Welcome to my channel muhammad abdul gofar this time I will make a tutorial how to connect cctv to some android so for those of you who have not managed to connect CCTV to some Android please refer to this video to complete if you have just joined this channel please provide your support to us by pressing subscribe okay just use the tutorial we download the ivms 4500 application to Android, which we will set we install first wait until the installation process is complete after it’s finished installing, we just open the application selec region we choose according to the region where we are after it’s finished then we press enter after that we click on line three in the upper left corner then we select the top menu Waiting is loading for phone numbers or emails we enter according to the first android if on the first android use a phone number please use the phone number but if on the previous android using email please use email the email we entered must be the same with the previous Android make sure you remember the email and password that you used before after the email has finished we enter If you forget the password that you previously used please click forget password After finishing, then we click on the colored text we just click directly well after that the type of DVR will appear we just click at the bottom there will be a live view text then it will ask for a verification code device for device verification code in the dvr menu after this I will tell the location of the verification code to see the device verification code, please see the following tutorial first we enter the menu then we select the configuration click network then click the platform acces menu for devices verifikasion code above the status post devices verification code is according to what we fill must be the same as the one we entered on android this part huh which I created is admin123 then click confirm so if You entered the verification code incorrectly so it won’t work so make sure you remember email password then devices verifikasion code after pseudo right I make sure you can monitor your CCTV from anywhere okay until here we meet this time I hope this tutorial can help your cctv problem and also useful for all please share this video thanks you for watching dont forget to subscribe


  1. kalo pake ivms 4500, bisa konek tanpa harus satu jaringan internet yah bang?
    soalnya saya pake hik-connect, hanya bisa terkonek jika menggunakan satu jaringan wifi dengan dvrnya. kalo dari jaringan wifi berbeda dengan dvr, maka tidak bisa terkoneksi (dvrnya gak ke baca)
    mohon penjelasannya bang… tks

  2. Kalo pake hik-connect susah untuk berbagi ke banyak hp android
    Kyk nya video ini lebih mudah untuk konek ke banyak android

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