Camera Demo: Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret

hi, I’m Kieran from use-IP and in this video
we’ll be showing some sample footage of a DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR turret camera from
Hikvision. This footage was recorded with 6mm focal length
model. This camera was part of the very popular 3MP
R0 and was a favourite thanks to its EXIR LED’s which help to provide even IR coverage
in the entire scene as you can see in this footage shot in a very dark garden. We also filmed this scene again with a simple
10W LED floodlight installed which helped provide further ambient light to the camera,
surprisingly it remained in night mode rather than switch to colour but this isn’t a problem
thanks to the cameras go night performance anyway. Here is some footage from the camera during
a typical day scenario. The image & video settings used were mostly
kept as default settings but full details will be covered in the description box below. And lastly here is the footage of the 2 night
scenes again side by side for comparisons sake. Thanks for watching and feel free to check
out this camera on our webshop or check out our Youtube channel and social media pages
for more camera videos similar to this one.

2 thoughts on “Camera Demo: Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I 3MP EXIR Turret

  1. Does this camera have audio? What’s the red light on the camera? We have several indoors that don’t have a red light but one outdoors has a red light

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