Chris Watts Update 2020 – Christopher Lee Watts DID Have Help!!

The truth always comes out sometimes it
takes longer and sometimes it doesn’t but the truth always comes out what
you’re about to see in this video answers the question was someone else
there on the morning of August 13th 2018 at Chris Watson’s house in Frederick
Colorado at 2825 Saratoga trail and what you will see in this video will
answer that question I am floored I don’t know how this hasn’t been looked
at or caught I don’t know why everything is such a secret but Chris Watts this
secret is coming out for those of you who are new to my channel I am a new
channel I’m Linda with it’s a crime and please hit that subscribe button hit
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definitely to do it on so I’ve been following the Chris Watts case for
almost two years who hasn’t and I read the discovery twice before which is
nineteen hundred and sixty pages and I just dove in again on the weekend on
this so now it’s been three times and I can’t not say anything and I’m asking
for your help so please be sure to stay to the end I’m going to keep it as
concise as possible so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna walk you through August
13th from the time Shannon came home which was 148 a.m. in the morning which
would be the Sunday night and I’m gonna walk you through – when he leaves the
drive so let’s get into it this is Shannon at 1:48 walking up from
the driveway to her door now she’s just getting dropped off by her friend from
an event they were in in Arizona Shahnaz flight got in late and the Vivint camera
is picking her up right at the edge of the grass and films until
she gets inside notice that she also has her phone in her hand and it seems to be
on from the looks of it and we’re not sure what it is maybe she’s looking at
her babies in there through the monitor I don’t know
however we know she walks up the steps and then opens the door and goes inside
now it just so happens that I have a Vivint camera only mine is pointing from
this side so you can see the doorbells on the side the doors here doorbells on
the side and you can see somebody coming up the steps and then the landing
because we found that if we pointed it a different way it was picking up
constantly cars going by and you keep getting these notifications on your
phone basically ding-ding visitor detected visitor detected so it was
getting annoying and we had to change it now it looks like their drive is much
longer than what mine is so but I do want to just make that point because
there’s a there’s a purpose now the question is where is the notifications
that morning when Chris was walking out of the house because it shows almost all
the way down the Drive and I know his truck was parked over to the side but
the person walking out of that garage walked across so I’ll get to that in a
minute but keep that in mind now I already kind of answered this question
to myself about why wasn’t there a Vivint recording because in the
discovery he talked to Vivint twice and he was talking them one for 25 minutes
and one for another set of minutes but I’m pretty sure he’s probably trying to
figure out how to delete or delete it or change the settings so and it’s not hard
to do I could always do it in another video just to show you how that all goes
down so now we’re gonna fast-forward so Shannon gets home at 148 a.m. and goes
in the house now in the discovery it says that Chris says he woke up at 4:00
a.m. that morning stayed upstairs brushed his teeth got dressed and got a
drink and then until 4:15 where Shannon and him had a chat about you know what’s
going on and and they talked about moving and lost
connection and he said allegedly that their talk was very calm and and there
was just a lot of crying and and that kind of thing was very emotional but it
was calm I’m not gonna talk about his second confession in here because I want
to get to the basically to the nitty-gritty of what I found
but that’s basically what he said was that morning he didn’t work out he got
up at 4:00 a.m. 4:15 they had the chat and then he left so he was also asked
what a typical morning looks like and he said at 4:00 a.m. he goes to goes and
works out until 5:00 a.m. on a typical morning he said it’s he goes to the
basement and he has a weight bench he said then he gets some food he makes
some eggs and cottage cheese something like that and he says everyone’s still
sleeping at that point he makes the girl’s milk brings it upstairs
Bela’s iffy on milk he said they fills water bottles and then he makes sure the
backpacks have a change of clothes and a hat and if it’s a water day make sure
that they have their water shoes and sunscreen now this would answer a couple
things cuz people are like did he actually plan on hurting those girls
that morning well I’m surprised that there was no question in the discovery
says well you know were the backpacks ready that morning or did they see that
they were ready that morning that was the the first day of school back for the
kids and in fact Shannon had said to him the
day before it was at 9:57 a.m. on August 12th she said can you get she texted and
she said can you get the girls backpacks ready for tomorrow with blankies and
spare clothes please if not I can do it in the a.m. and Watts said he would wear
their backpacks ready or not so now I’m going to take you to the infamous video
of the driveway what I’m gonna do is show you the very beginning I’m gonna
walk you through a little bit and then I’m gonna walk you through what I found
so in the video you’re gonna see somebody walk out in the next six
