Camera Market in Decline – Will Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Sony Survive?

7 thoughts on “Camera Market in Decline – Will Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Sony Survive?

  1. Spec !!! Just give us good spec for good price!!!!
    Im taking to Nikon
    Sony why FX9 excited why and why not 6k 🤔
    S1H IS much better choice!!!
    So many mistake by camera companies 🤣

  2. Good analysis. Two things I'm most interested to see: XT4, and IF Canon will see the error of their ways, recant their sins, put their cripple hammer in mothballs–and show some loyalty to their loyal customers—-a la Fuji.
    Let's hope so, because the myth of Canon color/skin tones is NOT a myth. Canon customers deserve better.

  3. great video – though your statement about the X100V not giving fuji big revenue is something im hoping to continue the discussion.
    mainly that there's some stats stating that in OTHER BRANDS most of their sales / profits comes from lower teir cameras and that the pro higher end camera bodies even though more expensive does not make big enough sales to compete in number of profits compared to the cheaper brands.
    maybe you can help confirm or deny that statement whether its out of date or some inaccuracy.
    not saying the "cheaper or maybe not so cheap" X100V is going to sell more than the XT4 and lead to greater profits for fuji but just wanted to add that I've seen numbers stating that cheaper products since are sold more than their expensive models lead to higher profits for the company over their higher end models.
    then again, "profit" might also be the idea that gets people in to the door and in to that brand ecosystem. someone who starts with fuji getting some A-7 , XT200, XT30… and in the next camera model cycle, they "upgrade" with the flagship models etc.

    but besides fuji bringing out another good camera body. i think they also still need to bring out good camera lens, whether its updating their 1.4 fast lens line with new quiet and faster auto focus motors – and throw away the focus by wire that most people seem to dislike …and more video focus fast camera lens – maybe taking two birds with one stone, release a fast wide f2 lens that has OIS that's good for video as well, or the usual short zoom but fast lens for video.

  4. I think camera 📷 must work hard to beat smart phone 📱. Should cameras have androids system and bigger screen. Canon has the best color I think they will be the leader again

  5. These camera companies have other businesses like medical equipment, binoculars & consumer electronics. I think they'll survive 2020 but I think the year will be slow for Nikon as they're expecting production delays. Olympus & Pentax seem more focused on action/waterproof cameras nowadays I don't know where they'll go from here.

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