David Ortiz Red Sox |Had A Side Piece Married To A Gangster Who Hired The Hit|New Surveillance Video

is loaded with two down Red Sox trailing
five to one and poppy gets in in the big right-hander Benoit delivers swinging a
heidi.brown the right field that would stall to the right hunter on him on 400 what you just saw was the complete
beatdown of one of the alleged shooters involved with David Ortiz and what I’m
doing now is a quick follow up because to the video I did earlier this week
because a lot of things have come out to this point and what you’re watching
right now is the report of the new findings which they said six guys have
been arrested they were paid $8,000 hired by someone and man we bout to talk
about this hiring but first on this channel we always put on our plus seven
glasses of trying to find a life gain in any situation sexy as hell
because I’m working on skill in my craft bringing you a more info on YouTube
experience something better to look at please subscribe to this channel turn on
those notifications so when I drop videos you always get them and check my
video description and subscribe to the life games financial Channel the lead up
to this story reported by several sources including the Daily Mail is that
higher assassins including some police force and so far has only been one
police officer were hired to kill David Ortiz because he had himself a side
piece this is the side piece he had who was the wife of a kingpin drug lord boss
down there and david’s camp is not denying nor confirming but they are
confirming that it was a hire event as of right now david is recovering in Mass
General in the ICU the man has had his gallbladder removed and parts of his
intestines and if you guys know anything medical that means that he’s having to
deal with a colostomy bag which is what you’re looking at right now and also it
was reported that other side pieces two of them was at the hospital fighting all
why this man is in the damn hospital damn Dave so Dave has been married for
17 years he’s got three kids and we’ve got to try to find the life game and
of this stuff ladies and gentlemen boys and girls fellas out there
I know y’all want to do your thing I know y’all like to have sex y’all love
these side pieces but this is what you’ve got to consider and this is the
life gain about this this is what you got to consider when you get involved
with a side piece who else is involved with the side piece what else is going
on in the size piece life when you start messing around with somebody else if
they got a crazy spouse you’re dealing with that too if they got STDs you
dealing with that too now I mean the chick is bad but hail ain’t nobody so
bad that I’m gonna get my ass shot and have loose intestines and gall bladders
for it ain’t worth that and you had to know that David Ortiz had some idea
about who was the side-pieces husband and that’s just dangerous stuff man now
I know Dave is the beloved character no we don’t usually hear some of the the
failings that our celebrities have because they are able to keep that
bottled up and I’m still wishing David a speedy recovery because under no
circumstances should anybody be shot but I kind of believe the story because
there are two things that cause people to go this nuts messing with a spouse’s
or doing something with their money or dealing with their kids these things
drive people nuts and the life game for this is first of all fellas if you’re
married avoid it if you can and if you’re gonna have a side piece you
better know what the hell you getting into because I don’t want to see anybody
being shot being endangered being putting this type of stuff because it’s
not worth it ain’t no panty drawers worth you almost losing your life and if
you survive you’re stuck in ICU for years and recoveries for years and you
losing limbs body parts and organs it’s not worth that no side thing is worth
that but you know how US men do you know how US men do for our hot ten minutes
we’ll take our hot damn leg but that is the follow-up of what’s
going on with David Ortiz still wishing him a speedy recovery his wife is still
by his side she dropped the post the other day thanking the Boston Red Sox
because they flew him from the Dominican Republic up to Massachusetts to get all
this work done and help him recover so we’ll follow this story leave me
comments about the life game message in this story let me know what you think
and since some well wishes to David Ortiz and his family and will continue
to follow this story that’s going to do it for this video don’t forget to like
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27 thoughts on “David Ortiz Red Sox |Had A Side Piece Married To A Gangster Who Hired The Hit|New Surveillance Video

  1. I heard this rumor but I didn't want to believe it was true. BIG PAPI better leave them married women alone. I bet he learned about messing with Mr Bigs girl now. Damn!!!! Now he can write a new book.

  2. Life gain β€œ morale isn’t better β€œ ???
    Pun intended
    I’m a huge Sox fan and loved papi but damn man

  3. Like I always say, "Don't hate…Participate!…"
    I would lose an organ or two for Halle Berry, no doubt!

  4. Yeah i heard that same story, but had a hard time believing it, first you'd have have to be pretty stupid to fool around with a drug dealer's wife, & especially when you're in the Dominican Republic, with some of the most exotic & beautiful women in the world, & you're rich ,with access to unlimited single women, & you're messing with a married women ? & $8,000 payed to 12 people to assassinate him, none of it made any sense to me.

  5. Regardless if this is all true or speculation I'm from the Bay Area & like Lamont said a MF will kill u bout they wife, money & kids. Doesn't necessarily have to be in that order either. U have to be careful bout what ur doing & know who ur dealing with. The chick was bad, but ain't no batch worth getting shot up over #period
    Still wishing BP as healthy a recovery as possible.

  6. Guess he better leave those married women alone, especially ones married to a kingpin. Men go crazy when it comes to their women. Thanks for sharing. Keep the info coming. Have an awesome day brother. Much love

  7. Big pappi, once said if he did not play baseball he would have did porn. Big pappi, is a millionaire, flaunting his money fucking other men's women, he should know better, the Dominican Republic, is a poor country, she is a drug dealers woman, he should know better.

  8. Jo you hit the spot…papi can get any hot ass …why a kingpins…mother fucker even owns the place papi was drinking and having fun it's sad but it should open our eyes …know who you fucking with because if you don't do it will backfire you .. specially Dominicans and i am Dominican…we think we owened once we fuck it

  9. Lamont – i love that you tell it like it is.. So true. Don't take on a side piece – be happy with what you have

  10. The same thing David lacked his entire career, possibly the most important quality in a man. Discipline

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