seconds they’re gonna come out you’re gonna see something highlighted
I don’t know if it’s a light or something popping up or something in
between the tree and then as this person walks out you’re gonna see you’ll see
Chris’s mirror lights they’re not his headlights that has mirror lights on and
you’re gonna see both the lights block and then one of the lights blocked you then you’re gonna see this red car move
out now when the red car moves out there’s been a lot of debate whether
that is at the gravel pad or it’s at Betty’s house and I believe that it is
at the gravel pad because it is in front of that tree there’s a tree by on
Betty’s house and I’ll show you on Google Maps there is a tree and where
Chris’s car is parked is right close up and then the car goes behind the truck
and turns off left I do my thumbnails a very specific way for this channel and
I’ll show you just in a little example to show you the differences I’ll use
Megan fear mooska as a an example you can see all my videos as well on her
case so I take her picture her original picture and I enhance it and I do this
on my thumbnails to get the same type of look so I thought to myself well I’m
gonna screenshot this video and I’m just gonna see what happens when I highlight
or when I enhance this screenshot now I’m not changing anything I am just
enhancing the brightness the contrast the all of that and what I found was
absolutely I am so enraged right now that I don’t
understand how not one person in a year and a half has found this why me and I’m
definitely not seeing things I can’t undo what I’ve seen
so I’m gonna explain it in this picture you’re gonna see the full body obviously
of a person walking now people are saying that doesn’t look like Chris
Watts and you’re right it’s not there is Chris Watts in the video and I do want
to mention also he knows there’s a camera at Nate’s because at one point he
actually looks at the camera at Nate’s so he knows now this person that’s
walking out has been picked up by Nate’s and I’ll start making little pointers in
the actual video so you can our actual screenshot so you can see
what I’m seeing because I did show my husband and he looks just like I don’t
know what I’m looking at but if you look at that video over and over you start to
see what you’re looking at and she has a ponytail unless there’s a male that has
a ponytail it is a female it is a female forget about the jeans it’s a female and
there is a ponytail and I’m gonna outline it here now the one thing that
it does look like and it is hard to see so I will give you that but I think
she’s wearing sunglasses because there is a strip across the side of her head
that has this like big black spot so I’m gonna replay this a few times for you so
you can see the actual video and then I’m gonna blow it up and I’m gonna show
you what I mean and I’ve enhanced it three different
ways just three different ways to see the effects there’s three different
types of effects and I did that so you see if you can see it even better and
I’m gonna enlarge it I’m gonna show you the three I’m gonna do a few different
things so you can actually see it now at this point your blood may be boiling
because I know my house sure has been I can’t I can’t stop seeing this and I
can’t unsee it so then I got to thinking wait a minute if this is a female and
I’m not gonna say the name as of yet but if this is a female technically I don’t
know exactly who the female is right technically we could say that but who
does Chris know that’s very close to him or close to him or knows him and then
what I saw because I reviewed the interview tapes and what I saw was a
woman with a ponytail that has sunglasses on her head how can I undo
that according to be Catherine when your phone’s done
and I’ll get that back to you and then at that time if there’s anything we can
talk about it I do right now yeah there’s some stuff change they know that I’m like when
you’re wearing clothes all right big yellow pine that day afternoon today in
which you said you know I’ve been teetering what to do next
about this but I’m hoping as many people see this video as possible right away so
that they can share the heck out of this so this one little video cannot be
deleted because I know things happen I know there’s some weird crap that’s
happening and I hope maybe I can send this to the ROO sex now speaking of the
rue sex they were on dr. Phil and Sandy even said she feels like there is more
to this than meets the eye she’s very close to Shannon she even
knew the morning something was happening the moment she felt that so I mean she
that’s her baby so I don’t disagree with her and now I have proof and I don’t
understand how anybody hasn’t seen this like it’s just is really upsetting I’m
I’ve been upset I’ve been angry I’ve been a swearing I’ve been you know what
bottom line is without the all the drama there’s proof now that there’s somebody
else involved so now what’s law enforcement going to do about it I’m
gonna do another video of some discrepancies let’s just say of the
interviewee and we can talk about that more so leave it in the comments below
you’ve seen the video give me your thoughts can you see what I see now sure
the heck out of it subscribe because there’s a whole lot more coming your way
it’s not a lot to say and please check out my other videos as well currently
I’m doing one on Payton Houston who’s deaf still hasn’t been solved and also
on Heidi Broussard and how they have Megan fear in mooska and I have a whole
lot of details in there as well plus there’s an upcoming court case On
February 3rd thank you so much for watching see you soon

