dbell HD Live video doorbell Installation

Welcome to dbell HD live Video doorbell Installation. In this video We will show you how to install your new doorbell and remove the old one. Start by removing the old doorbell button. Unfastened the screws. Carefully pull the old doorbell button out to expose the wires. When doing so always be sure that your doorbell wiring Is low voltage. If you are unsure test with the meter or call an electrician. Do not cross or let the bare wires touch each other. Next Take the dbell from the package and separate the mounting pieces. Please note that there is a back wedge for right or left angle view mounting. You pull downward on the back to remove the rear mounting plate. There are three options for mounting. Option one is a straight on or head on view. You use the rear plate only without the wedge. Option two is the view to the right. Use your rear plate with the thirty degree wedge so the dbell HD live faces the right. You simply install it like so and you’re good to go. Option three. A view to the left. You can use the rear plate with the thirty degree wedge so the dbell HD live faces the direction of the left. Again you set it and forget it. Use the white plastic anchors if mounting on concrete or hollow walls. For this demonstration we are going to mount the dbell HD live on a wood door frame. By placing the rear mounting plates with the orange sticker we face the wall. From there you use the four screws that are supplied in the package to fasten the mounting plate to the door frame. Do not tighten the screws all the way until all four are installed this will allow for an easier alignment. Now you will line the mounting bracket with the door frame and snug the four screws in word. Once you’ve tied in them completely you can enjoy. But always make sure that the wire leads are straight before connecting the bell HD live. Now comes a time where you connect the voltage wires to the connector. In this step you don’t need to worry about which wire goes to which connector. You simply pull on each wire to test if it is properly connected. Now you align the doorbell slightly above the rear mounting bracket as shown. You’re going to now push toward the wall until the bracket is facing flash with the rear of the dbell. The next step is to slide the dbell downward until the top of the rear mount is flush with the dbell HD live. Using the special security screwdriver which is provided in your package you simply tighten the bottoms two screws and tell it is flush with the bottom of the dbell HD live. From there you remove the protection plastic from the face of the dbell HD live. Once you remove that plastic you are good to go. If you require a rain shade hood push it down and a clip over the top of the dbell HD live you will hear that sound and you know that your device is protected. Congratulations you successfully installed your dbell HD live thank you for watching.

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