Choosing the Right Camera: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman

I’m photographer David Bergman and this is ‘Two Minute Tips’ for AdoramaTV. Something I get asked all time is what camera should I buy? Well, of course there is not one perfect answer to that question since there are so many great cameras on the market but I’m going to give you some tips to think about next time
you go shopping. So what makes a good camera? Well you can’t just look at a Spec like mega pixels for example and assume that more equals better. Just
about any modern camera today makes great pictures but the truth is it’s the
person behind the lens that makes the images, not the camera. Having said that if you
don’t have the camera with you it’s not going to do you any good. My friend Chase Jarvis is credited with the quote, ‘The best camera is the one that’s with you” and he’s exactly right. The big DSLRs are great but if
it’s too big to fit in your bag or purse, you’re probably not going to
carry it with you and if it’s sitting in your hotel room, you can’t take any
pictures with it. Know yourself and if a little point and
shoot will fit better in your purse or bag, then that’s the one you want to buy. The next
thing you have to decide if you’re the type of person who likes to fiddle
around with all the settings on the camera or not. If you just want to point
and shoot well get a point and shoot camera. Done. However, if you want to learn apertures and shutter speeds and change out lenses and do all the things you can do
with a fancy camera, get yourself a mirrorless or a DSLR. That way as your
needs grow you’ll be able to upgrade your system. Lastly if you’re using a camera with interchangeable lenses, I recommend you spend more money on lenses than bodies. The camera bodies are little computers just like your computer at
home and you’re probably going to want to replace that every few years. The kit lens that comes with the camera is an excellent start but once you switch to a fast prime or a zoom lens, you’ll never look back. As long as you buy from the same camera manufacturer, you will be able to use those lenses for a really long time and find that it’s a really
great investment. So remember buy a camera that fits your lifestyle and isn’t too
big to carry around. Decide between a point and shoot and a camera with
interchangeable lenses, based on how much control you want and invest in quality
lenses and they might literally last you a lifetime. Thanks for joining me today on AdoramaTV. Don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing videos. Follow me on social media @DavidBergman and go to the Adorama Learning Center for lots of other great
tips and tricks.

76 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Camera: Two Minute Tips with David Bergman

  1. hey guys! i started photography recently and i really need you opinions. i own a 80D, and i have my eyes on the sigma 24mm f1.4, 18-35mm f1.8 and 35mm 1.4 lenses. they are quite similar in price and i couldn't make up my mind which one to buy. any opinions?

  2. The main thing you forget is : Choose a good system, a brand with long experience in the Photography market, a system with pedigree, enough lenses to cover you needs for now and the future, and a great service system behind it, to help you when you have a problem.

  3. It's nice to see the EOS M3 in a video about choosing cameras. My main shooter is the original M, a really nice compromise between hefty DSLR's and point-and-shoots for things like my uni bag. 🙂

  4. no camera = no photo
    I feel a little guilty when using my phone camera but it's better than nothing. The dslr is always with me but only comes out when I have the time to compose and work with the tools of photography.

  5. Just pulled out the lenses I used in Jr. High, in 1972 and attached to my new Nikon body. Still work just like they did in 1972. Granted new lenses are BETTER both optically and weight, but still, to think that a nearly 50 year old lens still has use is amazing.

  6. What's a good camera for shooting concerts from a far distance, I want good audio quality, zoom that's stabilized and focuses clearly, keep in mind concerts use very bright lights and I ant to capture the subject clearly, Something that isn't too big because it won't be let into most concerts like DSLR's, I have a canon point and shoot the audio is ok but the zoom quality isn't that great

  7. I bought the canon EOS M3 as my walk around body and it has quickly become my favorite camera to use. Can't say enough good things about it.

  8. Hey I really like you video, you channel also looks great! would you mind checking my channel and to give me some feed back on what needs to be done?

  9. but the question is will the point & shoot and other cameras' picture qualities come out the same or similar

  10. Yes, less money on the body, more on the Glass definitely. Glass and you make the pictures great. The computer between the glass and you, just organizes it, converts it to the file, and you finish in post if you need too. Easy right?

  11. HELLO ! I just want to shoot Still Objects , model photoshoot , which is best dslr amongst these: NIKON D5500 , CANON 70D , CANON 750D OR SONY A6000 ?

  12. we have a dslr camera and a point & shoot camera and a camcorder, all of those are pretty good, i like the dslr although its a bit too big for me but that camera is my parents camera.

  13. I want to pursue photography even more and even start my own business. However, most of my life I have just used my iPhone, and a point & shoot my dad bought for me. It's great for just starting off, but I'm ready to upgrade and learn more. I feel quite lost at where to begin, and I'm now doing research to be sure I get what's right for me. Anyone know a good camera for business?

  14. I love more Sony A7RII. I would recommend it to anyone! The only thing that I would say is that you must be interested in still photography. It is not really a good camera for fast action or action model photography, buuuuut I bought it specifically for still and I am very happy. Oh… it is cool for still videography work and I am actually quite happy with the sound quality which was surprising.

  15. Im a youtuber who makes tutorials and Im looking for a camera with very vivids colors. should i buy a DSLR or camcorder camera? thank you.

  16. great video. i will add, if you are more serious about production, don't rely on your video camera for sound. use a digital field recorder and sync in post production.

  17. i have the new nikon its big but i luv it great quality awesome features i got ilthe lenses from nikon as well i like to fiddle around with it its so cool most pics i take are with that cam because my phone is only 5 mega pixels while me camera is 26 mega pixels and im only like 9

  18. I have the iPhone 7, it has a pretty good camera set up. Obviously its always with me. BUT i am looking to get into photography a little more seriously, crisper photos capture things that are moving/living at random speeds. The Canon t3i that came out in 2011, would you recommend it? Or is the iphone 7 superior?

  19. Canon is probably the best camera choice in my dictionary I think on Christmas for my new YouTube channel I will get a Canon vixia hf r700 it is a good starter camera

  20. thanks I brought T6i having a hard time on pictures this xmas in my home NOT good same with Grandson Basketball games
    Lenses =18-55stm 18-135stm 70-200f4 55-250stm 50mmf1.8 what now????

  21. I am about to buy my first "real" camera and I hesitate between going for a bridge or a MILC. Are bridge type cams worth the money? Some people say they are just bigger, bulkier compacts with small sensors but again, I've read quite a few people praise them for their detailed features.

  22. Hey people of the comment section!

    So, I want to start making short films. I already have a DSLR, but it is really old and there is no Microphone Port. So I am going to get a new one soon. i need help deciding which cameras I should buy, and I'm on a Budget. Preferably from Canon, and below $600. If you can, please reply and give me some advice! Thank you! Have a great day!

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