Best of r/entitledparents | A crazy mom pulls a fire alarm and throws a cake at someone

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any upcoming videos welcome to my second episode of r slash entitled parents
you guys seem to like the last one so I hope you enjoy the stories in this next
installment entitled mother pulls fire alarm and crowded underwater Park and
hurls cake at security now this one’s pretty explosive because
it’s not often that entitled parent post ends in the parent getting arrested as
well as endangering a whole building full of people hello everyone I worked
for a few years of the front desk supervisor at a hotel attached to an
indoor water park I have lots of stories involving entitled parents and how kids
and tons of crazies but this entitled mom was the worst I didn’t deal with her
personally but I had to deal with her aftermath and the head of security and
the waterpark told me the whole story it was the dead of winter late February and
due to freezing cold the indoor waterpark attracts lots of families it
was a packed Saturday but after the check-in rush the lobby was a ghost town
I was working the front desk alone shooting the shit with the security
guards when a call came over the radio from the water park our head of security
we’ll call him Don was a stocky bear of a guy and the king of calm authority he could look around a rowdy group and they stopped cold but he knew how to handle
himself if they didn’t he calmly walked down the hall to the water park working
security guard in tow and I waited for them to come back with a story they were
gone less than 10 minutes and the fire alarm starts blaring I heard dawn yell
over the radio that was a false alarm and to bring the shuttles around to pick
up waterpark guests my heart sank it was past 10:00 p.m. and at least minus 10
degrees aside and a whole bunch of soaking wet people must have walked into
the cold not to mention a horde of angry guests upstairs thankfully the alarm was
diffused quickly and we caught most people from leaving the lobby and the
shuttle circled the building to intercept any guests who went outside with
warm blankets after a bit Don and the rookie
re-entered the rookie was splattered with cake and holding a bandage on his
hand and Don dives into the story and entitled mom was hosting her
eight-year-olds traumatized kids birthday party in the water park our
catering birthday package includes cake pizza and all-day water park passes for
the party guests entitled mom took that as you can watch my kid and spent the
day harassing the lifeguards to bring her fresh towels and drinks claiming too
many seats for her friends and generally ignoring her daughter the trouble really
started around 10 p.m. because the restaurant and bar closed and entitled
mom suddenly wanted to go home she couldn’t see her daughter it was a large
park so entitled mom started screaming and cussing loudly for her to get out of
the water lifeguards tried to quiet her down but
she angrily pushed past them threatening her daughter entitled mom traumatized
kid you better get out of the water you have until the count of three one two
three security arrived just as she shouted three
she walked calmly to the wall and before they realized what she was doing she
pulled the fire alarm entitled mom now everyone has to get out because you
didn’t listen this is your fault traumatized kid the lifeguard says
security were stunned but they quickly went after her and she wobble ran back
to the party balcony entitled mom get away from me you were too lazy to get
her out so I had to mind you she was wearing a swimsuit and could have easily
gone into the park to get her child the rookie starts going for her and
entitled mom picks up the leftover cake from the party and hurls the tray at him
and the lifeguards when the rookie reeled back in surprise she tackled him
geez this lady is on a mission Don managed to rip her off by the scruff of
the neck and subdued her but she managed to get a nasty bite on the rookies hand
I hope he gets checked for rabies this lady’s crazy the police were called and
entitled mom was arrested for assault the traumatized kid was taken home by
her aunt I spent the rest of the night calming down furious guests with
frightened or freezing children but it felt good to know entitled mom was
arrested let me know if you want more believe me
I’ve got lots right when you think you know exactly what to expect from an
entitled parent something like this crawled right out of the woodwork where
do these people come from I feel like this one’s pretty standard I think most
entitled parents truly come out in the airport and on planes but it’s pretty
hilarious anyways it’s titled entitled parent thinks they deserve my plane seat
this happened a few months ago and a turn out to be longer than I thought
when I typed it out I was flying one of these cheap airlines where the seats
were all crammed together so I paid extra for a seat with more legroom which
can also give me free priority boarding usually don’t care for that but when all
you’ve got is a cabin bag getting on early so I don’t have to keep it under
my seat is worth waiting in the plane after being one of the first people on
board the plane is now pretty much fully boarded enter entitled mom and son about
12 I would guess I see them talking to a crew member for a while but go back to
listening to music when I feel tab on my shoulder so I removed my headphones son
hey I’m flying with my mom and was wondering if you could swap the seats
with her so we could sit together I look over to where his mom is sitting and as
a standard seat me uh no I’m sorry kid looks a bit defeated but walks away I
put my headphones in and start to relax and I hear a loud voice entitled mom
excuse me me yes entitled mom me and my son need your seat as he is scared of flying
so we need to sit together me I’m sorry to hear that but I paid extra
for a seat with extra legroom so I won’t be switching to a standard seat entitled
parent you’re sitting next to the only open seat you have to swap with me me
starting to get annoyed she won’t take no for an answer no I don’t and if you
needed to sit together you should have paid extra to choose your seats not bet
that you can switch seats later entitled parent clearly starting to get agitated
I can’t afford to pay extra for that just because you’re rich doesn’t mean
everyone is I’m a parent so I have to save money now swap seats not sure how
rich I have to be to afford the five to fifteen pound cost of a select seat all
right I’m really starting to get annoyed she
won’t leave me alone me I’m not going to swap with you now please leave me alone
entitled parent raising her voice even more the stewardess said you have to
swap so we can sit together now do what she said and move I’ve had enough so I
hits a flight crew button and the same woman they were talking to earlier comes
over flight crew how can I help you me this lady wants to swap seats with me
and she says you told I get interrupted by entitled mom now yelling he won’t
move he told us he had to swap seats with us now make him move flight crew
giving me a supportive look and mouths I’m sorry she turns to entitled mom I
told you this is the only open seats if you want to sit together you could ask
him if he’s okay with swapping not that you could force him to move if he
doesn’t want to swap with you you’ll have to go to your assigned seat it had
old mom I have to sit next to my son you have to get this retard to move or sit
somewhere else or I’m going to sue you and delay this plane
flight crew if you had to sit next to each other you should have paid to
select seats I’ve had enough of your tone and you’ll either stop bothering
this man or go back to your seat or I’ll have the captain deplane you entitled
mom looks like she’s going to explode she stands there for a moment before
turning and heading back to her seat mumbling something the captain calls out
the cabin crew prepare for takeoff message and I start to let go of the
tension that built up flight crew smiling is this seat taken I can’t help but
laugh as she sits down it’s like crew I’m so sorry about that
when I told them to ask you I didn’t think this is what would happen I told
her it was fine and we had a pretty nice chat during takeoff until she went back
to do her job she also gave me a free drink when service started so despite
the annoying start it turned out to be a pretty great flight
man poor flight attendant I wonder why the lady just didn’t try to switch the
seat next to her or the seat next to her son looks like they’re just digging for
the expensive seats thanks for making it to the end be sure to LIKE and subscribe
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2 thoughts on “Best of r/entitledparents | A crazy mom pulls a fire alarm and throws a cake at someone

  1. Wow! What entitled parents DO to get their own way.😞. First off, I am pretty sure that it is illegal to pull down the fire alarm when there is no fire. So, I hope that that cow had the book thrown at her. The nerve of some people!😡. I hope that the little girl will not grow up traumatized.

    Secondly, when someone pays extra to get more leg room, WHY would anyone THINK that the original purchaser will want to switch seats on an airplane, ESPECIALLY WHEN someone cops an attitude?

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