right, here I come. I can’t imagine this
being terribly effective because the naked eye will
see this from a mile away. Or if Brian moves an inch, we’re going to hear
the crinkling of Mylar. Guess who’s very loud? I’m going to try to use just the FLIR so that I don’t actually
see the shiny Mylar. Maybe I should be looking
for unnaturally dark spots. Yeah, see all of those rocks
are still really vibrant. Okay, I see something that looks, I see a bunch of anomalies. I see a big black spot and
then I see a big glowing spot. There’s the bench. I’m thinking one of these will be okay, Yeah, there you are. [Brian laughs] [both laugh] I mean, real clear with my eyes, right? The Mylar looks really
really strange on camera.>>Does this look like a
Predator invisibility cloak like if I do this, do I vanish?>>It has a weird kind
of scintillating quality.>>Scintillating quality? Are you aroused?>>I’m very excited
about the possibilities.>>This is how the
Predators look to humans. But back to the Predator, [roars]>>Yeah, it’s really strange. It’s got this like
crackling quality to it. What was interesting was, I changed my technique up a little bit. At first I was looking for something that was unnaturally bright. Then I started looking for something that was unnaturally dark.>>And that’s what tipped you off? That’s when I spotted it, yeah.>>Wild! So what do you see when
when it’s just like this, half and half?>>It’s kind of a purplish thing,
but it’s all crackly almost but then your upper half
is bright and glowing.>>Oh, you what I bet it is–>>It’s actually really
effective right now, because it’s not uniform, because some of its probably retaining–>>But when it was like this, then you can really see the
reflections over the heat.>>Yeah, it looks like
this purplish ghost.>>So where do we rank this one? Better or worse than the ghillie suit?>>I would say it’s worse
than the ghillie suit. It is effective, but it’s
almost too effective.>>Yeah, it’s effective enough
that it makes it an anomaly.>>Yeah, it’s not quite
the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter.>>Do you want to try the wetsuit?>>Let’s do the wetsuit.>>All right. [ominous music]>>All right, explain
the thinking on this one.>>So the purpose of a wetsuit is to retain your body’s heat, right?>>Yeah.>>So I’m thinking that we’re going to hose you down with water, you’re going to be
really cool for a minute, but then after a while, I think the wetsuit is going to catch up, and it’s going to normalize and you’re going to look just
like a Brian’s heat signature.>>Go for it.>>Okay. You look like a ninja. You look like a terrible ninja.>>You want me to soak myself
or you want to hose me?>>I’ll do it.>>You’ve been wanting
to be Quentin Tarantino for a long time.>>Here we go. Okay, the water is having
no appreciable difference at all.>>So nothing’s changed?>>No, not really. Nothing has really changed. You still stand out, you’re glowing.>>So is there any
difference between my hands and the rest of the body or my eyes?>>Yes, your hands and
your eyes are glowing marginally more than
the rest of your body. You don’t stand out
quite as much as you do in your normal clothes.>>So if I was hiding where
I was with the ghillie suit, if I’m doing this, I might
as well just be naked?>>Yep, it looks just like
a person standing there.>>Wow.
>>Yeah.>>I’m going to call
this one a bust I think.>>Yeah, I think so. Let’s go ahead and kick it up a notch.>>The actual method?>>The Schwarzenegger method.>>All right dude, there’s only one more place to go>>Yeah. Are you going to be self applying?>>I think I should,
it’s only appropriate. So in the movie, he goes through some silt or whatever, some clay. So we got some of my wife’s modeling clay or not modeling clay. There we go. You should be getting this, shouldn’t you?>>Why am I hearing Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers playing? [Brian laughs] Am I going to see the
ghost of Patrick Swayze, [Brian laughs] rubbing clay under your back? He’s right there. It’s shown up on the FLIR.>>Okay. Oh God. How am I going to explain
this when I get pulled over on the way back?>>So the idea is that this
masks your body heat or–>>I guess I mean, plus, I mean, you get movie logic where it’s like, for all you know, it’s
some magical mineral thing and it’s not actually a
heat signature or whatever.>>It’s like, as you rub it on, it’s like your body just
disappears where you rubbed it on.>>Wait for reals?>>No.
>>Oh goddamit [laughs]>>No.>>You might have to help me, I’m afraid.>>The part where you’ve put on the mud is definitely dimmer than the rest.>>No kidding.>>Yes.>>This is amazing, I
thought for sure that there would be nothing to any of this.>>Not enough for it to
be effective, I’m afraid. But it also depends on
the range of the FLIR.>>Okay, [bleep]>>The more you cake it on,
the more effective it is.>>Yeah?
>>Yeah.>>Man, are we going to end up with a, there’s something to this kind of vibe?>>I don’t think so. But it’s it’s kind of working.>>But you remember in the movie, it wasn’t just the clay, he also set fire to the
fricking jungle all around like torches to mess it up. So that’s it, we have to
go all the way on this.>>Are we burning this
[bleep] down tonight? Is that tonight? Is that what we’re doing?>>We got a loose pile of bonfire.>>Oh pile. I thought it was like
seven acres, all of it.>>I don’t know how much
is covered right now.>>You’re going to have to
get a bunch in your mouth too. Because your mouth is, like swish it around. There you go.>>Now we just need to create
the thermal camouflage.>>Let’s see you hiding by the post. [Brian laughs]>>This feels too much like a
certain kind of photo shoot.>>Just relax, we’re all friends here. It’s cool. Oh, you didn’t get any your back so it’s glowing tremendously more.>>So that’s interesting. So get the difference on this.>>Okay, yeah, there’s your back.>>And then this.>>Not that different.
>>No, yeah, all right.>>Slightly different. Lean against the post.>>No, no.>>No just like put
your back against the–>>Nope, nope.>>And then maybe put your foot up.>>No [laughs] All right, I’m going to
light this [bleep] on fire. [both laugh]>>Okay, that’s–>>All right, how big a
difference does that make? [flamethrower roars] Like do I vanish?>>You get remarkably dimmer. It says, “Hey, this is no
longer the hottest thing. “This is, so we’re going
to make this the brightest, “and we’re going to
downgrade the Brian shape.”>>So that’s if we’re being
generous to the movie, he gets a marginal amount
of camouflage for this, but a maximum amount of camouflage from all the fires he starts.>>I think we need to do one more thing before we really know. You need to hide near a source of heat that burns much brighter and gives off more heat than you do.>>But like right now, You can see me plain as
day as the Predator right?>>Oh yeah, absolutely. [flamethrower roars]>>You know what? This is another bit of
movie magic debunked. They were in a rain forest and all the [bleep] was soaked you can’t– Oh. [laughs] [flamethrower roars] Yeah, I guarantee you he did not spend this long trying to lie a goddamn fire. [Jason laughs]>>That said, this is
already pretty effective.>>Really?>>Yeah, you are almost invisible.>>No kidding!>>Yeah, when next to this thing. [flamethrower roars]>>There it is.>>Standing next to this right now, you are effectively invisible.>>So that’s a success?>>Yes. Like stand still, like crouch down a little bit. Yeah, you’re gone. [flamethrower roars] [Brian screams]>>Am I invisible?>>Kind of.>>Close enough! [Jason laughs] [Brian screams] [Jason laughs] Yeah, I can take out the Terminator, Predator, either one [laughs]>>You can fight Schwarzenegger.>>What’s next? [laughs maniacally] If I get wet and then get
dirty then I’m just dirty but if I get dirty and then
get wet, then I’m less dirty.>>Oh, you want to be dirty?>>No.>>Okay, you got 15 seconds.>>Nope, I’m still here.>>You know what I think we need
to do out here at one point?>>Have a push up contest.>>Yep.

