CCTV of grenade and suicide bomb attack in Yemen

CCTV of the moment a suicide bomber drove
into a Yemeni Defence Ministry Compound on December 5th. In an attack that also saw gunmen
wearing military uniforms open fire on soldiers, 52 people lost their lives. 167 were wounded.
It was the country’s worst attack by militants for 18 months. The dramatic CCTV footage showed people, including
children, inside a hospital during the attack. It also showed an attacker throwing a grenade
at a group of people. The US military raised its alert status in
the region after the coordinated strikes on Yemen, which is also home to what Washington
has called the most active arm of al-Qaeda. The initial blast shook the bustling Bab al-Yemen
neighbourhood on the edge of the capital Sanaa’s old city. Medics and a defence ministry official
said the gunmen pulled a Western doctor and a Filipino nurse into the hospital’s courtyard
and shot them in front of local staff. The attackers also killed one of the Yemeni President’s
relatives who was visiting a patient in the site. In the end, security forces re-took
the compound after killing what they say was most of the attackers.

23 thoughts on “CCTV of grenade and suicide bomb attack in Yemen

  1. Horrific. I can never fathom how people can be so inhuman. Though I know the technical facts and the psychological profile of such sick-minded nasties.

  2. If you ask one of these Al-Qaeda militants why they are doing this, what would they say?
    Are they doing it to make Yemen a muslim state, it already is!.
    It already has a stricter sharia law than the Saudis.
    What do they want from the people of Yemen to treat them so disgustingly?
    Or is it the continuing rivalry between Shiite and Suni , Those that believe Ali should have been the first caliph not the fourth.
    Abu was made caliph after Mohammed died and thus started the civil war in the religion of peace that still rages today.
    Supporters drew sides and the blood began while the author's body was still warm.
    Abu was old and only lived a few years in office and Ali got his turn of office but his supporters insist that he should have been caliph from the start as he was Mohammad's favourite choice.
    Its like killing your neighbour for thinking that Jefferson should have been the first president not third.

    But I would like to know what motive are they killing in Yemen for.
    They are certainly not fighting for human rights or less authoritative government.
    Quite the opposite.

  3. With that many people I am surprise no one pick up that thrown grenade and throw it back at him. Your life is on the line. It's either him or you.

  4. They didn't even attack the soldiers at the military base like you said…. They literally just went in a civilian hospital and slaughtered civilians doctors patients families ect. The hospital just happened to be next to the military base. For some sick and twisted reason they decided to slaughter every single civilian they saw instead of fighting with the military that's next door down the street……sad. 😥

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