Ahoj! This is Zdenka. These photos are so good. And they bring so many memories. Do you print your photos? It’s another creative camera challenge time. Today’s episode will be all about how you
can capture and tell story through your photography. If we don’t know each other yet, my name is
Zdenka Darula. If you want to learn how to take better photos
and videos with the latest gear and participate in creative camera challenges like this one,
you might wanna stick around and consider subscribing. Before I show you some of these ones, let’s
announce the best photos from the last round which was food photography. First one is here and is from Raymond. Strawberry chocolate smoothie photographed
with Canon 60D and Canon lens 24-105mm. He also mentioned his aperture setting which
was F/4.0. Second photo is from Donna. And it’s roast pork taken with iphone. Photo number 3 is from Rajkumar and is a photo
of pomegranate with curd. It was taken with Canon M50 and macro 28mm
lens. Photo number 4 is from Donna. And as she says, this is a photo of my cookies
with chocolate caramel Easter Eggs I had from Easter taken with iphone. Photo number 5 is from Alex. And it is a big meaty sandwitch, it was taken
with Sony A6000 and Sony lens 50mm/F1.8. Photo number 6 is from Jimmi and the title
is Just thinking about hamburger. 7th photo is from Raymond. He simply said, I was invited for an outdoor
birthday party and he took this photo with Canon 60D and Canon 50mm lens F/1.8 in natural
light. Photo number 8 is from Scott. And here is what he says. I loaned the mini milk bottle from a local
barista shop and took the shots on the window ledge of my kitchen which meant some mad maneuvering
of my tripod on the drainer and climbing on a the tops to take them. I took this with Sony A7iii with my favorite
85mm lens F/1.8. The light was a bit rubbish so the exposure
were pretty slow but used the cable to release and shot wide open for the effect. Photo number 9 is from Max. This photo is quite nicely lit. Max also posted behind the scenes photos of
his set up. So thank you for sharing. And the last photo is here from Brad. As he says, my favorite wine, absolutely amazing. I am always willing to share a glass. OK. So what time should we be there? This photo was taken with Pantax K-1 and 100mm
macro lens and light box. Thank you so much for participating. You all did absolutely amazing. All the photos are great. Featured photographers from today’s episode
are listed just below the video in the video description. There is difference between photos and photos. Confused? I shoot for 15 years and I remember when I
was younger and I was just starting out, I was getting excited over every single photo
I took. You know every single photo I took of models
and stuff like that. I was just so thrilled and I was just so happy
looking at the shots. Now that I am more experienced, It’s no longer
about the perfect pose, it’s no longer about the perfect light, about that photo taken
with $2,000 lens. I look at the photos and I think OK, they
are cool, nice photos but there is no relationship between the photos and me. They are just OK photos, nothing special. There are other photos that I took with crappy
old phone but they mean 1000% more to me. They have that special relationship because
they capture the moments, the raw real moments. Telling story through the photos are my absolute
favorite. As you get advanced in photography and as
you get older, as you age, you will go through many different stages of life, you will have
different priorities, you will change a view on photos many times. When I photograph weddings, I really don’t
enjoy anymore taking those posed formal photos. I think I am pretty much over with that. I love taking the candid stuff. Walking around with big lens and just capturing
the raw, the real emotions, the real stuff as it happens naturally progresses. I love capturing a story but this video is
not about weddings. This is about capturing story of your own
life. Your past, present, special weekend coming
up, special people, pets, items, anything. Let’s talk about gear. Some people, not everybody, some people get
so caught up with all the gear in the world, the special camera, the special lens, the
special technical quality, no noise, best aperture, all the sharpness in the world,
the colors that they completely forget what story telling photography is all about. Capturing the special moments, the special
memories of someone in their life. And this camera challenge I don’t want you
to as worry about technically perfect photos. I mean, don’t do the opposite when your photo
is so smudged that nobody can actually tell what is in the photo. But rather, concentrate what you are seeing
through your lens. Here are some photos which are very special
to me. Why? What is the story behind them? First photo looks like just a regular photo
of an airplane engine right? Just like you travel somewhere on the vacation. Well, this photo is extremely special to me. This is from the flight I took from Czech
republic to Canada forever. I didn’t know that at that time when I took
the photo. This was taken the day I left Czech and never
came back. I only go back on vacation. Look at this photo. Just a note on the paper right? Photo of some kind of a note. It is a letter. One of the letters my grandma used to send
me when I lived in Canada my first few years. No computers, handwritten letters. The signature says granny. Even though she is not here anymore, this
photo keeps her here alive. Photo number 3. Jeseniky in Czech republic. This is the view of mountains I am from. This photo, all the memories are coming back. Photo no. 4. Just a behind the scenes photo from Thailand. My old modeling days. This was the best ever modeling trip I have
ever done. I will never forget that one. We went there few weeks right after the big
tsunami hit. We were working there taking photos from swimsuit
magazine and I remember, I came back really sick. I caught some bug there, I was sick for a
month. And last photo here is my superhero Daddy
building his cottage in a mountains. He is super high, no tied up or safety or
anything. This is many, many years ago. He always took risks. It still actually gives me chills looking
at this. Well, I chose little bit over the top photos
when it comes to stories. These are very big moments. It is your turn now. You have until February 29th 2020 to submit
your photos capturing a story. People, pets, items, locations, anything goes. Don’t forget to write a little commentary
so we understand what the image is all about. And if you can, mention which camera took
the photo. You can upload the photos to ZD camera challenge
facebook group. The link is in the video description below
or you can upload it to your Instagram account and don’t forget to use #zdchallenge12. And as always the most interesting photos
will be featured in the next round of creative camera challenge. Hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s
video, subscribe to all future videos like these. If you have any questions, comments or simply
want to say Hi, you can do so in the comment section below and I will see every one of
you in the next one… Cau… Ahoj…