100 thoughts on “Chris Watts Update 2020 – Christopher Lee Watts DID Have Help!!

  1. I can totally see that the clothes match what she's wearing at the station. The hood from the lil jacket is what popped out the most for me.

  2. I believe you 100%. It's Nk. The police have had to see her too. They let her off. I'm enraged , just as you are. That's why so many of us are angry. She needs to be punished as well. I can't let this go. Why the cover-up??? The p.d. are hiding something and it must be big. It's not fair …we are not being told the truth. We are not stupid… she was there!!!! I am furious. Sha'nann and her babies have not gotten justice while she is still running around free. Great job.

  3. You are the Real MVP for posting this.. We all want Justice ✊ NK is just as heartless and deserves to be in prison for the rest of her life

  4. ok click bait I'm sorry but if you have been looking into this at all you already knew about this if not is the next new thing you find is the girls were alive when he put them in the truck

  5. I just sent it to Ian Albert at the police Department. Go to tarot cards for the soul that explains the hole case

  6. There is a video out with Angelina Jolie about Illuminati and the sacrifices. Torture. Tattoos on her back to represent what she's been through with them. Sick, demented individuals. Check it out.

  7. Great work glad to hear you think it is on gravel road. There is 2 vehicles. One is cws the other is not bettys. Either the cops are stupid or don't care or the whole thing is a scam of some kind. Very fishy case.

  8. Why the fuck are you in my inbox!!! Get a fucking life, it's been years! stop trying to profit of this horrendous murder you sad cow!

  9. There’s a thing called matrixing where you look at something enough or with intent, and your brain creates shapes out of what you’re looking at, or to corroborate what you’re looking for. It’s interesting what you can pull from matrixing. I’ve always thought she was involved, but I’m not sure what we are seeing here. I’ve heard this before, but I’m not convinced that’s her.

  10. This case is so sinister, and I cannot stand CW. I tip toe around the case, but after seeing your video, I'm going over everything. Just a couple of days ago, I watched for the first time, the surveillance video. I didn't know the details, under the assumption it was just him,, moving them to the vehicle. I thought, those shadows and images seem like there's more than one person. Nobody that I've seen cover it has mentioned this. It made my blood run cold. I'm new at this, but do people think she actively put her hands on Shan, Cece or Bella?

  11. It isn’t NK. It’s Chris. He used the blue bag of Anadarko and also the bigger jeans for SW when he is loading her out. He is using boards with wheel casters. The boards in the garage and you’ll see wheel casters in the basement and also at top of stairs in original video.

  12. Get the feeling she is behind all the problems when someone states the truth of what we are seeing!! Why cannot the authorities do anything to prove us wrong?

  13. Okay I’ve always believed and my gut feeling is that NK was involved in these murders. I also believe that NK’s friend was involved (I only know him by his first name and it begins with the letter J). He was always at her house and the two talked on the phone a lot. In fact, in some of the phone records I’ve seen NK would talk with CW and when she hung up with him she would call her friend J. One of the first times Tammy with CBI talked with CW one of her questions was “how would you kill someone”? His first answer was “hire a hit man”. In my opinion that answer tells a lot about this case. Of course he went on with other ways also. Now my question is this. If the red car was parked in the gravel area and there was a short fence in between the two homes. When the red car backs out why wasn’t the red car on the Watts’ side of the fence? In the video you can see the fence at all times. So if it was parked in the gravel the fence would have been on Betty’s side of the car and we would see the fence only after the red car backed out…correct? I’m asking bcuz maybe I’m missing something here. Good question about the girls back packs being packed and ready for school the next day. In my opinion there were so many things overlooked and I’m not pointing fingers at any of the investigators from Fredericks Police Department/CBI/FBI. Then I ask myself “how could these trained professionals have missed so many clues”? If I have noticed all of these things they must know way more… I hope anyway. But then I ask myself “if they have all of the evidence why haven’t they made more arrests in this case”?

