Complete Cinematic Camera Setup for Under $1,000??

– What’s goin’ on guys? On my channel I regularly
do a whole lot of flexing about how expensive my camera gear is and how much of a legit baller I am even though my credit card statements kinda looks like the matrix. It’s just like (mummbles)
bunch of numbers. I don’t even like to look at it. We’re gonna go back to the
basics and build an entire kit with camera, lenses, tripod, microphone all the stuff you need to get started. And we’re gonna try to
keep that total budget under that thousand dollar mark. This video is sponsored by Storyblocks. So thank you guys. Because of them we are
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chicken, fields with baby all that stuff. That is why you need
Storyblocks in your life. Go check them out using my
link in the description. Time to move on to the
shopping spree part. First thing that comes to mind
is probably the Cannon M50 for low-budget cameras. For the price that is a
super powerful camera. I used it a whole bunch. If you can swing it, I
definitely recommend it. But in this case this is
slightly out of our price point just by a little bit. If we spend 700 bucks for our camera, we’re not gonna be left
with any accessories. Some of these kits look kinda
interesting with a tripod a memory cards but a lot
of times they just throw a lot of this junk at you and you’re like, ah just rather have a few good things than a whole bunch of random stuff. So we’re gonna custom-build our kit and try to make it look lit. I shouldn’t use that word. Canon 200D or also known as the SL2 depending on where you’re located. Obviously if you wanna go legit, then you’re gonna need
to pay that full price. But sometimes, if you go for like that no warranty international model. And sometimes on eBay you can
actually find these cameras for a little bit cheaper. Check this out, 446 with
the camera and a basic lens. First thing I wanna do
is get some better glass on that camera. The lens that it comes
with is pretty like, Mehh, okay, I’m doing
a whole bunch of stuff but let’s get some interesting lenses. So, let’s start off with this lens. I have one of these and
I love it for the price. It’s 42 bucks, it’s a 50 millimeter 1.8 So let’s throw that in the cart. How about we try to get another
interesting lens in here? 24 millimeter is a good wider angle lens. 129 bucks for a 24 millimeter f/2.8 that’s not bad for that price point. It’s gonna be one of those lenses. If you’re gonna go out at night and you don’t wanna carry around
a big old camera with you, these lures are much smaller
when you have a tiny lens on it so you could just
slink it on your side and still go out with your
pals and film in low-light with a wide-angle lens,
this is gonna be good. We still have 382 bucks left. We’re gonna want some ND filters. So both these prime lenses we just bought have a filter size of 52 millimeters which means if you wanna
throw on like an ND filter, which we’ll talk about in a second, that’s the size you need. So let’s get that now, ND
filter at 52 millimeter. Nice ones are good, Polar
Pro makes really good ones, but we’re gonna go on a budget. 21.99 for a variable ND filter. So let’s go with that. Let’s go look for a tripod now. The term you might wanna
use is a fluid head. Fluid head basically just
means that you’re gonna be able to do some nice smooth pans, opposed to like a photography tripod where it’s gonna be like. I’ve never heard of Magnus
before but it has 201 ratings and it’s 79 bucks, so that
fits right in our budget. 15 pound weight capacity. Our camera is gonna weigh
very close to nothing. So this should not be a problem. Add to cart. Let’s add a little light. I heard Aputure makes
a really small light. That’s only like 45 bucks, there it is. Never really tried this one but I’ve heard so many
good things about it especially for low budget use. So 45 bucks, added. Also we’re gonna need
ourselves an SD card. Let’s get a 64 gigabyte card you could even go a little bit higher. I generally like to get the highest size so that I can throw into the
camera and never worry about it and also get SanDisk. I’ve had a lot of issues
with different memory cards. 90 megabytes per second,
64 gigs, only 22 bucks. So let’s go for that. We’re gonna be shooting HD on this camera so 64 should be a pretty decent amount. Rode makes a pretty decent
microphone for 52.30. So let’s go with that one. Okay, we want a camera bag. We’re just literally looking
for something that’s cheap and will work. So I’m just looking at the reviews here. 26 bucks for this camera bag. Oh wait, This one’s 25.99
we can save an extra dollar by having the inside be orange. I’ll take that dollar. We have 134 bucks left. Ooh, let’s see if we
could get a gimbal maybe. These might be a little
bit out of our price range. I’ve tested the Zhiyun Crane
V2, that’s a pretty solid one but 339 it’s little bit
out of our price range. We only have 134 bucks left so we’re gonna have to go
for something even cheaper. We could do like a handheld rig. This is definitely gonna
help stabilize your footage because once we put those prime lenses on you’re not gonna have any
sort of image stabilization so you wanna be able to
brace it on something bigger so you don’t get that like
jitter and make it look crazy. So any of these would work for a handheld but why don’t we try getting
some super smooth shots maybe. So how much are glide cams? Flycam this one is 160 bucks
ooh, barely out of budget. That’s gonna put us over by like 20. I guess we could just kind of go with one of these cheap ones. I honestly don’t know how good these little ones are gonna be but there’s gonna be a learning
