Cara format HDD pada DVR CCTV

welcome back to my channel guys.. this time I will make a video, how to delete HDD or HDD format files on CCTV DVRs with the Avtech brand first we enter with a password ok then.. I use this mouse, we right click we go to the system menu klik account tools system info, now we enter the info system we choose clear HDD, click here here I use 2 HDD I choose one of them, for example HDD2 so later the deleted file is on HDD2 klik then the display will appear like this Are you sure you want to delete data on HDD2? we choose yes then the data will be deleted / formatted this means it is in the deleting process we wait a little longer this is almost 100 percent the process well then the automatic drive is reset just like that so HDD2 has been formatted / data data on HDD 2 is gone easy huh that’s all for this video may be usefull continue to support this channel by subscribing thanks for watching see you in my next videos thank you

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