Crystal Alarm – Alltid trygghet till hands

The threats in our society increases every day… and many people feel insecure in their everyday work. Crystal Alarm offers security through a personal alarm in your mobile phone. Our goal is that everyone who has a hazardous work should be able to raise an alarm. With Crystal Alarm help is available with the push of a button. You can trigger an alert from a locked phone and set up a timer alarm. The positioning system of the phone tells where you are and you can choose where the alarm is being sent. to your team, the security company or an alarm center. The personal alarm works worldwide. Via the mobile network, web, satellite… … and TETRA which it the police’s and emergency’s own network. Crystal Alarms provide a safer working environment for risky professions worldwide. An agreements is signed with Crystal Alarm, and the app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Crystal Alarm – Always safety at hand

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