CLOUD SECURITY: How to use Encryption to Secure Data in the Cloud

This is Todd. Todd manages IT for a global healthcare organization
where he’s responsible for securing sensitive corporate and customer data. Until now, that data was located inside a
secure perimeter, the bad guys were outside of the firewall, and Todd’s team was in
control. The Cloud has changed that. These days, Todd is faced with more security
threats, more compliance mandates, and more data to protect. And now his company has moved to the cloud
to take advantage of its scalability and efficiency. But the old school technology Todd’s team
once relied on to secure the perimeter, just won’t work in the cloud. He needs a way to protect sensitive data that’s
stored in and moving to the cloud, centralize data security across multiple cloud providers,
block cloud providers from seeing their data, ensure data can be safely removed from the
cloud, and prevent government agencies from accessing data without permission. With Gemalto’s portfolio of SafeNet Data
Protection solutions, it’s easy to centrally secure sensitive data on premises AND across
all of today’s leading cloud platforms – including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM. Todd can now manage the encryption of the
company’s data wherever it’s located – from applications to databases to files and shares
– even as it moves to and from the cloud. And because Todd – not the cloud service
provider – controls the encryption and keys, he can prove he always owns his data. He also ensures maximum security and compliance
with his keys stored separately from the protected data. With Gemalto, Todd is back in control. Now that you understand an old school approach
to data security just won’t work in the cloud, isn’t it time to get to know Gemalto? Visit our website to learn how to secure your
organization’s data in the cloud today.

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