CEC Connect: The Ultimate CCTV DVR app for iOS & Android Devices

CEC Connect is a free app from
Clinton Electronics that enables you to access your Shadow, Pro
or HD series DVR on your mobile device. Simply enter your
DVR name, IP address, port number and your login
information. Then tap on your DVR to connect. Tap the center icon to cycle through
various camera multi-plex views. At anytime swipe to change the camera
displayed. To view a camera full screen double tap the desired camera. Tap this icon here to save a snapshot of
the video to your device. To freeze video at any time tap this icon here, tap again to unfreeze. If you have a PTZ camera installed in your
DVR, tap the joystick icon to enable PTZ
mode. From here you can select a preset
to run, or you can manually control the focus,
zoom or pan/tilt functions using the
on-screen controls. To search recorded video; tap the search
button, then set your date and time and tap ‘DONE’ to go to the selected time. From here you can use the high-speed
scrubbing to quickly jump to a desired event. Double tap the camera of interest to view
the recorded video in full screen. Tap the ‘LIVE’ button to return to live video. Another cool
feature is the ability to pinch and zoom the
selected video. CEC Connect is available for both iOS and Android
devices. For more information visit us at ClintonElectronics.com and while you’re on our website, don’t
forget to request your free catalog.

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