experience for both of us. It’s got different colors. We could do a hot pink. It’s 56.99. That’s three bucks cheaper
than the other colors. So you know what, we’re
going with hot pink. That’s 71 bucks left so
let’s get some batteries. We’re gonna go with aftermarket batteries because we’re on the hunt
for a discount right now. They’re always a little bit risky because they might not communicate
properly with the camera. So you are digging a little bit of gamble but you’re saving money
because each one is 61 bucks if you were to pay full
price for official Canon which I do recommend. But if you’re on a budget like that, we are gonna go with something like this one with a dual charger kinda
like this one right here. It’s super convenient be able to charge both batteries at once. We’re gonna test out to
see if these work properly and if they do, I’ll link
it all in the description in case you guys wanna
find all these stuff. All right, so we have our kit. We are under budget, that’s
what I’m talking about. I’m gonna put in this order and we’re gonna check
back in a week or two to test out all these stuff. So I’ll see you guys in a little bit. We got our camera here set up now. We have the microphone on top of the 200D and it’s on here on this tripod. So let’s switch this camera. Kari just found this dresser for free. So we hauled it back this morning and she’s gonna fix it
up, make it look all nice. And we’re gonna put it in our room. So I’m gonna switch this
over to 60 frames per second and just get a couple of
shots from the tripod. Right now we’re kind of in a shaded area so lighting generally
looks decent and soft. So, let’s see what this looks like. All right, so first
impression’s pretty good. This reminds me a whole
lot of the Canon 80D and other Canon DSLRs. We filmed all this in 60 frames per second but then played it back at 24. So it’s playing at about 40% speed. So it’s a little bit of slow motion but this can do that in HD. And by the way this is
not the sharpest camera you can get for this price point. What camera you decide to
get for this price range really depends a whole lot
on what your needs are. One of my top priorities
is really good autofocus that whole sequence was
shot entirely on autofocus. I really like how this
has a flip out screen. This doesn’t have 4k but
as you guys know, I like 4k but it’s not top priority for me. I’d rather have just
really good at a camera colors, easy use and
autofocus, flip out screen, flexibility of lenses and all that. So the Panasonic G7 also
looked like another camera under the $1000 price range
that look pretty interesting. So that might be another one you might go on to do research on. But Canon cameras are just generally, what I’m super familiar with. So that’s why we’re
going with this camera. Now remember earlier when we
were shopping for tripods, I said, get a fluid head. That’s so that you can kind
of get nice slow even pans, that give you that super fluid motion opposed to like a photography tripod like the one that this camera sitting on. So basically I would release it and then it just kind of
moves all over the place and then when I find my frame, I can lock it and it stays there. The benefit of these
photography ball head ones, are that they’re usually
a whole lot smaller which is exactly why it’s
popular for vlogging. You don’t really wanna
carry this whole thing everywhere you go. I just totally go around
vlogging like this in public. And just say hey, what’s up guys welcome back to the channel. Speaking of vlogging, if you
guys are looking more to vlog rather than to get cinematic images, it’s 24 millimeter that
we have on here right now. It generally works but I
personally like to have it even a little bit wider out. Also, this lens doesn’t
have image stabilization. So if I kind of move around
and my hands not as stable, I drink too much coffee, then it’s just not gonna look as fluid. So I didn’t include it in this kit but this is a 10 to 18 millimeter
with image stabilization. And we’re gonna take it and slap it on this camera real quick. And remember this is a 24 millimeter and we’re gonna go all the way out to 10 which is super wide, so
here go and there we go. Now we were on a 10 millimeter and see how much wider it is. You can see everything if I have friends or other things I wanna show in my scene, then this captures everything. Because it’s a super wide angle lens opposed to it being kinda
just like stuck here in my face all the time. And the beauty of these cameras is that once you get the
camera system all set up, you can keep adding to
your lens collection. These are all EF lenses which means all of these lenses
can fit onto this camera. So you can always upgrade with lenses. And I believe Canon EF mounts are the most common out there right now so you’ll never run out
of options in lenses. For example, this 100
millimeter macro lense. Let’s take a look at
this teeny little plant which I think might be
dying, well pretty cool huh? But again these lenses are
things that you wanna add on as time goes on. Most people don’t just go out and just buy all the stuff
they need all at once. Plus this lens cost more
than the camera body itself so we’re gonna stick
with the lenses we have for the rest of this video. So this is Max, he’s in my henchmen that I found on the street 20 minutes ago. We’re gonna make this yard look epic. Max, I’m not paying two dollars an hour to be on your phone, damn it. I was kidding, I’ve known
this guy for like 15 years. Thanks for visiting for Christmas Max. While you’re here, would you
mind picking up some dog poop? – Absolutely. – All in a good, hard day’s work. That one’s fresh so make sure