  14. Quite interesting. I haven't seen your channel before, but it's always nice to see a new face🌹. I subbed. Let's get to the bottom of this✌

  15. OMG!! Do you know how many others have already said this and when? Months and Months ago!!
    Ponytail, Gait, Jeans etc.. If you have been following this case as long as you say you have, then you would already know this and also know that the Rzuceks have asked everyone to stop
    with these theories you call "facts".
    For crying out loud!!! I really hope you leave this family be and not send them something they have been shown dozens of times before.
    Everyone has already seen and heard all this!!
    Trust and Believe you are NOT the first one to come up with it.
    You do have the right to freedom of speech; however, the family has the right to privacy. So please for the love of God and all that is Holy, leave them alone!!.

  16. the mistress was with him I'm sure was helping with removing the bodies and burying them she should be arrested for aiding and abetting

  17. I will wait for the cbi & fbi make an arrest before I believe anything 🤷🏻‍♀️…
    I just hate that bald headed bih🚮
    He’s a disgusting POS !!!
    He needed an insecure lazy female who has no voice of her own & a follower like him 🚮✌🏼insecure men likes females like that 👀🤷🏻‍♀️
    If she was genuinely ( physically & mentally) involved in it , she will get her Karma back 💯💯
    Ps: vid was blurry so I didn’t see much

  18. Hi It’s A Crime! Yep it’s a female with a ponytail! Yep yep yep! I like many many others have been seeing videos for over a year about the ponytail & AD even had her sunglasses! I like your channel though! First timer here on it. I hope maybe you can get through to someone that this is NOT CW!

  19. Is this a joke? There is a man named AD who has a channel on youtube that has discovered the shadows already. This is old news. Now if you can find out why the police haven't arrested the other people involved that would be a new discovery.

  20. Oh yes the infamous “female” My blood has been boiling for a year and a half! Why haven’t there been more arrests is the million dollar question!

  21. hello i have a guestion …why dont you let the wats family alone? sorry but the damage is done lets say a prayer for shanean and the girls ..

  22. AD did segments of the infamous ponytail as well. In fact if you go watch MissJade title of video is "Who is She? Coming out of the Watt's Garage that morning" she also discussing the ponytail. A lot of creators took their videos down bc the R's wanted everybody to just stop. NOT sure why they don't want justice but it is very difficult to see it was – well we all know who that would be in that video, bc it's just too grainy. She has unfortunately been cleared. But happy to see others see it too. Maybe one day the truth will prevail.

  23. I have questions. What time was this video and why didn't the cameras pick up when this person arrived. I couldn't make out the ponytail and sunglasses but definitely saw a car leave, although NK had a white suv.

  24. Wow great work and well explained. NK that dirty whore needs to take a polygraph. Her day will come. Evil witch she is.

  25. I’m not trying to be rude but you asked why you are the only one to see this and nobody else has seen this in a year and a half? You also said you have been following this case from day one. Why don’t you know that this theory has been out from the beginning? So many people have been saying this for the longest time. Again, I’m really not trying to be rude but the title of this video had be thinking you found something that no one else has.

  26. I wonder if she didn't have an app on her phone that controlled her security system? Sorry I had to stop at 2:34 and say that. Let's do this

  27. I like your channel and agree with you but please be careful. There are evil people out there who have not only trolled but have terrorized other YouTubers who have pointed out similar information on the Watts case. Thanks for the video!

  28. I've seen this it's been revealed a few times and I believe even sent in to fbi that's why everyone is just waiting for arrests armchair detective found this a year ago

  29. NOBODY can fully delete images from a memory. If NK was there it would have been picked up by the Vivint camera and the police would simply have to get in touch with the people who run the Vivint servers to retrieve the deleted data from the morning of the crime.
    People don't like NK because women who sleep with married men have always been despised. Most of the people who think that NK had something to do with the crime are married women.

