2 thoughts on “Columbus burglary caught on camera by NBC4 photographer

  1. These are some of the dumbest criminals,go ahead and walk to the Columbus Police station and turn yourself in gotdamn there are cameras everywhere are you that desperate. if you can't get a job in Columbus Ohio is because you don't want one. I'm from Detroit and I've been here about two-and-a-half years I'm almost 60 years old I have had and still have numerous jobs and I mean good paying jobs Jefferson Honda Mac tools it was just too much for me but I'm still out here hustling legally.and people need to stop giving those men standing by the side of the road on the corners their on every corner stop f**** giving them money I'm not giving them s*** I work too hard for mine

  2. Why business owners keep money in a insecure drawer I’ll never understand. If you don’t have a safe then hide it…or take it home with you. Never leave money in a place where people expect to find it. If you do, this will only ensure someone will be back doing that same thing over and over again.

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