BTS #12 – Night Portrait w/ Off Camera Flash (ft. Godox AD400 Pro & V1)

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and in today’s video I’m doing another episode in my building the shot series
if you guys are not familiar with what that series is it’s basically one that I
created not too long ago where I felt much to do my best to break down every
single thing that I can think of about how a certain image of mine was created
in today’s video I’m gonna be going over this image on the screen right here of a
model and friend of mine by the name of Emily that I took back in April in st.
Louis during the shutter first conference I already done a bunch of
episodes in this series so in case you guys are wondering how I created any of
the images that are on the screen right now all of these images you can check
out the playlist that’s gonna be in the top right corner of the screen or in a
description area below I chose a lot of these images for specific reasons that I
think would help you guys to learn more about in terms of if I use high-speed
sync or not if I use nd filters 10 modifiers that use the lighting
conditions just just a lot of different things so I highly recommend you guys
check out these different videos because I think you’ll learn a lot if you guys
aren’t already following me on Instagram i highly recommend you at least check me
out at fjh photo because another thing that i try my best to do is make every
single post on my Instagram very educational
I share the exif data and share the lighting information I share
behind-the-scenes photos for visual learners make myself I’m gonna start
sharing this three data camera shots so you guys can see exactly where I started
with the image I also share a lot of behind scenes videos and photos from my
photoshoots and another thing that I want to do more is doing live videos
from my photoshoots so you guys can tune in ask me questions
and answer them write them in there okay so now that you guys know that i have an
instagram at fgh photo let’s get to the reason why you’re here which is to learn
a little bit about how i created this image on the screen right here of Emily
from that photo shoot I did with her back in st. Louis during the shutter
finish conference in April before I start talking about the gear choices and
the lighting choices I do want to let you guys know how this photo shoot was
set up and it’s honestly as simple as my friend Ivan did on setting up the whole
shoot and me just tagging along assisting and asked him if I can get a
couple of shots in return throughout the entire shot of first conference there
were so many photo shoots going on there’s actually a lot of photo shoots
going on in this image right here that you don’t see and I just pretty much
have run out a couple of different photo shoots assisted and asked if I can get a
couple of photos in return and honestly a lot of people eye shadow first are
very nice and they’ll let you get a couple shots and so I did my best to
work fast as possible for this shot I actually created in about two and
a half minutes because I didn’t want to waste anybody’s time especially Ivan’s
time because it was his photo shoot so again this photo shoot was actually set
up by Ivan and I just happen to tag along and take some photos that he
allowed me to take I want to give him a huge thanks for doing that for allowing
me to take some pose because he could have easily said no and let himself take
all of the photos for this photo shoot but he said yes and I created the shot
and I really liked it and it’s why I’m making this video now that you guys know
how that photo shoot was set up let’s start talking about the camera and the
lens choices the camera that I used was the sony a7r 3 there’s no special reason
why I use that camera other than the fact that I love all the resolution that
it offers and it’s one of Sony’s latest cameras so it has all the improved
features that the older cameras don’t have the lenses I used was the sigma art
105 1.4 as i mentioned before there was a lot of people in the background of the
shack so I really wanted to burn them if I shot wide I’d get all the people in
the background unless I shot a low angle which I believe Ivan actually did and if
he did do that I’ll leave the image on the screen with his permission of course
so you guys can see how that came out for me I pretty much just loved to blur
the background if you guys are already familiar with my work you would know
this so I’m not gonna lie to you guys even if there’s nobody in the shot
behind her I pretty much probably would just use the Sigma art when a flight 1.4
and blur the heck out of the background like I did actually now that I think
about it I also use the Sigma art 105 1.4 later that night at another photo
shoot that I did my friend Sam with a model by the name of Hillary you guys
are interested in knowing how I took this photo on the screen right here you
can check out the link that’s in the top right corner of the screen the Sigma art
