Classroom Projection System Video Guide: Using a Document Camera

the following is a production of the university of minnesota classroom projection system video guide using a document camera with the classroom
projection system press the document camera source button on
the control panel the button will blink while the projection system warms up this will take approximately three minutes when the document camera button stops blinking
document camera power will be on and the system is ready for use the installed document camera may be located
in one of three different locations in the classroom on the top surface of the instructor station installed in a drawer located on the side of
the instructor station or installed in the ceiling of the classroom
directly above the instructor station consult the in-room technology instructions
or the office of classroom management web site for the type of document camera available and the location in your classroom on some document cameras if the camera head and lamps
are folded you’ll first need to unfold these items using
the camera’s release catch place the item you wish to project under the
document camera lens if you are using a ceiling installed camera
place the item on the surface of the instructor station the controls for the document camera can be
found on the camera itself in classrooms equipped with touch-screen controls the camera can also be controlled on the touchscreen if you are in a class in with the ceiling
mount a document camera you must use the touch-screen controls the zoom control used the wide button to reduce or the tele
button to enlarge the image size the focus control used the auto focus button to automatically focus the image the iris control used the open and close buttons to adjust
the image brightness the lamp button this turns the document camera
lights on and off please note that in classrooms with ceiling-mounted
document cameras, there are no lamp controls on the touch screens instructions for other components and answers
to your frequently asked questions can be found on our website or by calling the classroom support hotline
at six one two six-to-five ten eighty six thank you for watching the classroom projection
system video guide

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