Davie504 I challenge YOU to a Bass-Camera BATTLE [RUIDO aka Quintuple Camera Guy]

This is war. I know what happened with
the Pro guy and Davie is uploading new videos like nothing happened.
It can’t go on like this anymore. It’s revenge time.
That’s why: Davie504,
I challenge YOU to a Bass-Camera BATTLE. This is war. I got so many cameras that
didn’t fit in my house. I’m sorry but you won’t defeat me. Welcome to the Bass Villain Club.

100 thoughts on “Davie504 I challenge YOU to a Bass-Camera BATTLE [RUIDO aka Quintuple Camera Guy]

  1. This is already blowing up on Davie's subreddit. It's only a matter of time until Davie has to accept his challenge

  2. Ruido : 3 cameras
    Ruido 2.0 : 4 cameras
    Ruido 3.0 : 5 cameras
    Ruido 4.0 : 10 cameras.
    Futur Ruido : 1948820220383719293727383932937373728[…] cameras

  3. so that is what you are capable off, very veeeeery good player not some medium ass. Davie504 sure makes BASS players go mental.

  4. Lol all these dudes trying to get big off of Davie. Even this weirdo, lay off the coke/meth and try something new

  5. Youre good my dude and very talented…But the Pro Charles Berthoud is waaaay better and the collab he and DAVIE MADE WAS EPIC. DAVIE wouldve contacted you already if he thought you were a challenge

  6. Triple camera guy on fiverr making Davie's video
    Davie: OMG he is using 3 Camera's
    Triple Camera Guy:

    This isn't even my final form

  7. He's goin to slap naaaaaaaaa………..he's goin to punch Davie like he did never before. Now it's the last day for Davie 504 on Earth #BeAwareOfHim #DAVIE 😀😀

  8. I have to say, you have a lot of camera's but it's by far not the best compilation that is possible to make, with so many angles.
    Also, in the beginning and the end, get your light fixed ;).
    Solo was great, by the way

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