when a 5 is a beast of a lens so I did have my doubts about whether I should
bring it with me or not to see Louis for sure the first but ultimately I did
because I loved the look that this lens provides but if I needed to travel
lighter I probably would travel with my Sony 85 f e 1.8 lens that’s a really
light lens it’s not too expensive either if you guys don’t have that lens I
highly recommend that you check it out so that was very much the camera and the
lens choices which aren’t too important my pain what’s more important in my
opinion is the lighting choices because I made my different lighting choices for
specific reasons I usually go ducks 8400 Pro also known as the Explorer 400 Pro
by Adorama as the main light because it has a nice and bright mine lamp which I
actually don’t use for its intended purpose which is to preview how the
lights gonna fall and where the shadows are going to be
I actually use it for another reason because I was shooting in a low-light
scenario if I didn’t use that mind map then they pupil of the eye the black
part would show up a lot more than the iris of the eye the color part since I’m
a fan of colored eyes I pretty much always want them to show up as much as
possible so that’s why I use the mine lab so that the pupil constricts and you
see more of the iris of the eye all that color is welcome to me and I’m a happy
camper I usually go xp1 also known as the flash
point zoom lithium-ion X as a rim light because again I was shooting in a
low-light scenario and I did need some sort of separation from the model and
the background so that goes out to be one provided that nice separation on the
background and it also has a mind map so I was able to preview how the light was
gonna fall I do believe before I even took a couple
of shots I did have Ivan in the back there holding the v1 move a little bit
so I can see exactly how I wanted it to fall and I was able to see exactly how I
was gonna look like the modifier that used for the gun X 8400 Pro was a 24 by
24 inch softbox which is my absolute favorite softbox to travel with because
it folds nice and small which is perfect to fit inside my peak design 20 L
backpack this is a modifier that I talk about a lot in my building and shot
videos because whenever I travel and take a shot that I really like I’m more
than likely using this modifier it’s very cheap it’s are very affordable it
has double diffusion and it fits nice and small like I mentioned before I
didn’t use a modifier for the rim light because I honestly didn’t even need one
it did its job it provided a nice separation between
the subject and the background so again I was a happy camper
before I forget I do need to give a huge shout out to my friend Celeste err for
holding the main light that got to 8400 pro with the 24 point 24-inch softbox it
was actually on Ivan Stan so also another things to Ivan for not only
letting me shoot letting me use the stand but also holding the gun out to be
wind as the rim light so huge thanks to them for helping me out now that you
guys know why I chose that camera that lens and that lighting equipment as well
as how the shoot was set up let’s go into Lightroom so I can show you guys
the straight edit camera shot so you can see exactly how they look like as well
as how I eventually came to that last image that I really liked and I’ve been
talking about this whole time so what you’re seeing on the screen right now is
the test shot they took to see if I needed to raise or lower the output of
the flash on both the 8400 Pro and the v1
although the mind map is going to tell you guys exactly how the leg is going to
fall and how the shadows are gonna look like
it won’t tell you if the fashion point needs to be stronger or weaker there is
an auto mode called TTL but TTL isn’t always consistent it might be too strong
or too weak depending on how you use different things inside the camera
including the metering modes so I always do my best to shoot manually because
it’s the best thing for consistency I pretty much only use TTL when I need to
go absolutely low on my light because you guys didn’t know using TTL actually
allows you to go maybe up to three stops lower than the lowest output available
to you that you can access manually on your light in the shot I took of Hillary
in another building the shot video you’ll see that I use TTL for the exact
reason because I need to go really low on my life once again this was just a
test shot but one thing I wanted that you guys know about is I didn’t like the
lighting on the main light the 8,400 Pro I always liked my light to be really
close because it creates a nice impact and nice contrast on the skin and it’s
also much softer I also wanted to like to be a little bit higher so I believe I
asked Celeste or sprinkles to move a little bit closer and raise the light a
little bit higher this is a shot that I took after that last one but one thing I
wanna let you guys know is even though I did pretty much remember telling Celeste
to raise the light a little bit higher it actually looks a little bit lower if