you don’t leave any behind. Did you just pick that up with your hand? – Yeah. – Did you really? I’m gonna throw up now. But yeah as of right
now with this lighting, he may look like a very
scary intimidating Viking, terrifying. It strikes fear in your heart. Like is he gonna murder me with an ax? Maybe, but once we get the
lighting all finished up, you’re gonna be like wow, I
see how warm and cozy he is on the inside. You’re gonna look beautiful, trust me. Dude, you got like two
white hairs in your beard. Well, it’s actually like
one it’s like half white and half red. And we’re done, Kari’s
a little bit jealous because she’s getting replaced by Max. All the modeling gigs. Even though it looks kind of cool, Max is way in the dark right now. So remember that aputure light
that we talked about earlier, well check this out. So we’re gonna just put a
little bit of light onto Max gel that it comes with which is an orange gel. So it takes this white
light and makes it orange kind of matches these
lights a little bit better. It’s gonna make that scary guy over there look like an angel. Here we go. All right Max now give us a
good like stylish look like wow. Wow. Fantastic, max is now our lighting intern. Lighting guy, hey hey lighting
guy pay attention, over here. It’s gonna front light. Unpaid intern. I want you to get it out of the shot. So if you could get it
not bring it into the shot but out of the shot, that’d be fantastic. So the autofocus on this is great. You just kind of pick on which
dog you want auto focus on. That dog, front dog. Unpaid intern why do you look so sad? Softer playing with this
guy for a couple of days I’m definitely impressed. Of course, there’s gonna
be some restrictions and limitations when working
with a entry-level camera, but as long as you pair
with the right lenses and use it in the right settings, this is very, very capable. And of course the beauty of
this is that you can start here and build on it as you go. And of course, this ND
filter that I had on here for all the daylight shots, I
made a whole video about it. I’ll link it in the description. But basically if it’s broad daylight and you’re filming outside
and you dial in your settings exactly where you want it a lot of times, it’s gonna come out a
little bit extra bright. And this will kind of
even that out for you and you can always rotate it cause it’s a variable ND filter. So this can be many different densities. Oh and by the way, this ping
handheld stabilizer that we got these things are great
but they’re not something you could just pick up and use right away. You need a lot of experience with it or else you could end up feeling
like the cameras on a boat just rocking back and forth. It just doesn’t look very good. Opposed to a gimbal, where
you could just pick it up and start getting super
smooth footage out of the box even though you’ve never
picked one up before. So there’s gonna be a
learning curve with this. I’ve seen, people do
awesome stuff with this, I’ve just never gotten
that comfortable with these so my footage is always
a little bit rocky. Also when I took this out, it was super windy and these
things get affected by wind opposed to a gimbal which has the motor that can kind of counter the wind. So definitely better than nothing if you’re willing to put in the work to learn how to use one of these things, then you can get some
awesome stuff with it. But this camera was too light for it. So I ended up just adding a
bunch of random stuff to it to make this get more weight. Cause this camera is super light. But you could literally just tape on a random piece of metal to it
and it should balance fine. And let’s just finish filming
this video on the Canon SL2. We got the video micro up
top and 24 millimeter lens and don’t forget we are
giving away this camera. To enter to win all you gotta do is leave
a comment down below about whatever the hell you want. I don’t think I care so one of you guys will win this set up. Let’s close off this video
by reading a few comments from my last video which was just a tour
around the new studio. So let’s see what you guys had to say. If you get a green screen people are definitely gonna
put you in floating house. Okay, I’m definitely never
giving you guys a green screen. It’s always gonna be orange
or blue or how about white? We haven’t seen white here, have we? Let’s try that out. How’s it looking? Does it look awesome or what? It looks all right, I guess. It’s not my favorite. Don’t forget to get security cameras and alarm systems for the place. Already done, my boy Jonathan he works at a security camera company. He’s been hooking me up
with cool stuff already. So this place is gonna be on lockdown. Venom5809 says,
congratulations on moving out of your converted crack motel
you’re moving up in the world. I used to live in East Hollywood and that place is not too far off from a converted crack motel. I love East Hollywood and
Silver Lake that general area. It’s very up-and-coming. A lot of artists and crazy
things going on all the time and it was awesome but now
I’m definitely ready to live in a quieter part of town
which I’m in right now. The dog needs his own studio. This is actually the dog’s studio. I’m just using it once in a
while to film these videos. Rick says, nipples. That white shirt man, I always
film not thinking about it and in editing, I’m always like, dammit. Are you alive? Wait a second, where’s, my pulse? What the hell, when did this happen? Am I in heaven? Actually, this is exactly what
my heaven would look like. Me just floating in a
cloud and a red camera just like floating next to me. Actually in heaven this
would be an Arri Alexa but you know close enough.

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