Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Battery Grip

This is the battery grip for the
Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera 4K. cinema5D at NAB 2019
is brought to you by B&H, the professional source
for all your video needs. CVP, the leading specialist in creative
cine, video and photo Solutions. Blackmagic design, creating
amazing Solutions for film, post-production and television. Manfrotto, imagine more. And Tilta, arm your camera. Hi, this is Nino from cinema5D,
here at NAB 2019. We are at the Blackmagic booth
with Craig, how are you? -I’m very well Nino,
nice to see you again. -Nice to see you too. So, you just introduced
a battery grip for the Blackmagic Pocket
Cinema Camera 4K. What can you tell me about it? -So, it’s the first accessory
that we’ve made for the camera, we’re really pleased
to bring it to the market adding accessories and options
for the guys out there that started to use the Pocket
Cinema Camera 4K. It’s a battery grip that will slide
into the base unit of the camera. You can easily remove the battery
door from the bottom of the camera, store that in the unit. And then slot this in and screw it
tight to the camera itself. Two batteries are housed
inside the unit itself, so we’re using Sony L Series to expand
the performance of the batteries, giving a little bit more recording time. And then with the unit itself we will take
the performance of the camera to about 2 hours worth of recording. So it’s a great option. And also is a hand grip as well,
it’s a nicer balanced in the camera, potentially with larger cine
lenses on the front. It feels really nice and neat. So we’re looking to get this out
in September time. Looking for $245 per unit as well. -Okay, so obviously one of the problems
of this camera, as much as I like it, is the power consumption. Because it just eats up batteries
in 40 minutes or something like that. Especially when you
use an external SSD. So, a battery grip is very welcomed. But why did you decide
to change the battery standard? Because if I go out with the camera,
I have a lot of LP-6 batteries with me. And it’s not like you want to use the
camera with the battery grip all the time. But then you have to have a second
battery standard with you. It’s just kind of strange for me. -It is, you are right, we put things
like USB-C recording capability, and obviously the quality of the
monitor on the back of the camera, the performance of the camera
itself can be power hungry. So, what we found is the L Series
just to give us greater efficiency in terms of when we built
the grip itself, we moved to that camera
standard for the battery, so that we can get a little bit
more power draw from it and give a little bit more performance. So that two hours of power
with the attachment it gives much recording time
as possible with the camera, just moved across to a slightly
different power. -How much recording time am I getting
if I’m recording internally with the battery grip and two
fully-charged L Series batteries? -So, looking around 2 hours, compared to -say- maybe
45 to 50 minutes with a single battery inside
of the camera itself. -And with an SSD attached? Haven’t tested that myself,
we might get some more ratings on the supports pages
to say what that’d be, but it’s going to be expanded beyond
what that single internal battery could do for you in any rate. Alright, thank you Craig, and thanks for watching, stay tuned to
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82 thoughts on “Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Battery Grip

  1. I wish you had asked him if they did fix the battery status issue – causing the camera to shut down at any time even if there's apparently some power left. Longer shooting options, that's okay. But if I lose my footage while recording (thinking I had some power left), it's a no-no for my clients and myself ! NEXT INTERVIEW PLEASE ASK THEM TO FIX THE BATTERY STATUS ISSUE DISPLAYED ON THE LCD SCREEN.

  2. Sweet, but if I have to wait another month on the Pocket 4K it won’t matter b/c I’ll be moving on to something else.

  3. I have infested in a bunch of LP-E6 batteries now so this is a big pass for me. Also my camera cage will not fit anymore. Would be great if they also make a second one that does support LP-E6 batteries.

  4. what he meant to say, we messed up the first time with lp-6, we should of have gone with these bigger batts internal from the beginning:-) funny he says september, hope by then the pocket is actually in stock.

  5. eEveryone is a critic, get out there and shoot. Most people have other devices like external monitors that use this NPF standard and they are stupid cheap. You don't like go buy a gh5 .

  6. Most people who use external monitors for professional shooting already have Sony NP batteries – perhaps not these small ones – but they are cross compatible and seems everything from camera monitors to camera sliders to Yongnuo LED lights use this format of battery – even some cameras use them – so it does make more sense.

    Also – it's not like going from 1 to 2 batteries – it's more like going from 1 of the current (in camera) to 3 of the current because 2hrs = more than 2 internal batteries.

    Or – if you're someone who thinks you can get 60 minutes per battery – this would get your 3 hours.

  7. If your looking for something like this, I strongly recommend the new CORE SWX power-base v-mount battery for the BMPCC 4K. It’s extremely light weight, can be attached using the camera both barebones and fully rigged out. It has lasted me about 2 hours and 45 mins. When I hold the camera , with the battery ( barebones) . It feels like I’m holding a Canon 5D camera with extended battery. I’ve also connected the Tilta Nano follow focus via USB. Don’t sleep on the Core SWX. ( just my two cents)

  8. Hi Nino, please. continue to ask important and edgy question on the NAB. Each manufacture has their disadvantages so please dig on that as you did here. Play the bad cop in behalf of us customet and filmmakers. We already know the advantages and goodies fron the specs, more interesting are the disadvantages we have to face while using those tools.