you pay attention to the nose the shadow on the nose right here you can see it’s
a little bit going down to the left so that means it’s a little bit high and to
the right because of the way the shadow is falling but and the second shot here
you can see that it’s going actually the shadows going up so it was at a low
angle that’s why there’s no shadow underneath her chin so I believe maybe
this is a situation where maybe Sylvester was taking a break lowering
the light and I took another shot and I was like wait a second the light looks
different so let’s go ahead and see if in the next shot I okay so he still
hasn’t raised it as much as I wanted to but you can actually see a little bit of
the softbox on top right corner of the screen
before I forget let’s talk about the settings I used iso 100 105 or because
of that blurry background and to let in a lot of light and i shot at one one
sixtieth of a second these settings were perfectly fine to me but eventually what
I would come to later understand is that if I shot and a little bit higher iso
and a little bit faster of a shutter speed then I would have gotten less
ghosting which I’ll show you guys in a bit so just keep in mind you always want
to shoot at a low ISO but sometimes shooting enough faster
Center speed might benefit you in other ways like avoiding ghosting back to this
image I’m still not liking the lighting so let’s continue to see if I just
anything I think at this point I’m just taking a couple of photos thinking that
my lighting is fine but eventually I do move it and harass Celestra to move it
and then I ended up liking it more so I think this is a situation for this image
that I like this image I brought up the explosion just a little bit but it’s not
exactly how I love my lighting so you can see that the light is a little bit
closer and now just a little bit and it’s up until this shot right here that
I actually really like the impact of the lighting on the skin and the softness so
at this point I do leave the light there and then go ahead and just continue to
take a couple more shots the main thing that I’m pretty much looking forward to
or looking to get a variety of is the different type of movement in the dress
so her pose was pretty much great to me her styling was great so I was really
just looking for any sort of variety that I can get specifically with that
movement in the dress here’s another couple of shots again the only thing
that I’m really getting out of here is different kind of poses from her looking
up as well as that movement in the dress so I took a couple of shots of her
smiling I took maybe two shots there and then I went back to being serious okay
this is just a this is just a mess-up shot she’s you know I’m not ready but
then again she’s pining she has her hand on her shoulder I go ahead I still like
the lighting here so I went ahead and just get a couple of landscape shots I
actually do you really like this shot and this one as well but I think I
prefer that shot and then after those I went back to shooting and portrait
orientation I took this shot wasn’t exactly happy with it but then once I
took this shot I was actually really happy for it with her expression the way
that the dress is moving and it’s why I chose to edit this image and I’ll show
you guys exactly how I did this image in a second so although I did use this
image and I’m going to explain how I took this I do want to show you guys a
couple of shots I took after this image which are these ones right here
sometimes when I really like a shot I might stop right then and there and I’ll
take a behind the scene shot other times I’ll think maybe something could you
know something’s different there’s that I can take another shot of like her
dress or hair movement and I can just go ahead and manipulate the image and you
know copy some parts of the other images onto that the image where I like her
expression or something and make it even better
so sometimes I’ll take a variety of different images after I took that one
Shep I really really liked so here she is looking up now and she has a
different post I actually really liked this shot here should have edited that
shot but let’s go ahead and continue I believe after I took this shot here I
thought this was another shot I really liked so I went ahead and just grabbed a
couple by inosine shots which is this shot here you can see I’ve been right
there she’s just holding the light he’s happy and a couple of other vampire
centers around the area like I said before there was a lot of photo shoots
going on so we made her best to shoot in that exact spot real quickly before I
show you guys the adjustments that I made to this image I do want to show you
guys the EXIF data I took this specific shot at 7:53 33 p.m. and I took the very
first shot at 7:51 23 which is two minutes and 10 seconds earlier
my whole point for showing you guys the exif data is because one thing I always
do at my photo shoots is I try to tie myself I worked very very fast and very