  30. I can't see anything but I have no doubt she was involved bc I believe she really was cyber stalking shanaan almost a full year b4 she was murdered. they try to say it was a typo but that makes no sense why would she be looking for shanaan in Sept of 2018? so I'm convinced Nicole was looking up shanaan in Sept 2017 a full 6 – 8 mos b4 she even met Chris!! something is def fishy with her that's for sure.

  31. As a family member of shannans I would appreciate if you’d stop creating videos of this karma will take its course please stop adding fuel to the fire

  32. Send it to he's excellent!! love his channel ! best lawyer and reviews this case all the time. Crime stopper aficionado

  33. So the detectives are dumb. Are they? No ponytail just that the vid had been manipulated so many times and people want a conspiracy. No one else involved but CW.. only thing NK is guilty of is being a narcissistic bitch. However, I do not believe she was involved in the murders. Only being a manipulator and CW May have been given an ultimatum to leave his wife. So he killed his entire family. NK was not directly involved with the murders. Not new very old and you aren’t a detective so find new content.

  34. I always thought the red car was on the gravel. It had confused me because I didn’t understand ghat part of the yard. Why have that? I thought it had gone through between the houses out to the back where the new stuff was.

  35. Its a very important point, were the backpacks done…..if they were not, Watts had planned it because as every parent knows, one of the most important duties are the kids bags the night before. However i disagree about the red car on the gravel. Think about it, someone is going to help you with a murder, where would be the best place to park the car? Round the back maybe…no, why don't we just park it right over the front garden , a place that isn't even made for a car just to make sure the neighbours really see it??. I also need to inform you that many people have said the figure walking out of the house was a woman, the footage isn't clear enough, you state a few things then show us a couple of examples that resemble plasticine dipped in blue and grey paint. Its speculation when it gets to that stage. There are still plenty of things to talk about with this case without all the wild speculations but if you are aiming on quantity over quality …bash on!

  36. Girl me to! I been wondering when someone was going to say that, I even went through a period where I was questioning myself lol but thank Goodness I found you and I’m not crazy YOU SEE HER TO!!!! Ha I freakin knew it,sorry but I’m stoked 😝 He even slips and says “I don’t know,she wasn’t supposed to be there “ in his first confession at Colorado PD you have to listen very carefully but yeah, he slips up,he catches it fast to lol so check it out!!!💜

  37. Great detective work. I think if someone was there they know. It may be NK or Jamie or shadows I don;t know…When Chris talked to his Dad in the interview…his dad asked him she killed them before Chris said those words (it seems)

  38. Armchair Detective did this same type of video about a year ago. He said the same thing. It’s definitely a female with a ponytail. NK obviously.

  39. Watt Do You See has been try'n for a year to get people to see the TRUTH about there being other people there that night,morning! Shannan was a good friend to me and I DO NOT think it is right that CW spend the rest of his life in prison over something that he was not the only person involved and I feel that there is NO JUSTICE until all people pay for what they did to shannan,bells,cc,and baby angel niko! You want to see more real hard proof check out WATT DO YOU SEE videos she's got all the proof to back up others WAS INVOLVED!

  40. I always said that there were more than him as did other people also on you tube but they were almost made to look crazy I hope she gets what she deserves thankyou

  41. Lovin'your work 💖 More and more angles have to be explored and all must be submitted to the Police. As intuitive people, we have always known that she was there. This cannot be left alone. "She wasn't supposed to be there"

  42. The thing is I can’t understand if it is her why didn’t she come out the back way where your less likely to be seen, CW, s knew the camera was at Nate’s so NK would have known this…if anybody was involved I hope they get arrested that’s for sure…

  43. I knew she was involved.. No doubt in my mind. Only on the fact that Watts didn't do 1 thing without instruction….

  44. I really like that you respond to your comments, going to subscribe…and don't listen to the nay-sayers, some people just like to be nasty

  45. I think we all should take a petition because no matter how many people are on YouTube had seen everything they still do nothing into sweep itunder the rug time to take a petition all these channels see what we see it's time that we do something different because every time somebody tries to say something they do nothing and act like we know nothing I think it's time to try to take a different approach because you can point it out to the DA or whoever out there but NK seems to just get away with murder I mean literally

  46. You ask what are the police going to do? They are hiding her in witness protection!!! That’s what they’re doing. Pisses me off. I’ve always known she was involved. Shan’ann was my friend (& with me in Scottsdale that weekend) and NK is, IMO the one that planned this and set it in motion. I also, cannot see what you are describing in your video, but I 100% believe she is a murderer and will one day pay. I don’t think they are done with her.

