Calpe adventures | Zostaliśmy oszukani *my camera broke

welcome back to my channel. We’re in Cape. I actually had my flight to Alicante. So we’ll actually be between two towns. Yesterday our whole trip started as an adventure. And I’ll be honest, uber actually comes in handy. I mean we have everything in an app. You travel to a different country and you know that you’ll probably pay a standard fee. That moment, when there’s no uber a taxi driver wants to express his creativity and additionally sets his eyes on a victim like me then he can charge I’m not saying all cab drivers cheat but we just had a situation yesterday. Anyway, I really can’t complain. This place is beautiful. So we’re going to spend a few days sight seeing in Cape next we’re going to make our way to Alicante. By the way, I think I will be able to fix up my Spanish while Im here. Yesterday due to the whole “situation” with the taxi driver I was forced to communicate in Spanish which isn’t the best at the moment but I managed. And most the people in our hotel are actually British so we’re good. I’ll tell you this, all the dogs here seem to be like possessed or something. All the houses here are so beautiful. This town also has a very peaceful and quiet vibe to it. That’s also due to the fact, that most the people living here are older Brits and Germans So you know. There’s a really cool motorhome parking here. To all my big feet ladies, do you have a tendency to to walk into a shoe store and look at the shoe sizes available when you find shoes that you really like? Cause I do it. I’ll walk into a shoe store and start searching and hoping that they actually have my shoe size. And most the time, they don’t. You have an offer here ( in Polish) Why is this place all dug up I was hoping we’d be able to sit here and chill. In Cape Town theres this place called Sea Point and the beach and the pier really remind me of it. As I said the town if full of elderly people and the fashion here really caters to that. No worries, I love elderly people. Plus, we actually came here during the off season which is why its so chill. I really like this blazer Its giving me a vintage vibe and checkered prints will be really in this Spring/ Summer 2020. So you never know. this shop has such a mixture of things. You can. get clothes here you can get statues and then there’s me and reggae. Now this is what I call a whole vibe. This reminds me of the times when my mum used to sell various African/ Indonesian statues at fairs. This is so cool I just hope I don’t break this Its comfy. Do you know what just happened I’m a little angry cause as you can see (you can’t really) something happened to my camera and a screw fell out of the back of my screen. I guess I’ll have to try and find a place where I can fix this. We’re here at Las Salinas de Cape. Its beautiful, you can find flamingos here, filter-feeding. I think its a very interesting sight You have the pavement and just beside it you actually get real flamingos. The only downfall of this place is the actual smell of this place. First place and they said that they can’t fix it there and there’s no one there that can help me there either. So I guess, it’s not that fun maybe I should use some sticky tape and actually tape the screen up ( because it is a flip screen) just so I can film normally until I get back to Poland. But I’d rather fix it now. We’ve actually already taken about 15 000 steps. So, we have been walking quite long. But we’re also sight seeing in the meantime which is why I can’t say its all walking in our pursuit. Actually my pursuit because Im the one that actually has to fix it. A guy just helped me fix in the place behind me and he did it for free. We’re going to try and hike up there today and I don’t know if I’m dressed ok for this cause I’m wearing Jordans but I didn’t actually pack better shoes so they’ll just have to do. You know you can’t go hiking without drinking coffee. We need some energy. Whats great is that the coffee here is so cheap. Yesterday we ended up taking over 25 000 steps we’ll see how many we’ll be able to take today. This is a perfect way to get your NEAT up. Anytime people tell me that they don’t like sports or exercising then walking is a perfect form of exercise and burning some extra calories plus while sight seeing it only makes it more fun. theres solutions right. I wonder if they’re still together. the route in general is quite easy We’re obviously going to take the route for tourists. Theres two available, one is for beginners the other one is meant for professionals and people that have been doing it for a while. One of them is called “Ruta Roja” The red route is meant for people like us. Ok, it says that you can’t go hiking if you’re under the age 18 but I’m sure Ive seen kids hiking up this mountain people just have to be careful. Ok. So the route was very easy, but until we got to the tunnel. Kids were actually allowed to hike up until the tunnel. Everything was awesome, but why did I wear those Jordans again Do I always edit in the same hoodie? Possibly. The main inhabitants of Penon de Ifach are seagulls Seagulls always remind me of the movie “Finding Nemo” And that would be all, hope you enjoyed this vlog Make sure you let me know in the comments section below whether you rather spend your holidays chilling or spending them in an active way. See you next time in the next episode. I just wanted to add quickly that, Im so impressed with Calpe, as it is such a beautiful picturesque town walking up the beautiful streets, the pier its really amazing. If you’ve never been then really recommend this place to you guys.

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  1. Osi zazdroszczę Ci urody jesteś przepiękna też chciałabym tak wyglądać a i podziwiam że nie boisz się latać ja trzęsę się na samą myśl a i miejsce jest piekne. Ja mam 13 lat a mam 42 i to jest okropne mało butów na mnie pasuje wiem co czujesz.
    Pozdrawiam cię i zazdroszczą podróży a i kolczyki piękne 😍😊😘

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