very efficiently because I don’t want to waste anybody’s time and now I want to
get better at getting the shots that are in my head out in real life and in the
photo as fast as I can so I definitely think you guys should do the same thing
try to time yourself try to do work really really fast and I think it’s
gonna help you become a better photographer one thing that I can’t
stress enough is good practice is if you’re shooting with another
photographer if you’re gonna be shooting next after he’s done or if you’re
assisting them one thing that you should be going through your head is what are
you seeing in the background test your different settings to see exactly how
you want to expose that background look for different elements that you might
want to incorporate into your image once it’s once it’s your turn to shoot and
just keep pretty much doing photo shoots in your head I do a lot of different
photo shoots in my head when I just see random things out going on in public and
it’s really hard to turn off but I love it it’s like a little mini photo shoot
of my head that I can do for fun so this is the image after the adjustments were
made but let me show you guys exactly how they look like straight at camera
how this image looks like straight at camera which is exactly how this shot
looks like here one thing you can tell is that it’s a little bit underexposed I
wanted that you guys know exactly why sometimes when I take an image with a
bright LCD screen it might look fine exposed on my camera but once I bring it
to Lightroom it’ll be overexposed or actually underexposed a little bit so I
actually don’t – at all because one thing that always
worries me is over exposing the highlights blowing out the highlights so
I don’t mind having a little bit of an underexposed image as long as I can
bring it up a little bit in exposure and still get the exact same quality and
look that I got on the back of the camera so again all I had to do was just
raise that exposure up to 85 and it brought it to an eye slightly a level I
also increased the colors I always push the colors this way which is in the
calibration area I was bring that blue primary saturation
slider up to 60 to 80 it really increases all the colors but sometimes
it pushes the oranges a little bit too much so I go ahead and just reduce them
actually for this shy I believe I did it adjust the saturation of the orange so
so I I will say that emily is a little bit pale so I guess I brought up up to a
decent level or normal level no offense to Emily but she is pretty pale so I
guess I brought up the oranges a good amount of level of orange I also
adjusted the hues of the yellows and also adjusted the Blues and I don’t
think I just said okay i did adjust a lot of blue let me see exactly what i
did i believe yeah that’s a background and the dress probably with the magenta
yep i made the dress just a little bit brighter by bringing up the luminance of
the magenta those were the main things i increased the shadows a little and the
highlights decreased a little bit but one thing I always do is just specific
adjustment brushes so I’m gonna hit K so you guys can see exactly what I did and
hover over this one here which is I painted a bit of exposure 0.5 so you
guys can see exactly what I did just a little bit of exposure over her
selectively and I can tell for I can tell you right now that another thing I
did was I always bring up the color of the eye and the exposure of the eye just
a little bit so I’m gonna go ahead and click that and click delete and then
show you guys exactly what I did which was brighten up the eyes just a little
bit after that I pretty much didn’t do anything and I exported the image into
Photoshop so I’ll show you guys exactly how it edited it and Photoshop right now
alright so I’m not gonna show you guys exactly
every little step that I did but I will explain a couple of the different things
that I did the first thing that I always do with my images I always removed
distractions so one thing that’s really distracting me in this image is a
different the lights that are right there in a top left corner of the screen
I also didn’t like the people that were underneath her dress that were in the
background that were blurry I’m gonna show you guys exactly the different the
layer that I did with all these different adjustments to remove the
distractions which is this group folder right here in the bottom called
distractions so it’s quite a bit I also made the the people over here that were
blurry I made them a little bit green sampled a little bit of a background
that’s around her the color and I made a blank layer painted that on there and
change the blending mode to color that made them kind of kind of blend into
that background right there I used the stamp tool the patch tool and maybe the
spot removal tool on the face to remove the distractions that were on the face
such as lil blemishes so that’s pretty much everything I did for this layer it
was probably very tiered a very tedious but it wasn’t anything too complex the
