Connected Care: Patchwork is a secure app for better team collaboration around vulnerable people

*Music* *Music* Hi, I’m Mark and I’m a youth worker. The young people I work with often have a number of different practitioners
working with them. When I’m working with a child it is helpful
to have a view of this team around the child, so we can
coordinate our support and keep them safe. It can take a long time to gather this
information and build up a full picture about who
else is working with a child. And sometimes people get missed, which can impact the support a child receives. This is where Patchwork really helps me. It’s a simple multi-agency web app
that allows practitioners
across a range of organisations to quickly access contact details of
other frontline staff working with their clients. It’s really
easy to use. I simple have to register that I am working
with the client and it adds them to my client list. And if I click through to their record, I
can see the other agencies and practitioners working with them. I can see their contact details, which
means I can call them easily. If I know that somebody is working with
the client, then patchwork allows me to invite them to be part of the team. And if I know somebody stop working with
them then they can just be removed. I just update my profile if I change
my mobile contact details. and everyone can see the latest
information. All the changes are tracked on the activity feed, so it is easy for everybody to see exactly what’s going on
with a case. if I feel that a child needs some extra
attention then I can signal this on Patchwork. This becomes visible to all other
practitioners in my client’s team. I can see where others have also
raised concern about any of my clients and I can follow up with a phone call if
necessary. When we know the whole team working with the client, we can work together more effectively. So that’s Patchwork a better way for me
to connect with other professionals and clients.

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