Dashboard Camera Android 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review

100 thoughts on “Dashboard Camera Android 1080P Dual Camera and GPS, 7 “IPS screen Bluetooth 3G / Detailed review

  1. This can be very dangerous, because it is not very clear how it is anchored to the dashboard of the car, in a braking it can go backwards, fulfilling the Law of Inertia.
    Esto puede ser muy peligroso,porque no se ve muy claro cómo está anclado al salpicadero del coche,en un frenazo puede salir hacia atras,cumpliendo la Ley de la Inercia

  2. Г…….но!!! акум. не держит заряд. Звук пропал навсегда!

  3. This video for this model?
    Allwin WIFI 7" HD 1080P Car Dual Camera Rear View DVR Recorder With GPS Navigator Black
    Please confirm uregently.
    Cause i just bought this model

  4. Many thanks for the video.
    Tell me please, I understand correctly that you can simultaneously shoot a video (registrar) and let's show navigation maps?
    I'm also interested in the question, if I was driving and I had a video recording and a navigator, I stopped to park in reverse, when turning on the rear gear, will it switch to video from the reverse camera?
    Sorry for the strange English, I had to use google translator

  5. Ton of ads embedded in this video… you're in Birmingham UK… is this available globally ? Looks very nice…. do you have to go online to set it up ? Has the OS been updated from 5.0 to at least 6.0 ? Why do you need the wi-fi to go service ? That you put in the glove box ? What were you doing with the radio in the car ? Why didn't you show the install of the rear camera ?

  6. I have buyed this thing, the keyboard works very very bad, I must write my email adres for creating an account, it takes 10 minute whit that keyboard

  7. Hi, how can i 'flip' the camera image side-wise? For my rear cam, I am getting images on opposite side, i.e. right side appearing on left & left side on right.

  8. HI. Do you know how to change a video recording format? From 'ts' to another (avi, mp4) ?
    I have already 240p quality… Help
    I have low quality in dvr. Btw i set up high 1080p..

  9. Nice review. How is your experience after using it for a year? Do you recommend us to purchase it now in 2018?

  10. Извините пожалуйста. Передняя камера не работает. Не работает аdas, нет меню языка. Не пойму что не так.

  11. Hi, thanks for the effort, one quick question does the back camera switch on automatically when ever it goes in reverse or should I switch it manually from the screen..

  12. I have just returned one of these items which I found had display problems while in the car as the screen flickered, went dark and shut down.
    In principle the idea was good. styling could have been better but needs further development

  13. I am using the same kind of device in my car but my touch screen DVR camera full hd & GPS navigation.device is 4G & operated by my mobile app also.

  14. How to Install and Connect a Backup Cameras, Detailed instructions https://youtu.be/L-55t5SNoWo
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  15. hi i had one of this and it is very good DVR, i have user this for one and half year and got :"android is upgrading" massage keep on running on the screen, if any one can help me to reloas SW or initialize the system would be a great help.

  16. Скажи пожалуйста:
    1) Яндекс навигатор на него устанавливал? Шустро работает?
    2) Ютубовское приложение как работает, без проблем?

  17. This is a good dash cam.But the Android update will kill it. I can’t remember when I got mine but it’s been good up till a few days ago. I couldn’t get front and rear cam to work so I went into reboot. And on start up it went into android update optimizing 1 of 1 and just did nothing after that no more boot up no more active screen interface nothing. I even reformatted the sad card but the updates go onto internal memory. So not when I try to turn it on it does nothing but flash. Good for a while then nothing. Now I need to buy a new dash cam.

  18. 2 questions…. 1 Do i need to install a sim card to be able to use my cell phone as a mobile hot spot to use internet on this device? I am having trouble connecting and i am not sure if its my phone or this camera device. my device did not come with a sim card. 2. how does the voice command work? I tried the mic on my google maps and it does not work.

  19. Подскажи 3g хватает, видео тянет? И не пробовал через приложения выводить картинку в реальном времени с регистратора на телефон удаленно?

  20. Hello, do you still have the device? I have one similar. A few days ago I deleted the data from the FM Transmitter application and now I need a backup of the application.

    Could you backup the application and send it to me? Please

    If you do not know how to make a backup, I can guide you


  22. Bro I need navigation type of system for my trucks which shows me my truck location and shows my driver Google map so this system will be good for it?

  23. You can use your old Android mobile device as dash camera you can download and install the dash board camera app from play store…. It will do the job….

  24. I bought this device and the simcard went inside deeper and can´t came out. 2. the time is chinese and cant be changed.

  25. hi: first of all, congratulations for the video, if you could kindly provide me with the site where I can buy the product, thank you very much

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