  47. So do you think LE knows about this and maybe gave her immunity for talking? OR Do you think he disarmed the doorbell thing?? Interesting 🤔

  48. this has been shown before on armchair detectives site I feel so sorry for shannans family they don't deserve to be having this shown over and over again

  49. Sorry, didn't convince me. I don't see it 🤔🙄🧐 been down this road too long and I have really reviewed the video plus Discovery. Listen to all 58 videos on The Diplomat and got many answers. Shannan ( in Discovery) has said many times for Chris to call Vivant bc it wasn't working right. I still believe CW never would allow anyone to see him do this to his family bc he cares way too much what ppl ( especially her) think of him being a "good guy". The tower ping was discussed before and, if she's a crazy stalker girlfriend no reason to think she didn't drive by his house to see if he was home or not (like some crazy girlfriends do) watch "411 Now" tower ping video Plus if a woman was involved it would if been carried out better and she would have stood by his side like most crazy woman who would have done this. This is why innocent ppl end up in jail. But I appreciate this. 🤗✌️🤩

  50. This looks very strange. Looks as if there ia a lot more someone needs to look into. I hope you have opened a can of worms. Well done.

  51. The armchair Detective has done this video last year and nobody believes him. You didn't discover this first honey.

  52. I followed this case and it's very sad. Those innocent kids didn't deserve what happened, nor was their mom. The girlfriend is very much involved and knows a lot more than she's saying. She did mention in her interview that she deleted his messages because she was angry and because he lied to her about his marriage, I think she deleted those messages because there's lots more she didn't want to tell…

  53. I don’t really see anything convincing here.
    If a powerful society thought he was a threat, I’m sure that he would be dead by now.

  54. We have all seen this long ago on Armchair Detective! I clearly saw NK'S ponytail, pocketbook, sunglasses and female outline and stride. That was a really good video of her inside the examination room btw and she is trying so hard to act like she didn't know but the facts and video Don't line up. I believe it was a social experiment to see how easily it would be to mind control a man into allowing his family to die so that he could not have to work for the rest of his life. Follow the money and look at the corporations who benefited from this scenario as well. Vivant, Anadarko and that BS company making products and patches!!!
    The It's should never have gone on Dr. Phil bcuz he too make a crap load of money. Do you think he gave them any of it or actually did anything to help them in their grieving process????

  55. I don't think there was a chat at all. Him saying that was to make the cops think that is what made him flip. Even though he says he "just flipped" – no he didn't, it was premed, NK was in the house, the girls were already dead when SW got home and NK helped get rid of her b/c there was so much done like cleaning, that in just a couple hours couldn't have been done. It was too organized and cleaned up so more time was needed.

  56. I have watched many countless videos on this subject. I too believe he had help. I also watched the Inside Edition story. I believe the investigators DID FIND KESSINGER HELPED, but they didnt have enough evidence to do charge her, and once he confessed the investigation stopped. They, like us, wanted him to confess he had help when they traveled to the jail and questioned him. I am sure they beat themselves up everyday and have studied and studied the videos too. The evidence they have is not enough, and there is reasonable doubt. There was no lawyers and no jury, and a presentation of all the evidence during a trial.

  57. He’s lying! Shannan’s was murdered as soon as she went to bed and went to sleep, and that’s NK who brainwashed Chris through hypnotism! The armchair detective has pointed this out quite sometime ago about NK leaving that morning. I like your style except your hand movements are interfering with concentration!

  58. I never thought such a country or state could be corrupted. Why don’t the police do something on that. !!! But if nk was there the whole night why was there a long phone call between the two?

  59. When there neighbor showed this video , I saw all this , I thought it was Chris , but now I'm seeing it closer here I can see it's his mistress then I see Chris. I wish you could contact the Fredrick police and have them take a closer look , I know the case is now closed.

  60. Yes get this to Shanans family! Hard to see…the more u look it does look like a ponytail. Why not get this to Dr Phil?! I would!!

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