Dash Cam 🚗GPS 1080FHD Car Camera MATEGO Review 👀 NIGHT VISION 👈

Hi Today I have a new dashcam from Matego
This is the box that it came in. I’ve taken everything out so the user manual
– it does have a car charger line, usb cable, a suction cup bracket and the GPS device itself. It takes a mini SD card which does not come
with it so you do have to purchase that seperately. It goes right here. It will handle up to a 32 gb card. This does have 1080 full Hd and an 170 degree
viewing angle. It also has night vision and runs in a continuous
loop. It features an automatic car accident detection
feature, a G sensor which locks video files to memory and I really hope I don’t have a
chance to use that. Well, I’m going to install this into my Subaru
and get some footage. That’s a bull dog! OMG Oh, he’s so cute
What? I had to see your bull dog
Hi He’s adorable
I love him I love him Is it raining? Yes it’s raining You’re always coming up with random cash Yes, I like that too….uh huh
I like random cash too! No seriously though
You better now do anything crazy.My Mom will analyze
this footage Like what crazy? I don’t know. I’m just saying.

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