very next thing I did was dodging Burton so I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys
exactly what I did with the Dodge by clicking the layer on and then clicking
the layer off the main part of it was the dress but I’m gonna show you guys
exactly what I did what I adjusted by holding down alt and clicking on the
mask so yeah you can see it was definitely just a dress there and then
show you guys exactly what I burned which was just pretty much the leg
shadow to give more defined leg shadow more defined legs actually so I’ll show
you guys exactly what I did yeah very very very minimal dodging burn
I also went ahead and just removed a little bit of that wrinkle there in the
bottom of the dress I also who kind of minimized that highlight on the dress
there let me just zoom in a little so I felt like the I felt like the dress had
too much of a big blob of a highlight so I sampled sup some of the samples
some of the highlight on the top here and then I just kind of copied it and
pasted it there and just did a little bit of masking Clara masking so that I
can get it to a lower level of a highlight the very next thing I did was
I added a little bit of magenta to skin selectively because I felt like her skin
was just a tad bit green so I wanted to counter that by adding a little bit of
magenta which I used with the color balance tool and I you can see
what I did I did a little bit of magenta to the skin right here I’m gonna hold
down alt click on the mask and you can see that I pretty much just affected the
skin because I did feel like the skin was a little bit too green I also did a
little bit of color grading which you can see with this color balance layer so
i believe i added some reds and a little bit yellows maybe to the skin i always
play around with the color balance tool there’s no specific thing that i do for
every image i just play around with it to get to the level where i like it
i also added a little bit of contrast by making a levels adjustment layer and
darkening the boxes a tad bit and also racing the explosion just a tad bit as
well so that’s i usually would call this folder contrast so you guys can see it’s
a little bit brighter i also made the dress or actually the background right
here just a little bit brighter just a tad bit because i felt like I wanted it
to show up a little bit more so I just added a little bit of brightness to the
background I don’t know what I did with this layer 23 here so I’ll just leave it
alone I added a little bit of frequency separation to the skin you can’t really
see it from afar so I’m gonna zoom in really close to her face let’s see
really close okay that’s too close all right I’m gonna deselect the frequency
separation and then select it again so sometimes I feel like if the skin is
just a little tad rough looking or sometimes if they have very shiny skin
or if it’s a hot day and they’re a little bit to highlight II if that’s a
word I’ll go ahead and use frequency separation to lessen the the skin make
it not appear too harsh so that’s what I did with the frequency separation and
this next folder is call distractions to cell that you guys see exactly what I
did which is here on the bottom here I made the blur the background blur the
bouquet a little bit less apparent cuz it felt like it was too distracting as
well as removed this little bit of dress on the bottom here let me show you guys
exactly another thing that I did was darken the highlight on the back here
there you guys can see that right here I’ll totally an off and on and also
remove some of this stuff that was going on in the hair that follow were
distracting and also liquefied the hair just a little bit just to make it more
in line with the rest of the hair I also darken the bottom of the image to kind
of just make a virtual grid I had less spill on the ground
I wanted it just to be focused on her the lighting to be on her and the last
thing I did was remove this little bit of was it either hair or shadow of hair
shadow yeah I think it’s shadow from the hair and that’s pretty much everything
that I did I’m gonna zoom back out I’m gonna go ahead and just deselect all the
different effects that I did that’s how it looked like after Lightroom and this
is after Photoshop usually what I do after this is just resize the image to
be 2048 pixels on the longest edge which would be the height here which is gonna
be perfect for Lightroom I also do a little bit of resizing for instagrams
crap 4 by 5 crap I just made a video on that that you guys can check out the top
right corner of the screen that’s pretty much everything I did to create this
image if you guys have any questions about anything that I might have
forgotten let me know in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to
answer as soon as possible yeah take care guys and I’ll see you in the next
video well your scene right now is the modding lamp on the 8400 Pro and on the
Goodspeed one over there and I haven’t done the shooting over there

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