25 thoughts on “CAMERA CHALLENGE How to CAPTURE and TELL STORY through your PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. I really don't print my photos but I review them often. I have albums which separate personal from work photos so I can review as wallpaper on my TV. Congrats to all the food photos they look great. πŸ₯‚

  2. Hey new to this. But love your video. I shoot more with my phone. Have a DSLR, Nikon. Don't really use it. Too big and bulky. I don't know what I'm doing with it..😞πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚ But all I do shoot softball Any good tips? Let me know.

  3. Great pictures from camera challenge and this new one looks like its going to be special, very insightful, closer to the heart(Shout out to Rush, and Neil Pearts family) and also lots of fun, creative, telling a story through our cameras eye.Thanks ZD Another super video……PS Ciao and Ahoy

  4. added to my watch later list!
    blessings from the Chilcotin my friends,
    hope the days have been kind to one and all eh,
    busy as a beaver out here so be well in mind, body and soul,

  5. You will always be in time, I found you when I bought my Osmo mobile 3 and taught me, today you also teaching me as I prepare for a trip with my children and family to take photos and videos, If I like the pictures I will take, Haha, I will dare and post it, I hope to like it, especially since it will be my first time, a post-39 hobby. Thank you very much, Zdenka

  6. Your videos keep getting better and better. I found you through your canon M50 tutorials, and now you are becoming one of my favorite camera channels. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  7. Ahoj:) What an impressive presentation again albeit, on still photography this time. The unique commentary on telling a story by freezing a frame is absolutely engaging viewers to watch the entire video content. Yes, you look super cool in the sets and especially the purple band (as it appears in my mobile screen) of your costume beautifully matches with the darkish gradient purple background. Incidently, have a fb as well as instagram account but, for unknown reasons I am not active in these social media platforms.
    Have a great day ahead.

  8. Hi Zdenka, just a quick question. Do you have a white pad with your verbiage on it and read it in your videos or do you wing it. Can you tell me your method. Hope all is well…

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