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  2. The Tarzan cartoon did this too when he fought a snake that supposedly had thermal vision and he disappeared until he wiped the mud off.

  3. If the ghillie suit was covering the blanket I’m sure it would be a lot better for both infrared and visible spectrums

  4. We have a FLIR gun at work, use it to see hotspots on a circuit board, which its excellent at. Pinpoint a bad (hot) part super easy.

    But its such a fun toy to play with. I cant not spend a few minutes playing with it every time i get it out. But its so effective at finding the faulty part, totally worth it. FLIR, an expensive bit of hardware, a most exellent toy, AND an effective tool.

  5. Should've used ceramic wool, should insulate great because you can hold the 2 inch thick wool with a red hot steel ball on without feeling the heat, so very good insulation

  6. This was already done in Tremors movies and TV show. The two types of monsters they faced hunted by heat, and Burt (one of the main protagonists) had a special reflecting coat that he was wearing to hide his heat signature. It wasn't really described how exactly they are made, but judging by the looks, they were made of the same stuff as those sun covers for windshields.

    Also in one of the movies, before they came up with those coats, one of the characters sprayed himself with the fire extinguisher stuff and walked right past the monsters.

  7. You can not see heat signatures through glass. Because UltraViolet rays cant pass through glass. Try that and Brian should effectively become invisible according to the FLIR!

  8. Thanks for correcting with the annotations. The Mylar is reflecting the clouds, deep space which normally reads at -40 the lowest the sensor outputs.

  9. You can sew a thermal blanket inside a ghillie (like a liner) – but think Gore Tex or Polartec not mylar, because of the noise. It will let your ghillie shell normalize to outside conditions. You can only do this in cold conditions, however, as otherwise you will cook yourself. Very effective for the cold, however, as you are normally prone and still for long times and hypothermia is a real risk.

