Build A Doorbell In Minecraft!Minecraft Tutorial|| B4B – Bulletz4Breakfast ||

Hello everybody I’m epic donut and welcome to this tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to build a doorbell in Minecraft now remember This is a demo house. I’ve built over here just take it as is your normal house and Yeah, let’s go ahead Now the first step would be to break this block in the middle And then place a button on it After that, This is optional again place a sign and write doorbell so that It’s informative to your friends whenever they want to actually you know come inside your house Then grab lime concrete powder or any block that supports redstone and place it in this manner After that grab note blocks and place it again. Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine After that place a redstone repeater in between these blocks and a redstone right in front of the first note block Okay, let’s try it Now you’d want to mix it up so set this tune according to yourself and play it again As you can listen to the music now, it’s totally awesome Please like comment and subscribe to this channel, and I hope you guys enjoyed

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