  9. Just slap an IDX 95 Cue on there and don't worry about it. I use it with two of these v-mount batts and rarely burn through both of them. Of course, the camera won't be "pocket" anymore, but if you really need a smaller form factor get an XT-3 or something that is small, does not need that much power and still produces a nice image.

  10. I'm happy except I just got a cage for my BMPCC4K which won't fit the battery pack. So I may skip on this grip.

  11. I was just agonizing over how to attach a v-mount to the BMPCC4K, so now I've found a better solution!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 1:11
    Craig: "This will bring the performance of the camera to about 2 hours of recording time"

    Interviewer: asks how long the battery life is with this on

    Not the best interviewer. They know that the battery life of it is an issue, that's why they made this, you don't gotta just bring it up and shame them for the cameras dismal battery performance.

  13. Why not just have a grip shaped battery bank that charges over usb? Perhaps even with a few extra ports to power the mic and stuff. These grips are so horribly inefficient with space….







  15. This serves a very narrow market. Let's all just be honest about that. This will be good for those who run and gun and want to keep as light a footprint as possible. However, for those that rig up their P4K, there are far better unofficial solutions out there.

    2 hours just isn't that impressive of a metric imo. I think if they were able to squeeze in an additional hour suddenly the grip would seem more attractive. I appreciate BMD's effort and willingness to support the camera but it's a pass for me.

  16. 1.) 245 bucks to more or less double the run time only 2.) add massive bulk 3.) change to another battery typ 4.) incompatible with current cages 5.) no tripod mount at the bottom (at least it looks like that in this video) 1-5.)= no deal. I rather get a ton of LP-E6 batteries.

  17. I Hope in a near future, Blackmagic will sell an RTG Battery…..
    radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG, RITEG) is an electrical generator that uses an array of thermocouples to convert the heat released by the decay of a suitable radioactive material into electricity by the Seebeck effect. This generator has no moving parts

  18. EWWW No please. This won't fit on my cage and for 245 I can buy a battery solution that can last 4 times as long. Ya'll need to stop whining and realize this is a cinema camera. Consider the cost and investment you'll have to place into this before buying. It ain't for yo vlogs.

    Also I am willing to bet that this thing won't last the promised two hours and people will still complain.

  19. How snug, tight, wobble/vibration free will this be mounted to tripod? Kinda top heavy maybe. But then again, maybe extra bulk and weight will actually make video less shaky when hand holding or aggressive tripod movements?

  20. This sucks for those who had invest on the expensive tilta cage.

    Btw Sony L series? Why not keep using the canon LP E6?… or better, why nit using L series batteries from the start.

  21. Pretty cool !! Although I am fine for now with just using canon LP batteries. Not sure I also want to make the cam bigger than it is already. Pretty useful for people using it as A cam 🙂

  22. yea i wish it came earlier, bought the cage for mine and made alternate battery solution. I think the product would work with new buyers – that is if they make units available in the market. Nice product though.

  23. This one targets for those guys who want to grab and run, and already had a lot of E6s, but what makes it strange is this as long as there are a lot E6 why bring along with this grip? a strange target designing logic…

  24. Does the BMPCC4K battery grip have a 20 turn 1/4 mount on the bottom? For me it would be a deal breaker if it doesn't as I still need to mount the camera on a tripod to maintain a stable image.

  25. Great questions, especially as per the choice of a different battery for the grip. You really put him on the spot there.

  26. I’m not sure how big the market is for the grip accessory. Just on the top of my head, I would guess that 99% of people buy a cage for the camera and attach an external power supply + other accessories. The battery grip would be too big for the current cages.

  27. These guys, aside from the camera internals, are probably coming up with these ideas while tripping on acid. Nearly 300$ after all is said and done to add one more battery, then I need to purchase more batteries because you decide to switch the battery type? Watch this be on back order/unavailable for 6 mos as well, and by then, some 3rd party will have come out with something 10x better. UGH. You guys kill me.

  28. #1 problem with this camera isnt the battery. It's that you can't buy the damn thing. It takes months to receive a order. Fix manufacturering before releasing more shit.

  29. Next they will introduce a nuclear battery that lasts forever 🤣 BM is rocking it all the same. Time to ditch the smallrig and get a bigrig.

  30. I like it, but I personally won't use it because I'm powering my camera with the DJI Ronin-S's power. Which BTW does drain it FAST. I'm glad they are using the Sony NPF standard because it is SO much more common and cheaper than the Canons. All thanks to the 18650 cell standard, used in laptops V-mount, anton, and electric cars. If I really wanted this type of grip, I'd design and 3D print one out using 6-8 18650 cells in a sealed swap-able grip. Then have 2x of them, probably 3-5 hours of power.

  31. "Looking at around 2 hours." In my experience w/ marketing and sales talk… that means less than 2 hours. God damn.

  32. And also w/ the battery grip, you're unable to use your cage. I want to use invest in this camera, but it just comes w/ too many hoops to jump through. The battery life is bad, ok… so you need a power option which means you need an external source to power it. Fine. But it eats up memory like nobody's business so you need an external hard drive. Fine. But then the screen doesn't move so you'll need an external monitor to be able to shoot from most angles… but that means you'll need to power the monitor as well. By this time you've gone from a pocket camera to a gosh dang Sedan.

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