    In warmer climates, usually you seek to defeat FLIR with canvass (as it is normally FLIR from drones above). Strong canvas covered in sand, dirt, limbs, etc – so long as it isn't too square – will look like a brush pile and conceal the hot spots of people underneath. They do tend to change temps at different rates, however, so evening and morning they will stand out the most. It isn't a great answer, but it is the answer used most often – just having a barrier between you and the FLIR that stops vision and heat.

    Hiding among livestock Odysseus style can also be effective.

  10. Can anyone else see Jason's red eye video error, I'm just now seeing those things in other people's videos due to photoshop

  11. One thing that I noticed that could have affected the results, the call that they used was probably decently warm, whereas the mud in the movie was probably colder and there was simply more of it to cool Arnold down. Or at least when it was on him, to stay colder

  12. At 7:00 I'm predicting he will NOT use the suit correctly by cutting off bits of native flora and weaving it into the suit.
    7:16 I was right. Adding a bunch of leaves to the outside layer of the suit would have masked you a lot better, Brain. I'm disappointed.

  13. You should try sewing a normal blanket to the outside of the mylar one it may muffle the noise a little but it wont reflect light

  14. I once saw a video where a guy made a ghillie with mylar lining and some insulation in between he was invisible

  15. A little late but, as someone that has done a fair share of diving, the real trick to wetsuits is water inside the suit creating an isolation layer. Your body warms the water in the suit that keeps you warm, spraying on the outside doesn't really get that effect.

  16. The only thing i can say to debunk this is the fact that they were in the super hot super humid pacific jungle. In that environment the clay and the wetsuit might work especially considering most of it was in the day.

  17. I know this is an older vid but FLIR and THERMAL military-grade is much better you would never have to leave the porch to find him unless he was behind solid objects. Even older 90s tech you could see a urine stream from 200 meters.

  18. "Was still able to find you" the idiot was wearing a gillie suit and decided the best place to hide was against a tree that was not even the same color and was not the same or greater width. Not a good test I would wager if he crouched next to a bush or even just walked just outside the porch light and laid down he would have been invisible.

  19. Really, the ultimate hunter of humans would be a comedian. Say funny things until the laughter gives away the location of the prey.

  20. I have to counter the mud part of this test. I have hunted hogs at night using the PULSAR Thermal Imaging scope, which has both a DAY & NIGHT Thermal mode. Anyway, there was a hog I was tracking because he was avoiding me at all costs, and I could BARELY make him out because he was covered in mud. The only reason I was able to even spot him with the scope was because his back was dry, so I was only able to see his outline. SO the myth works if "properly" done, but the hog wasn't smart enough to know what he was doing was effective, it was by chance that it worked.

  21. must say you used a very poor thermal imager for your experiment, very poor definition, but yes tree's rocks etc. do show up as such. Ones really needs to train a lot to use them looking for living creatures, and human's hiding in the space blanket you have to recognize an odd big really cold shape and investigate , not near as easy as seen in movies

  22. My Seek thermal Pro put that Flir to shame, and possibly at the same price. You should look into that if you think you might frequent thermal imaging.

  23. He coulda used willie Pete, to light it, and being in a rainforest might have mad it easier to cake on thicker layers of mud, allowing it to partially dry would help it cover the heat easier. Possibly using a mud/clay mix and tossing willie Pete and dowsing stuff in diesel could increase the chooch factor of the thermal cammo

  24. This is probably my fourth or fifth time watching this video, and my favorite bit is still Jason talking about how much he could sell Brian's pelt for.

  25. So, a couple of mylar blankets, taped together, hastily made into a tree shape to hide under and you're good to go…or stay. Lol.

  26. I keep my nerd card in my wallet, never know when someone's gonna need your DCI, lol

    If you really want to protect yourself against relevant IR camera based attacks against your safety, be mindful of pinpads in cold weather. The numbers you push have thermal memory that can be detected by a cheap ir camera to narrow your pin number down to 4 numbers or less. If you're using a metal pinpad and its cold outside, after you've put your put in rest your hand on the rest of the numbers for a few seconds, to overwrite their thermal memory

  27. I hate to break it to you, but the predator can switch his helmet vision to many different types. Only one of which is FLIR. In Predator 2, some smart guys try to wear insulating suits to evade the Predator. The predator just switches modes and kills them all.

  28. About the clay, in colonial America people would line their small wooden cabins chimneys with clay. This was because they were built from wood as well with the rest of the cabin. The clay would slightly absorb the heat but mostly contain it to the fire pit and up the chimney. But, this needed at least 6in of clay packed and hardened all around the chimney. Typically 8-12 inches. So, definitely would just not work on a person. I can see where the thought came from tho, so not entirely pulled out of an ass Hollywood logic
    Add: This "Clay" was typically made with mud, horse shit and sand, ya know, what they had justa layin' 'round

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